Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Chapter 49 of Novel 4 done. 6 more to go before I have written 4 full novels! (Well.....1/2 of the 4th novel with someone else but still....)

The Short Story is done. Two more in that arc.

WAY behind on Seventh Seal. I hope to do 5 pages tonight.

Rewrites on Season 3 of the Sentinel Chronicles went well.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Writing Progress

Chapter 48 of Novel 4 is finally done, and Ken has finished his work on Chapter 47. It has been slow going on this one...much slower than one might think for each of us only writing 50,000 words each but nevertheless it is finally being completed. 55 Chapters total, then revisions. I will be quite pleased when it is done.

Lia's poem for the podcast, "The House at the Falls" is also done. Its quite good I think. And it continues the podcast, since I admit there were times where I wasn't entirely sure I'd keep doing it. Hard to do when you're not sure anyone listens.

The Graphic novel is about half way through Chapter 3. I'm doing two more pages tonight.

My primary project at the moment is a short story for a friend. Not sure if it is publishable since it is essentially a riff on one of their works, but, quite frankly I intend for it to be a master piece when finished. If I can do it right but it is exceptionally difficult in nature to do.