Friday, March 29, 2024

[Poem] A dying light on a short hill

 By Emmit Other

If you are willing to imagine

A god that loves us all as children

And has nazi like requirements of suffering to save you

Who has one chosen people

Who he finally gives up on

And waits 1700 years

Before bothering again

Who warns again and again of an Antichrist

and that the do nothing profit of the LDS church

has a direct line to this nasty God 

That loves you

And the nasty god

Has no problem with the "elites"

Not just in this world or time

But elite among all the stars in the sky

one floating orb

The final battle

where most of the antichrist fans

believe in and will vote for

the constitution hating lying adulterer

Then I would say

Any god who lets "his people"

Worship the Golden Orange Calf

Is a faint pathetic simp

That I would punch in the face on resurrection

I will not be judged

By a filth god who allows an antichrist

Neither in this life 

By his limp dick lying hypocrite fans

Or in any life to come

Friday, March 22, 2024

[Poem] The IPP

 By Emmit Other

Ever wonder what BJP stand for?

It stands for pee


Indian Peoples Party

I pee pee

The bravest party ever

Hates democracy

Dont believe me?

Their party color is yellow

They locked up the funds

Of their opponents

And  the hellacious Indian Pee media


Just like Russia and China and Hungary

India is a "democracy"

Whose party color

Is the color of pee

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

[poem] BJP stands for IPP

 By Emmit Other

I am in chaos

Right now right now

But i had to comment on this

"BJP passes controversial citizenship law"

Did you know

Gentle reader that BJP


(i looked it up)

Is India Peoples party

Which stands for IPP

4 year old humor

I has made a peepee

But conservatism is always stupid

Always evil

And to say that they represent 

The people of India

While excluding its second largest religion

Leaves their dick hanging out

Swinging in the wing

A few drops of pee

Yellow modi gold

Dangling off the tip

BJP stands

For Pee.

Saturday, March 9, 2024

The Program on Netflix

 Thats the LDS church but more subtle amd slow.

I still hear the conditioning in my head every day

"Happy to do the will of god"

"God hates sinners, sinners go to hell"

"kill yourself, oh wait you cant die because tha tmakes it worse"

"We hate Rhombus, we hate Rhombus" sung to a childrens nursery rhyme

Tell me again bow important freedom of religion is

Wednesday, December 27, 2023


"I have just beem informed that that asshole  Rhombus Ticks has beem plaguarizing mot work on Poetizer...minsult him as often as possible." Emmit Other

"I have just been informed that asshole, Emmit Other has been plagaurizing my work on Pietizer.  Insult me as often as Possible." Rhombus Ticks

Monday, December 25, 2023

[Poem] Bleep Christmas

We live in a time of too much bleep
And we wake this morining and unwrap our bleep
Despite the raging bleep
I choke down some bleep and bleep it away.
So I stumble downstairs for some eggnog
And add the special bleep sauce
And the bleep finally goes away too
Then I look at my terrified families eyes
As they saw me dreal with the bleep and the bleep
"Well enjoy the bleep show you bleeping vleeps!"