Tuesday, December 13, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 7

[Roll Credits]

General is munching on his food, a full course lavish meal.  The door opens.

Muerte Poderso stands there, pounding his fist and grinning.

The general gulps.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Amazon Page finally here

Even if the search engines say it doesn't exist, Amazon finally got around to begrudingly admitting the thing was on sale on their website.

Meanwhile, in a totally unrelated series of events which has nothing to do with Amazon barely doing anything with my book and asking me for money to sell it on their own website, here is a link about Scottish workers having to camp in tents just to get some extra money for the holidays.

Thanks Amazon!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 6

Scene: Admiral talks to General in his office.

Admiral: So did you get it?

General: Yup. Yup. I'm impressed.  I can't believe you used an Order 37.

Admiral: I owe you a lot.

General: And those photos dont have anything to do with it?

Admiral: No comment.

General: But an order 37 violation is a death sentance.

The general reaches into the box and pulls out some champaign, smiles at it and then takes a bite of fine cheese.

Admiral: No comment.

Andrew comes in and grabs the Admiral by the collar.

Andrew: You'd BETTER comment. I heard everything.  You're going down...

Admiral: Its my word against yours.  If you try that I'll target your father.

Andrew: I....quit.

Admiral: You can't quit! Ths is a war for teh struggle again-

Andrew punshes the admiral in the face.

Andrew: I quit.

(Walks out the door)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 5

Scene: Hospital - Anderson and Cotter are in bed.  Anderson wakes up.

Anderson: What...what happened?

Cotter: We were rescued at the last minute by that guy we thought was a roid.

Anderson: WHAT?

Cotter: Yeah.  Turns out that he was backup.  He also delivered the cargo.

Anderson: Well that's good at least.

Cotter: Yeah...but (beat)

Anderson: What?

Cotter: I heard some of the orderlies talking.  There are rumors...rumors about that cargo.

Anderson (tone very dark): What KIND of rumors?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Spiders in the Sugar Factory is Out!

My fellow Terran's book, "Spiders in the Sugar Factory" is now available on create space, and it looks FANTASTIC.  Despite google and amazon doing everything they can to make it not show up on search engines, this is a beautiful book and I think it will do quite well.

Lennie Gray Mowris did a FANTASTIC job laying this out.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 4

Scene: Exterior Tank.  Filmed in Black and White.  Grindface is about to shoot an unconcious Andrew in the head.  The bandits have dragged everyone out of the tank and has them lined up.  There is a tap on his shoulder.  Grindface turns around and sees Poderso who punches hum in the face.  The two trade a few blows while the bandits charge him.

Fade to Black

Also the entire GMVZ Audiobook

Is available for download and easy streaming in one easy file as originally read by Matt Franklin.  Want the URL? Just email me or post here.

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