Thursday, August 31, 2023

[Poem] The Nexus of Dumb

by Emmit Other

Sometimes two different things
Coming together makes synergy
Something greater than the sum of their parts
Bacon Lettuce and Tomato
Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Niel Gaiman and Terry Pratchet
The Avengers and Justice League
And sometimes
Oh god Sometimes
Two dumb things coming together
Makes things even dumber
Like anti vaxxer murderers
And abusive pet owners
And Freak Parents of Autisitic Kids
Who feel it is something to be cured
Syncing up to prevent
Ladies and gentlemen
In a world of MAGA and Swamp Hitler
And capitalism and Techno Fascism
Climate Deniers and QAnon Freaks
It takes a LOT
like a lot alot
To become the stupidest thing of all time
But Autism for dogs
Preventing dogs from getting autism
From Vaccines
Takes the fucking cake

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

[Poem] Time To Get Up

 by Emmit Other

Time to wake up

The dream is over

Put that magic sword away

Youve gotta make some dough

No not the famous chef kind

Just the daily grind thats slow

Get your coffee

Get your car

Drive to work

Its not that far

Just a two hour commute both ways

Its barely enough 

To make it through both days

Time to wake up

Time to get a grip

Your dreams have ended

The coffee's on french drip

Smell the eggs

Smell the toast

Join the death march coast to coast

From your bed where dreams come true

To work where they go to die




OK there might be hope

But Im not gonna lie

The odds are long like your hours

You are probably gonna die

From a world thats boiling

The sky is on deep fry

Sure you might win the lottery

So flap your arms and try to fly

Odds are you will just look like a fool

But dreams can all come true

Flap your arms and fly away

Since you might be still asleep too

Saturday, August 26, 2023

[Poem] War of the Compass

 by Emmt Other

Global South adds thugs to its gang

Calling out the Globan North

Filthy decendants of imperialists

And even though China is Imperial 

To Tibet Hong Kong and Taiwan

You are really gonna show that Eurotrash

Who can capitalism and kill everyone better

While your number two founding member

Are going full nazi on Ukraine

And like War of the Worlds

Covid is coming back

And the democracy will vaccinate its troops

And the Kleptocracy wont

Mines do nothing against mine sweepers

If not defended w combined arms

Oops you are sick dying or dead

A few taking horse dewormer 

From the black market

Hitch your liittle red wagons

To the dead corpses of two supermen

And see how that turns out for ya slim

See how that turns out for ya

Friday, August 25, 2023

[Poem] Dear Leader

 By Emmit Other

North Korean sci fi

Is an acid trip unto itself

Where the poorest dumbest country in the world

Pulls scientific miracles out their ass

Like the professor on Gilligan's island

Makes magic with the infinite radio and Cocoanuts

They stopped the tidal wave by lassoing the moon

They help Santa by maming his sleigh faster

They feed everyone on Earth with food replicators

Everyone gets a happy Robot butler that takes away their cares

But the one thing  

The only thing

They cant seem to do

Is remove the fat stupid psycho from power

Who has replaced Dear Leader

The all knowing wise one

Who you know

Doesnt even poop

Thursday, August 24, 2023

[Poem] Not Worth It

 By Emmit Other

Even if every delusion of my shadow war were true

And I know for a far they arent

Some are


But the rest?

Not worth it

Not worth the drain and horror

Not worth the lies

Not worth the constant disappointment

Thats life you say

I know

I say

Not worth it


I know what that means

And no

I wont say it

But its simply not worth it for most people

I am better equipped than most to make a difference

On so many levels its not evem funny

I know what to do with power

And I will never have it

Not really

Because I am not willing to be who it takes to seize it

My choice

But watching the world slide i to death despair and destruction

Not worth it

It simply isnt 

Some small gems here and there




But almost




Tuesday, August 22, 2023

[Poem] Lord Frith

 by Emmit Other

Rabbit God of all things

The center if the cycle

An aspect of the all god

That all nature sings

Rabbit prayers 

In the great beyond

Are just as valid

As heard

As yours hungry hunter

But Lord Frith is a harsh God

What is 

Is what must be

There shall be no bargain

And yet

And yet

Sometimes even indifferent Gods

Tilt the odds

They make no bargains

But some creations

Are favored more than others

And yet even if Lagomorphs can have prayers

Think then meat monkey

Your own karmic cosmic sognifcance

You are heard

You are listened to

Out loud

Or in thought

Its a crowded Umbra

Believe it or not

But they believe in you

For good or ill

For good or ill

Saturday, August 19, 2023

[Poem] Formitave Years

 by Emmit Other

Leon Stink made a palace of mirrors

So big and so vast

That people thought it would be

A wonder of the world

The size of nine city blocks

And filled with art treasures from around the world

Amd to say money on the inside

Instead of mirtors

Half of the places for them

Had cardboard cutouts of Leon Stink

For 44 billion dollars

The Nillionare created an empty monument



It was the most 

Leon Stink thing

He could possibly do