Sunday, May 26, 2024

[Poem] Atlas Laughed

 by Emmit Other

I have a foe in libertarians

As a Neutral Good person

When you go too chaotic

When you enrich the individual

At the expense of every other individual

You go too far

But the honorable enemy

Is the one who knows

There are lines you shall not cross

Aiding a virus

Aiding a foe in a war

Aiding a foe in a cold war

Aiding Fascism

Libertarians and I dont always get along

Especially about the lying

But Libertarians are someone 

I can share a country with

I can't say the same




[Poem] Mr Bank's March

 by Emmit Other

The solo midnight scene 

Of Mr Banks slowly realizing the truth

Deep down

That Capitalism is terrible

Money isn't everything

That he thought he was doing the right thing

Only to learn that the world turned upside down

Was my life 

From the age of 14

To age 29

Literally 25 years

Of trying to do the right thing

With my head up my butt

Because I had faith 

In other institutions

Instead of myself

And what I saw around me


I got better

And have rushed to make up time

And have lived 5 lives in 13 years

But you can't ever get it back

But you can say


Friday, May 24, 2024

[Poem] Shattered Dreams

by Emmit Other

It may seem I take my former faith lightly
I died
A great hope within me died
The knowledge that had been bright as the sun
Turned black as night
No middle ground
You dont have to believe I could move mountains
But I did
Knew it
Literally KNEW it
Annd the bedrock center of my universe
The root of ky prsent then faith
Became sand
I did die a spiritual death
And I know the hell of knowing the truth
But worse?
Knowing what I know and knew
And doing it by half measures
Justifying the unjustifiable
Excusing the unexcusable
To anyone not Maga
I would not wish that on my worst enemy
Maga can but 

[Poem] A Fully Armed Battalion

by Emmit Other

China is shadowboxing Taiwan
Surrounding it on all sides
It has the largest army on earth
The second largest navy
It is approaching technical parity
And yet
Why do I feel it is acting
Like the Chijuajua in Looney Tunes
That acts tough
And as a henchman for bigger dogs
Why does a supposed super power
Act like Lichtenstein on Crack?
Nothing says Stable and Responsible 
Sane and Dependinle
Like Pooping in their hands
And flinging it at Taiwan
Because they didnt like a speech

[Poem] The Benefit of The Doubt

by Emmit Other

Comes a point
where benevolence is no longer the default
Comes a point
Where innocents are abused and threatned
Comes a point
Where you arent gonna sit there
In a rigged system
From a rigged abusive abuser
Wbo abused you
Who you no longer need to defer to
Comes a point
Where maintaining good relations
Isnt required anymore
Whem everything you ever said you cared about
Is a lie
Actions speak louder than words
And baby?
You take the literal fucking cake

Thursday, May 23, 2024

[Poem] 30 years and 30000

by Emmit Other

A member of the LDS faith
Might say
I have no business discussing LDS Matters
I beg to differ
Until the LDS church gives me back
The first 30 years of my life
And 30000 in tithing money
I spent
Based on lies told to me
By everyone I ever cared about
Who say they love me
But who do not like me
Who spread calumny because
I speak truth to power
Samuel the Lamanite
In the LDS Book of Mormon
Condemned the evil of Zarahemla
And no record was made of his name
Christ hinself 
In the Book Of mormon
Admonished Nephi Of the time
For not recording the words
They knew to be true
Was it because
they didnt like what he said
About most of their zarahelma church?
Maga is poison
And failure to call it out
Means having a prophet is pointless
So I Do 
What Russle M Nelson
Should be

[Oem] The Looking Glass of Poop

by Emmit Other

I cannot help
But watch with fascination
And joy
As every single Reublican betrays their principals
Every national republican
Ha s condned Trump
But for Abortion and Lower Taxes
They swallow their tounges
And pretend that they never said anything
Trump didnt forget
Maga will never forget
When he 
Or his delegated heir
Becomes President
Maga will show
Who didnt praise Trump from the start
The kind of justice
They wanna give
To Protesters
To "Illegal" Immigrants
To Academics
And I will laugh
As I watch from another country
Because I have loved ones
Who will do it to other loved ones
And it will be a black comedy
But I will have warmed them
And provided offer of safe haven
And been ignored
You cant fix stupid
I no longer even try

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

[Poetry] I Nuke You

 By Emmit Other

I stubbed my toe and I is mad

I nuke you! I nuke you!

