Sunday, May 26, 2024

[Poem] Mr Bank's March

 by Emmit Other

The solo midnight scene 

Of Mr Banks slowly realizing the truth

Deep down

That Capitalism is terrible

Money isn't everything

That he thought he was doing the right thing

Only to learn that the world turned upside down

Was my life 

From the age of 14

To age 29

Literally 25 years

Of trying to do the right thing

With my head up my butt

Because I had faith 

In other institutions

Instead of myself

And what I saw around me


I got better

And have rushed to make up time

And have lived 5 lives in 13 years

But you can't ever get it back

But you can say


Friday, May 24, 2024

[Poem] Shattered Dreams

by Emmit Other

It may seem I take my former faith lightly
I died
A great hope within me died
The knowledge that had been bright as the sun
Turned black as night
No middle ground
You dont have to believe I could move mountains
But I did
Knew it
Literally KNEW it
Annd the bedrock center of my universe
The root of ky prsent then faith
Became sand
I did die a spiritual death
And I know the hell of knowing the truth
But worse?
Knowing what I know and knew
And doing it by half measures
Justifying the unjustifiable
Excusing the unexcusable
To anyone not Maga
I would not wish that on my worst enemy
Maga can but 

[Poem] A Fully Armed Battalion

by Emmit Other

China is shadowboxing Taiwan
Surrounding it on all sides
It has the largest army on earth
The second largest navy
It is approaching technical parity
And yet
Why do I feel it is acting
Like the Chijuajua in Looney Tunes
That acts tough
And as a henchman for bigger dogs
Why does a supposed super power
Act like Lichtenstein on Crack?
Nothing says Stable and Responsible 
Sane and Dependinle
Like Pooping in their hands
And flinging it at Taiwan
Because they didnt like a speech

[Poem] The Benefit of The Doubt

by Emmit Other

Comes a point
where benevolence is no longer the default
Comes a point
Where innocents are abused and threatned
Comes a point
Where you arent gonna sit there
In a rigged system
From a rigged abusive abuser
Wbo abused you
Who you no longer need to defer to
Comes a point
Where maintaining good relations
Isnt required anymore
Whem everything you ever said you cared about
Is a lie
Actions speak louder than words
And baby?
You take the literal fucking cake

Thursday, May 23, 2024

[Poem] 30 years and 30000

by Emmit Other

A member of the LDS faith
Might say
I have no business discussing LDS Matters
I beg to differ
Until the LDS church gives me back
The first 30 years of my life
And 30000 in tithing money
I spent
Based on lies told to me
By everyone I ever cared about
Who say they love me
But who do not like me
Who spread calumny because
I speak truth to power
Samuel the Lamanite
In the LDS Book of Mormon
Condemned the evil of Zarahemla
And no record was made of his name
Christ hinself 
In the Book Of mormon
Admonished Nephi Of the time
For not recording the words
They knew to be true
Was it because
they didnt like what he said
About most of their zarahelma church?
Maga is poison
And failure to call it out
Means having a prophet is pointless
So I Do 
What Russle M Nelson
Should be

[Oem] The Looking Glass of Poop

by Emmit Other

I cannot help
But watch with fascination
And joy
As every single Reublican betrays their principals
Every national republican
Ha s condned Trump
But for Abortion and Lower Taxes
They swallow their tounges
And pretend that they never said anything
Trump didnt forget
Maga will never forget
When he 
Or his delegated heir
Becomes President
Maga will show
Who didnt praise Trump from the start
The kind of justice
They wanna give
To Protesters
To "Illegal" Immigrants
To Academics
And I will laugh
As I watch from another country
Because I have loved ones
Who will do it to other loved ones
And it will be a black comedy
But I will have warmed them
And provided offer of safe haven
And been ignored
You cant fix stupid
I no longer even try

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

[Poetry] I Nuke You

 By Emmit Other

I stubbed my toe and I is mad

I nuke you! I nuke you!

Putins nuky threshold very sad

I nuke you! I nuke you!

Stub his toe

Drop a nuke

Just a bad day?

Drop a nuke

Something didnt go his way?

Drop a nuke, 

Drop a nuke,

Why do we care bout anything you say?

Cause he got nukes

Prince Polonium is very cray

I nuke you! I nuke you!

Maybe he will die some day

i nuke you! It not true

i steal scythe from death himself

And hide with santa as an Elf

 I stubbed my toe and I is mad

I nuke you! I nuke you!

Putins nuky threshold very sad

I nuke you! I nuke you!