Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Catgirl: 1307
Telepathic: 596
Santa Vampire: 651
Blogs: 202
Scene: 1000
Desc: 500

Total: 4246

Previous: 18331

Word Debt: 4423 (Including today)

Pretty hefty word debt. Slow week. Means I need to pick up the pace for the next four days. Catgirl is coming moderately well. Santa is nearly done. Telepathic Smirk Its better than the thought robbery piece but its missing...something. Not much blog work either, and I need to do an entry for the game before the next game tonight. Starting script work this week for the short and brainstorming for the long.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Writing Status

Santa: 2992
Telesmirk: 512
Memrobbery: 412
Catgirl in Boots: 510
Direspace: 567
Blogs: 3055
Scene: 1000
Desc: 500

Total Since Last Post: 9548

Previous: 8783

Word Debt=669

I can make that up later today. The Santa Vampire Story is coming along well. I have started three more sci fi stories from the idea list. Once I finish those, I'm starting a short script and then the feature script. They are coming out well though Cat Girl in Boots and the Chesire Smirk are coming along better than the memory theft story but all three are better than the turdlet that direspace ended up being. I quite while I was ahead and shot that story in the head. I think sometimes just ending a story is a good idea. I might come back to it at some point. The blogs go well. Though I am behind in my personal blog but I'm not counting that on my writing quota.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Writing For This Week

Tracking Words:

Scene Run on Dark Metal: 1000 words (Zone of Terror)

Blogs: (Counted: Eagle as Phoenix, I Have an Opinion of Almost Anything, Let Me Tell You About My Character) 2293

Short Stories: Great Zamboninapping 4112 (Completed - First Draft)

Vampire Santa: 363

Any Price: 1012

Total Word Count To Date: 8783

Word Debt: 220

Not bad really. 1000 words a day. A bit unorthodox to include running a written rpg scene and blogs, but the rpg scene forces me to use characters, setting, actions, plot and such which means it is just as good as any writing exercise, and the blogs, while not fiction, are definitely 'finished product' and take as much motivation to write, so I think they count towards writing in general. And since short stories or prose fiction was at least half the count...I think....good so far. We'll see how we do to the end of the year.