Saturday, October 31, 2015

I Odysseus Part 1

Personal circumstances have conspired to prevent me from releasing new material at this time.  That, and national novel writing month will take a lot of my time.  For those of the five of you listening to the podcast on stitcher or itunes you wouldnt hear the newest version of this, so for about a month and a half every other week, we'll be posting that instead.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 34

CONTINUED: 34. BOB (Clicks.) Freight laughs to himself as if he thinks it is a stupid idea. He points the sensors on the bridge. A bright light shows up. FREIGHT What the...BOB! We’ve hit the.... He moves to the right a little. The blob moves to the right. FREIGHT God damn. Its me. Wow. I’m worth a whole lot of calories. Too bad I can’t eat me. He laughs and then gets an odd expression on his face. He then runs out of the room. SHOT – MED BAY – DAY – INT Freight runs up to the doc machine and types in instructions waiting for an explanation. FREIGHT Wow. Look at all that cyberware. Hey ship, just how much of myself can I replace with this stuff? SHIP’S COMPUTER Please sit in the chair. Freight gets in the chair. SHIP’S COMPUTER Scanning. Mechanical stuff happens. SHIP’S COMPUTER 90%. FREIGHT 90%?! SHIP’S COMPUTER Yes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 33

CONTINUED: 33. He is upset for a moment as he points his face at the screen and some print outs. He directs his visual sensory apparatus known as eyes at the screen and then the print outs. FREIGHT No. No. That can’t be right. He checks both a second time. SHOT – CLOSE UP – CALORIES. Shows the words “Number of Calories Needed to Survive:” SHOT – CLOSE UP – FOOD INVENTORY Shows the words “Caloric Inventory” SHOT – WIDE – INT MED BAY – DAY Freight swears and scatters the print outs. He calms himself and gathers up the print outs. SHOT – WIDE – INT MED BAY – DAY Time has passed. He adds up the numbers a third time. He reads the numbers a final time and shakes his head. FREIGHT God DAMN it. Freight starts to break down and cry. He lays his head on the desk and is utterly miserable. Camera departs in a wide shot showing him resting his head on the desk, staring despondently at the wall. SCENE 2 - SHOT – INT – BRIDGE – DAY Freight reads the sensors pointed at various parts of the ship trying to find more food. He notices two sections of the ship, and gets nothing. FREIGHT OK Bob. Wait, I know. Let’s try the bridge. (CONTINUED)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Grenademan vs the Zombies - Chapter 12 Part 2

A group of refugees approaches the town and the town is faced with a difficult decision.  Doc makes it for them.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 32

CONTINUED: 32. SHIP’S COMPUTER Security lock out. Freight keeps flipping switches. SHIP’S COMPUTER Security lock out. Freight flips the computer off and keeps flipping switches. SHIP’S COMPUTER Security lock out. (beat) Sensors activated. FREIGHT What? SHIP’S COMPUTER Ship’s sensors activated. Freight stops and gazes up. FREIGHT What? SHIP’S COMPUTER Ship’s sensors activated. FREIGHT Hallelujah. Freight fiddles with the sensors. He feeds them to Bob. Bob wanders the corridors of the ship searching. Bob finds a room and taps panels. One sounds somewhat hollow. Freight checks the sensors and peers hopeful. INT – RANDOM QUARTERS – DAY Freight points his eyes at the wall, tapping various parts and a hidden panel opens up. There is a lot of food behind it. He smiles and ’high fives’ Bob. Bob and Freight stack the food and catalog it. ACT 3 SCENE 1 - SHOT: INT – MED BAY – DAY Freight and Bob add up the total for the collected food. FREIGHT 45000....46000...50000..... (CONTINUED)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 31

CONTINUED: 31. Freight tries to break the chair with his hands. He is utterly unsuccessful. He blinks and sighs. FREIGHT Back in a second. Freight returns with an axe and heaves it above his head but doesn’t make even a dent in the thing in the slightest. He tries again and drops the axe as he does so. He grunts and picks up the axe a third time and lets into it, only not making any impact at all. Freight stares at Bob. FREIGHT Right. So are you going to help or what? BOB (Clicks happily and begins to saw away at the chair with a saw attachment that comes from inside his bowels) SHOT: INT – CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS – DAY The chair is reduced to splinters. SHOT: INT – MESS – DAY Bob watches while Freight puts the chopped up chair into the creator. Freight gets a splinter in his hand and swears. The creator makes a Souffle. SHOT: INT – MED BAY Freight eats the souffle with one hand whilst the med bay treats and bandages the other. He gives a thumb’s up to Bob. SCENE 10 - INT - BRIDGE - DAY Freight is peering at the ship, trying to figure various elements out. He flips various switches on the bridge control at random trying to figure things out. Occasionally the ship says: (CONTINUED) CONTINUED:

Monday, October 19, 2015

When Writing Can Literally Kill You

I have never considered myself a "real" artist even though that is a lie.  Many if not most artists draw their stuff to create either from the dark side of their emotional palate or the entire thing.  While I do draw from all my experience, I cannot function without some stability.