Putins nuky threshold very sad

I nuke you! I nuke you!

Stub his toe

Drop a nuke

Just a bad day?

Drop a nuke

Something didnt go his way?

Drop a nuke, 

Drop a nuke,

Why do we care bout anything you say?

Cause he got nukes

Prince Polonium is very cray

I nuke you! I nuke you!

Maybe he will die some day

i nuke you! It not true

i steal scythe from death himself

And hide with santa as an Elf

 I stubbed my toe and I is mad

I nuke you! I nuke you!

Putins nuky threshold very sad

I nuke you! I nuke you!

[Mastodon] I have two new instances for my comments on Political and Economic Inequity, Anti Capitalism, and Politics in general including a focus on local Salem issues

@RhombusTicks@tech.lbgt For my tech, futurism, anti Big Tech and Author account.  My poetry will also go here 9 times out of 10.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


They believe that their case is so justified that half their links are genocide related and they dont care about me moving to another instance but shut down my account rather than warning (and letting me move) while also locking my password until i called them out personally

Yeah believable

Friday, May 17, 2024

[Poem] Ship of Theseus

by Emmit Other

The LDS god wiped the memory

of all of us who lived with him before

Per LDS belief

An ancient greek philosopher

asked a question

which matters 

The question was this

If you replaced the planks of a ship one plank at a time

When would it not be you any more?

if we are in a divine simulation

but your memories are taken

then the test is about your spirits nature

rather than your mind

Which explains why rational thought doesn't matter

in the lds religion

because God isn't testing what you learn here

so much as testing your faith and intuition


That means any rational observable test

Like if God has a prophet

Why doesn't that Prophet condemn obvious evil

Its because God is not interested in the choices we make

Oh wait

Unless he is

Choose ye this day

The Glory of God is Intelligence

The descriptions of the mormon afterlives are described by choices

Oh and

If a God is all powerful

How do we know we are real

and not in a simulation of a saved lds member

Relieving their past lives

You see how crazy it gets

the point is

If your choices matter

then You deserve to evaluate Gods behavior

And the behavior of those who speak for him

And if an antichrist draws huge numbers

Of supposedly elect

And the Prophet says or does nothing

Except vague platitudes worthy of my daily horoscope

Either God is unworthy

Or the Prophet is false

If your choices dont matter

Then don't worry about it

because to God your choices dont matter

Wait not like that LDS apologists dither

But you either matter

or you don't

You can choose to use judgment

or you don't

The prophet is committing evil actions


By omission

You are responsible for your choices

And if you choose maga and evil

Then live with that choice

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

[Poem] Minister Down

 By Emmit Other

The Putin pal PM of Slovokia got shot

We dont know much

But I suspect

It had something to do

With him passing a law recently

Giving bis party full control

Of the media

Like Orban

Every Trumpy Putin wanna be

Attacks and controls the media


in America

we are lucky

That people havent figured out

The cops work for trump 

windowfucker mayors work for nihilionares

Biden is ineffective

Trump may win outright

And if he doesnt

He will cheat cheat cheat to win

We are lucky

That people dont see what I see

Because I have someone who isnt violent to protect

I have reason not to act on my knowledge

But as others start to see

maga means to put them in camps

and enslave them and kill them

And nothing to lose

Of which

There are millions in this country

That equation


And will


[poem] I claim

 By Emmit Other

If you are gonna put 

A rapey slaver colonizer

In your holy scripture

You invite

Imperialism rules

So since the entire lds faith

Has spiritual small pox right now

Paralyzed and depowered by hypocrisy

Except a few members w real charity and faith

i claim the hollow faith

Of the diseased

In the name

Of the Flying Spagetti Monster

Planting his noodly flag

On its desiccated spiritual corpse

[Poem] Noonday Sun

 By Emmit Other

The LDS church

Is Christian

And does the 10 commands 

Like anyone else

Thou shalt have no other gods before me

Cults in a cult

Are forbidden

To deny the holy ghost

After you have felt it

Is blasphemy

And to deny

The sun at noon

i felt it when I prayed

And dont even acknowledge

The mormon god anymore

as someone

i respect

so when maga syncophants

Line up

Row after row

To say 

They are not in a cult

i wonder

Does Deznat Maga

Actually have testimonies

Or just say they do

Because everyone else did

In church on sunday

The lds profit

Isnt calling out this threat 

To the LDS church

And the LDS god

And the LDS holy 1789 constitution

And they likely think it is God

Holding his tounge

Like the end times in the Book of Chloroform in Print

Funny thing though

god only did that when 99.9 percent of the church

was no longer Christian

so if non deznat are believing that

They know their church is already gone

And the LDS Profit


Monday, May 13, 2024

[Poem] Whip It

 by Emmit Other

On my Mission for the false LDS church

I grew to love the White Christ

And in hindsight still love the Historical one

But nothing speaks louder 

Of the irreconcilable differences

Between Maga  and the Just

Then what we mean when we quote scripture

"But many shall do good works in my name

But Are Devils."

