Sunday, May 28, 2023

[Poen] I Refuse

 by Emmit Other

Between Covid

And terrorist landlord

And eye surgery

and a sick cat

I am drawing the line

Maybe our reality is purely banal 

And that is all there is

I wish

But if we are entertainment

For something that feeds on our suffering

Whether that be God

Or a devil

Or drama demons

Or hollywood hacks

I intend

To do everything in my power

To take no action

To make no choice

That they dont force me to make

Until I have some assurance

The little boy shaking the ant farm

Cuts it out

And is unlikely

To repeat it

I have reached my limit

And my limit is now

My limit is here

I am done

Thursday, May 25, 2023

[Poem] Ninja Joe

Ninja Joe is Ninja Yo

He has a secret plan

Rope a dope the nazis yo

He has a secret plan

Looking like an inept fool

He has a secret plan

Didnt actually fix loans for school

He has a secret plan

He didnt fix the FCC

He has a secret plan

Nazis still run the CBP

He has a secret plan

Run out of Kabul like the Spanish bulls

He has a secret plan

Negotiate away all his climate tools

He has a secret plan

Rumors swirl that his ally Clyburn sold us out

He has a secret plan

Duct taping the mouths of progressive devout

He had a secret plan

He only LOOKS like a weak doddering old man

He has a secret plan

In 2024 when Third Way splits the vote

He still has a secret plan

All the dems in congress on a prison boat

He has a secret plan

Right before the showers of death

He shakes his fist

And holds his breath

Til he turns blue

And fakes his death

They felt bad 

Biden thinks

He had a secret plan!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

[Poem] Target Misses The Mark

Target had to destroy the village

To save it

You see there was the spider

Of worrying about their workers

That they pay minimum wage to

So their execs

Can get fat fat fat bonue

So to stand up for pride

And America

They removed any lgbt books

So that the terrorists

Couldnt win

Because there wss nothing there

That might make

The terrorists angry


Sunday, May 21, 2023

[Poem] The Spirit of Friendship

 12 are the Powers

At the Table of Sa

20 the realms

Who play the game of Fa

So many others

Look from the outside in

To earn prestige

And to play it to win

But some powers are fine

Just to be who they are

They shine so bright

Like the brightest star

Behold the power of friendship

Magical and good

He gives you a hug

Just like we all should

You love me

He loves you

A big purple reptile

Has now noticed you

And what could possibly go wrong












[Poem] Thunder Thunder Thunder Catbox Ho!

 Saturday and Sunday mornings

The Mrs and I like

To watch Cartoons

But we juggle streaming

Three at a time

Thats the rule

No more no less

So replating


With something new

I saw


On Hulu

We watched 

About five minutes

An Oh My God

The Writing was





How did I watch this?

Because when you ahve nothing else

A kid will watch crap

But this explains

Why anime

Took over

And Millenials

Had better shit

Than Gen X

An Toy Commecials

Dressed up

As Cartoons

[Poem] Dr Banjo

 hy Emmit Other

I hear tell

That fancy smart doctors 

Dont wanna practice in Coat Hanger States

Dont wanna be slaves 

Dont wanna enable slavery and theocracy

Fancy city slickers

There are am smart peoples in Coathanger States

Coathanger States are totally not

Fly over and hold your nose country

And they will prove it 

By using the empty abandoned medical skools

Stripped of all state funds

And find nice homes for the family of racoons living there

And gradumakate their own Doktorz

They will learn latest medikal tekneeks lik


Gud enuf 4 founding fatters gud enuf 4 us!

4 humors just as easy as stay at 4 seasons hotell

Save money w amputations and peg legs and huk handz

But not baby killin!

Sure infant mortality up 5000 percent

But that teh will of Godd not because our doctorz arent teh bestest!

And they have very pretty mouths!

Saturday, May 20, 2023

[Poem] Antimatter Dildo-Alien Rock Band

 The jack boot band full of rowdy thugs

Dont judge a book by its cover

Cause they give you hugs

Lovers and fighters

Some tentacled slugs

An alien rock band

Born to be free

Its a musical manasa

And a cornucopia ear jamboree

Travel the cosmos

In their gold rocketship

Flying amongst the highest stars

On a voyante art deco trip

Flickering thunder

And quivering sighs

Listen to deep truth supernal

In sublimely wrought disguise

The music of the spheres

Sways before your eyes

Dancing and dancing

And dancing till dawn

Dancing and dancing

Till all the problems gone.