Monday, June 24, 2024

Update on the Podcast

 The Last Year has been chaos as Stewie, the Boomer Landlord from hell upended our lives as we bought a house, had the house from Hell, and then Julia got an opportunity for her dream job, we took it and moved to Salem, MA (ie Halloweenland).  Our lives are just starting to stabilize, and now that the podcast is 10 years old I want to do the series on the Constitution I have been promising to do for years; but I'm not going to.

Our culture simply isn't ready for and doesnt deserve a functional constitution.  I could tell you how to make one, but it is just exercises in common sense that our descendants will figure out.  No, the recent oppression of student activists against genocide across the country has made me realize that we need something else instead.

Due to being trained on stolen material, I have been a late bloomer to the Clockwork Parrot phenomena, but as a secondary user I am definitely a power user and I believe I have found a good use for them.  People say that Anarchism is impractical but as I look around at the people doing the shittiest things, I see that what terrorizes them most is anarchism.  And I look at the people doing the things that are doing the best things to protest genocide and they are anarchists. 

I am not an anarchist.  I have reserverations; particularly about the military, but since I can't give people the higher law, I'm going back up to the mountain to give them the "10 commandments."  So instead what I am going to do is bring the dead to life via Clockwork Parrots.  I am going to use prompts to have the greats of the past such as Marx and Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson speak in favor of Anarchism and how to make it work.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend and if the elite have made themselves my enemy by deplatforming me again and again, then I will empower anarchism.

But first I am setting up a Peertube instance so that even if they deplatform me on YouTube and Libsyn, the Signal will be owned entirely by me.

Long Live Project Fireship.

Saturday, June 1, 2024

[Poem] Your Feelings

by Emmit Other

To whom do I owe the greater burden of trust
Burden of love
Burden of honor
The Persona that is paper plate thin and deep
Or who you really are my helix neighboor
I know who you are
Underneath the mush 
Underneath the lies
I know and see all you do
And more
Because I have had the blinders lifted
And I am allowed to hope
One day
you will take the hood off
The one you dont know you are wearing
I wish someone had told me
Really told me
And they did
But they never said it quite way
Until it happened anyway
I see a lot
But I dont see everything
Like the key to unlock your chains
Or I would
Believe me
I know there is a key
Just not what it is
So sorry if
Right now
I only have

Friday, May 31, 2024

[Poem] Is there any doubt

by Emmit Other

any doubt in your mind at all
That shit Maga and Shit Maga MSM
Genocide Joe drop out
if he was a convicted Felon
shit Maga are crime fetishists
they call Clinton a felon
When he didnt get convicted
Shit Maga are pieces of Shit
And the shit Maga MSM are pieces of shit
Time for consequences for these pieces of shit
When they rebel
And they will rebel
The Shit Maga MSM that sided with them
And Ultra Shit Maga Media
Need to be shut down
And put in prison
Be quite sure
East Texas
And shit Deznat in LDS Utah
Are making plans
To create state charges
In Kangaroo Courts
Because justice doesnt matter to Shit Maga
Only fascism
And loyalty to the leader

Thursday, May 30, 2024

[Poem] The Ever Pushing Dildo of BlueWho

 By Emmit Other

To the Dildo of the Blue Who

(Bluenomattawho no MATTA!)

There is a presumption of obligation

To vote for a man

Who refuses to do

His constitutional duty

His moral duty

His ethical duty

And fight fascism

And honor treaties and laws

Preventing war crimes and genocide

No no to the Bluewho

The dildo is worn by them

Used on me

Not by me

Used on them

But the prisoners delima

Of Biden or Trump

Comes from the 1789 Constitution

Which I do not approve of

Did not ratify

Do not accept as legimate

And does not bind me

To vote for the lesser evil

That stands by 

And refuses to use the power it has

To remove the Greater evil.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

[Poem] Every Time Your Silence Me

by Emmit Other

Every time you 
and your little friends
Silence me
You empower me
You think this empty words
But you never stopped me
You just.made less people see what I say
But how many times
Have you and people like you
Kept having to do it
you think it is just you
flowing w the system
And instead
You have shown me
Ths system is rotten to the core
and focused my mind like a laser
on how to overturn it
and without that system
Who and what you are
Is public 
local jurisdictions will go away
capitalism and the worship theroef
corporate tech bros to seduce to your insanity
you think your side is winning
if it was winning
you wiuldnt hwve to silence me
or shout so loud
you dont need to hear the flames
circoling around the bandstand
as you celebrate a victory
you camt earn
without blood and theft
I wish you success
I wakt you to see
What Ametica is really like
To people who take her freedom
I wont lift a finger
i will just witness
and watch
i see
what you cannot
amd will never again warn you abiut it

Monday, May 27, 2024

[Poem] A Mothers Love

by Emmit Other

She was a catalyst
The changer of games
She was a porn star
But she changed her frames
Acteess and advocate
She set the story
But then tragedy struck
And became the quary
Her son was "cursed"
W a Spectrum Autistic
And she blamed vaccines
And called them sadistic
So the movement against science began
From a tiny fringe
To a master plan
Of soccer moms and moms for liberty
To kill their kids
On a false lie of sophistry
Hundreds to thousands
Have died on their lie
But she loved her son
So she had to try
A mothers love is a powerful thing
The sociopaths know that
And their noses can ring
Using ther passion
to funace their lies
Thus love can turn toxic
And society dies

Sunday, May 26, 2024

[Poem] Atlas Laughed

 by Emmit Other

I have a foe in libertarians

As a Neutral Good person

When you go too chaotic

When you enrich the individual

At the expense of every other individual

You go too far

But the honorable enemy

Is the one who knows

There are lines you shall not cross

Aiding a virus

Aiding a foe in a war

Aiding a foe in a cold war

Aiding Fascism

Libertarians and I dont always get along

Especially about the lying

But Libertarians are someone 

I can share a country with

I can't say the same