To a Maga

This is librul babi killurs

Whose wannu takes our constitushun

Our precious,

Gollum, Gollum"

To the Just

We take one look at Donald Trump

And is there ANY doubt in your mind

That the Historical Christ would grab a whip

And go to town on Maga?

That the Deznat members of the LDS church

Would check a box "Yes"

If the LDS Profit asked

"Should we hold a Maga Rally on Temple Grounds?"

Whose side are you on?

But as for me and my house

We dont stand with LDS White Satan

[Poem] Call me Crazy

 By Emmit Other

But I am over trying to be nice

I consistently find myself

Five to ten years

Ahead of everyone else

Call me Prophet

Or just call me well informed

But at this point

When they say

They wanna deport American Citizens protesting Israel

To Gaza

I say

Send Maga to Russia

When they say

We are pedos and not patriots

I say

Put them in prison 

When they say

Freedom of Speech

But say any media left of the New York Slimes

Is lying traitors

Then I say

Shut down any conservative media

I am tired 



Of Centrists saying both sides are the same

There are two evils in this country


And both siders

Its a matter of when

Not if

Before Maga turns full shooting traitor

And America is not kind

To those

Who try to destroy her

Just because real Americans

Dont categorize anyone they dont disagree with

As unamerican

Doesnt mean

They wont act like Americans during the 1950s and Communists

Are you now

Or have you ever been

A member of the Maga Party?

Saturday, May 11, 2024

[Poem] 100 Hours

by Emmit Other

Ammosexuals think symbols of death
Are power
They believe that if they collect guns
like Cargo Cult primitives
or a magpie hoarding beads
they Aquire power by proxy
its sad
And pathetic
There are five times as many guns
in Amerca
than people
If the Ammosexuals start somethin
For a while they will be scary
and then the most viplent culture on Earth
After a few days
Will get guns
and learn to shoot
take 100 hours to learn a gun
A few weeks
the Ammosexuals 
are Pathetic
and Wrong
and this year
may be the year
They get it shown to their face
Fuck around
and find out

Thursday, May 9, 2024

[Poem] Anyone can be a Nazi

 By Emmit Other

Its a simple recipe to make a Nazi

Start with lies

The natural bane of the Nazi

Is Truth

Thats why they always silence reporters

Then bring to a slow boil

And add hate

Nazis always hate the most vulnerable in society

They attack the weakest among them

The other

Young or old or other

Doesnt matter

To a a Nazi

But hate is not enough

For Nazis need a leader

Someone to inspire them

someone to rally around

someone to tell them they are better


That they are the victims

That all their problems are

The other

The Leader is the only solution

slippery slopers 

(Who should be pushed down that slope)

Say nazi doesnt mean anything any more

I know six million reasons

This is a lie

But I bet I could find

At least some shades in that army of pain

Wbo would recognize familiar patterns

All over the world

In most nations

As they form alliances with each other

Little nazi cancer clusfers

Any culture can brew them

A thousand flavors of nazi

but the dofference between sparkling fascism

And genuine nazis is the final ingredient


A fetish for murder on an industrial scale


And mechanized murder by factory

Carpet bomb the enemy to pulp

You show me a nation that seems to get

Sexual gratification in dropping bombs on hospitals

And I will show you

Someone nazis would buy a beer for

Until they asked 

Where you are from


Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Status Update

 My tiktok account was banned, and given Sundar Puchai's recent behavior I no longer trust my content on google.  In case you havent noticed, the world is on fire and Sundar Puchai is on the side of rapey tech bros who wanna help murdercops and fascists burn down civilization and replace it with neofuedal techbro edgelords.

If you wonder where I side on the theocracy issue, I side (and always have and always will) with the oppressed but I dont want my final account banned.

I need to make an entirely separate website hosted outside the US, a separate mastodon instance and move my youtube to peertube.  All if this is gonna take time and money.

Watch this space.