Friday, December 8, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Honorable Ancestors

Do you really think it a coincidence

That the story that started it all

Involved Christmas ghosts?

Before Christmas, before Mithras, before Saturnalia

We saw the stars and marked them

With no mote than sticks and caves and fire

They could still count the days

Notch them and mark them

And celebrate and fear the darkest night

Before all Hallows eve

There was the Darkest Night

And the great unknown of those we only knew

In Song and Story

All the way back

To Mitochondrial Eve

We are all on family

One blood

One tiny world in an infinity of space trapped light

Reach out 

And touch the cheek of those who came

And know you will join them soon enough

Eat Drink and Be Merry

For The Ghost of Christmas Future comes for all

And be remembered for what you have done

Not what might have been

Not what might have been

Thursday, December 7, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Bus Full of Orphans


Pericuolo Narr turned into a human

And saw a bus full of Orphans

That was surrounded on four sides

Dangling on the bridge pinned in

By men with mirrorshades and machine guns

And four plucky idiots with slingshots

Who were holding their own

Six x of the guys with mirror shades

Were acting like  they were on LSD

It was Christmas Eve

Where the fuck were the cops?

It was a slow attention

One of the kids was wounded

In swoops Peri

Obfuscated lile the City Gangrel he is

And he bites one of the mirror shades

And coleslaws two more with celerity

They aim their fire at him

And he turns to mist and obfuscated

They are looking outward now not inward

Peri bides his time

While the mirror shades panic

And the kids use more LSD

Peri attacks again and again

Eventually Peti thinks the coos are coming

Only for a helicopter full of Iteration X cyborgs to swoop in


Then Peri remembers its fucking Christmas Eve

Santa owes him a favor

Peti makes a call

The cyborgs see him 

And can shoot the mist with incendiary rounds


And he thinks its over

Only like a fucking comet

The mage changeling swoops down from the sky

And a pillar of sunlight

Turns the cyborgs to lightning slag

And strangely doesnt burn him

The mirrorshades flee

And the kids 

Changelings all 

Are talen somewhere safe


To his eternal amusement is owed another favor 

Turns out there was an arch duke on the bus

A nine year old arch duke


Eye toll

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

[Poem] Dead White Horse Redux

 by Emmit Other

Came a wind and a whisper

Any prophet worth his salt

Would know the time was now

The constitution hung by a thread

The Republicans wer in disarray

The Prophet of the Latter Day saints could have raised his hand

And told the LDS members of the GOP caucus

To side with the Democrats

Save Ukraine

Same America

Change parties


They didnt

Not the Prophet

Not Mitt Romney

Not any Romney

Not a one

A family more tied to the political destiny of this nation

Than any other LDS family in history

And not one has saved this country

Not even close

Nor saved the constitution

Not even close


I hear tell

That the church paid money to a woman

To keep quiet about sexual harassment

You can buy anything in this world

With money

Ask a Saint

Ask any saint

They will tell you

You can buy anything in Satan's world with money

The church sure took that to heart

So heed this prophesy 

And heed it well

For it shall come to pass

No matter which way the winds blow

And the saints shall learn

That those with whom they ally themselves

Those of the Right

Those of the Reich

Those of the Rally

Are not their allies

And that they wish them harm

And that of the saints that serve Maga

Half are loyal to the Prophet

And Half are Loyal to Maga

And when the moment of mistruth comes

And the LDS Prophet does steer the saints

Even a molecule to the left

Blood shall flow

And one saint shall slay another

And neither side shall win

For both are losers

And already lost

And already lost


[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Festivus

It started as a joke

About an aluminum pole

And then they took that pole

And jammed it the gullet

Of the Tree Virus

That saw Christmas decorations on Labor Day

That saw religious entitled nazis

Think that everyone had to worship as they do

Like silver to werewolves

Aluminum has  become the cross to war Christmas Monsters

It sears their flesh and makes them cringe

It forces them to see the doublethink

That lets them believe in a God wbo is Mercy

Whilst worshipping an Orange Turd Bucket

Its a long month

Very long for those who are offended by religion in general

This oasis of fun in Vomit Green and Blood Red

Is a welcome respite from the storm

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Christmas Engine

You know that this holiday is more than the misplace birthday

Of the Dessert Messiah


When you continue to celebrate

An appropriated pagan holiday

For centuries

It seeps into the DNA of your story

And the Thane of Christmas Lore is born

Feudal Vassal to the Architect of Stories

He is both the ultimate sage on what is

Or isnt

A christmas story

He is the predelictated master of every tale thereof

An endless field in swaying grass

Of every perfect snowflake in hoary frosted fields

Sings around a tinsel wrapped tower 

That seems to blot out the sun for its shiny immense height

He sits there on a throne

Telling tales for fascinated pilgrims from dawn to dusk

A library of every christmas tale

Pest Present or Future

Galls every nook and cranny of these hallowed minty halls

The miasma of mistletoe holly and poinsettia

Waft the nostrils and symphony the senses

He sits on his Candy Cane throne and speaks

Of Christmas miracles in this 

Or any other reality

Understanding the mix of nightmare and beauty

Of sadness and joy

Of banality and miracle

His is a power to be reckoned with

As his demense belies his own

Everywhere the Christmas lights may glow

Electric Fire or Otherwise

Stay a while

Grab a cup of hot cocoa

And Listen

Monday, December 4, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - July

Hooah! This aint no nightmare rookie

This is cold hard stabulality knifing you in the eye

People who say the American Empire is dying

Didnt see our troops mounting Operation Foui Gras 

Where we infiltrated that Valley of Holiday Doors

And gave santa a much needed Guantanamo

The boys of Wall Street finally caught on

To this free toys nonsense

And we are establishing a good old fashioned Hollyberry Republic (instead of Banana)

With a corporate constitution

Good little boys and girls can get toys

By getting a Prime Subscription 

Like everyone else

Meanwhile the coal isnt being wasted on naughty girls and boys

Redirected to Manchin's West Virginia power plants

Deck the halls with the US flag

Because The North Pole is now

A non voting observer at the United Nations

Sunday, December 3, 2023

[Poem] 31 Carols of Christmas - Carol [nsfw]

She loved a man

She knew qas too good for her

And every day pined from afar

And one day could take it no more

Amd cried alne by herself at a diner

A nice man who called himself Magnar

Listen to her problems

And then said such nice calm things

And she relaxed

And she focused

And she was a good girl

And smiled

And giggled

And went for a little nap

And Mistletoe came out to play

She was a girl who knew her worth

And hot hot she was 

And how sexy she was

And she had a week to prove her point

So she went shopping

And went into work that day

And every eye in the place

Wanted to fucked her 

Or to be her

And the man of her dreams

Finally began to pay attention

But the problem was

Now that she knew her own worth

He just wasnt that interesting any more


But she didnt want to leave Carol out on the cold

She proved to her just how good a girl she could he

When Carol woke up

She found put a few things

An entire wardrobe of clothes

Paid for by men who would do anything for her

If she told them what yo do

And tied them up 

And made them feel special

Including the boy who desperately wanted her

On a waiting list for her services

Carol was horrified at first

But her fingers slid slowly down


Her legs

She found

She lind of liked it

A lot.