Monday, December 31, 2007

The beginning (preview)

I already have a blog, the Codex Americana, that covers my political and philosophical rantings. However, I used to use Myspace for family matters until I decided I didn't want to support anything associated with Rupert Murdoch. Now that the Klingons have taken over Livejournal, I have been forced to move my creative content to another blog.

Namely this one.

The goal of this blog is to help me create, control, enhance and promote my creative fictional works (ie stories, novels, potentially scripts etc).

My current goal is to create my third novel. I have written two (well, all but the last chapter of the second). Hither to now, I have used the "Steven King" school of thought with writing a novel, basically, sitting down and writing it and seeing where it goes. That's worked OK, but I also feel that there is something lost in the novels. Even King in his book writes that you should create the entire novel in a short period of time so that the characters are more themselves within the timeframe of what you've created.

But I can't just sit down with no preparation, at least, I think I could, but I want to try something different. Thus, my third novel is going to follow the Tolkien line of reasoning, which is lots and lots of preparation, or 'preproduction' to use the movie analogy. Thus, my goal for 2008 is to spend the first 10 months building a world, plot, characters etc, and then write 100,000 words in the final two months, starting with National Novel Writing month in November, and carrying on into December.

I start tomorrow, and my goal is to post something in the creation of this novel once a day.