We have no apartment and trying to find one was so much stress that combined with unemployment plus a theft plus a betrayal from one if our would be friends in Miami caused me to have the closest thing to a nervous breakdown I am actually capable of having.

Right now, there is just no energy for it.  Ignoring my hatred of lost work, there is also the fact that I kind if have to fool myself six or seven different ways to write this and all my capacity for self deception needs to focus on finding a job right now.

So with heavy heart I have to give up nanowrmo this year.   Next year if I have a job and we have a place.

This may be the last update for a while

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Letters to Rhombus 2

Rhombus answers more letters from fictional people. Write a real one.  Send it to

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Thursday, October 15, 2015



This is a life goal.

But I've tried this already and failed miserably both times, once was semi official even if I didn't register and the other time was with Tossing Grenades at Windmills earlier this year and I have been stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck on chapter 12 for months taking victory in working on a few words (emphasis) WORDS a day.

Nanowrimo is 50000 in one month.  Assuming at least 5 bad days, that's 25 good days at 2000 words each.  2000 words is something that I have written in an hour....



The first time was so bad (as in the quality of the work) I actually stopped and wrote seven extra pages just murdering my characters again and again in different ways

The second time was much better but Grenademan is my Mickey Mouse....he is FUN to write and chapter 12 is KILLING me....granted, I'm following a script rather than going where my imagination takes me but...

I had hoped to have everything planned out....right now I have just one of three main lines vaguely mapped out with delusions of a second (Really, who REALLY wants to read about a psychopathic vigilante mouse?...maybe if it actually was Mickey Mouse with a stiletto....) and a title...and a vague tie in to a rather interesting french philosopher who liked titles.

I am unemployed at the moment which is draining and even if I get a job there will be no fuel of reserve.  And even though I have writing fans, this just won't FEEL the same as GMVZ....

So ...

I'm insane.

This will likely fail.

We're still going to an event this sunday and I'm likely registering on the site.

To quote the dwarf...

"Small chance of success.  Certain destruction? What are we waiting for?"

[Script] Unfood - Page 30

CONTINUED: 30. BOB (Clicks) FREIGHT That’s not food Bob. BOB (Clicks twice) FREIGHT What? BOB (Clicks) FREIGHT I...(beat) Freight types into the computer a few moments. FREIGHT Well, I’ll be a son of a bitch. Bob doesn’t say anything. FREIGHT I’ll be right down. Oh and Bob? Bob perks up a moment but doesn’t say anything. FREIGHT I apologize. BOB (Clicks amiably) Freight gets up and leaves. INT – CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS – DAY Freight walks in and sees Bob at the chair. He appraises the chair up and down. FREIGHT God damn it Bob, this is the mother load. I owe you a can of oil! BOB (Clicks once happily) (CONTINUED)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 29

CONTINUED: 29. BOB (Clicks once loudly with a trumpet sound.) FREIGHT Great. Let’s get to work. BOB (Clicks once) FREIGHT I appreciate the help. SCENE 9 – INT – SHIP – DAY Bob searches around. Montage of Bob seeking in various corridors. Bob does not immediately find anything. Shot three times back and forth between Bob probing various quarters. Freight is happy. Bob looks. Freight is bored. Bob looks. Freight is despondent. There is a noise on the console, while Freight is asleep. He suddenly wakes up, searches around confused for a few moments. Then he suddenly turns to stares at the screen. FREIGHT Bob? BOB (Clicks) FREIGHT Bob! Tell me you found something! BOB (Clicks) FREIGHT Fantastic! What is it? BOB (Clicks) INT – CLOSE SHOT OF THE SCREEN – DAY Bob shows a leather chair. FREIGHT What the HELL? (CONTINUED)

Monday, October 12, 2015

My expidition to Lint Land

So my name is Glerda Dofamaton.  I am administrative assistant ...I am sorry "executive assistant" (with the same pay) to E.P. Blingermeter, who Rhombus has arranged to take over the dead guy/not dead guy's writing blog, but Mr. Blingermeyer is on an expidition involving talking ponies of pastel colors.  So before Rhombus could get Emmit Other or Redwin Tursor, EP said I should just slap something together.

Please note I am not getting paid for this and to me you are fictional so I really don't care about your opinion.   In fact,  when Rhombus explained the whole concept to me I found the idea offensive.   I am real.  You are just shadows on some ghost bridge and really who cares about "stories" anyway.

And Rhombus didn't say what this had to be about so I am writing about this.

....Apparently I have to include some kind of content.  Whatever that means. I am not a writer. 

E.P.'s first expedition was to the place where all the things missing in the dryer go.  Please note,  they dont actually go there.  People just believe they do.  Well, while there were some socks, it was mainly just a lot of lint. Some of the artidacts recovered were worth some money but not many.

What upset me so much was the fact that all if Mr Blingermeyers clothing was covered in cakes of pernicious supernatural lint.  It took six trips to the dry cleaner.

And who do you think had to take care of that? Exactly.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fairy Tale - Elowyn Wisp


For quite some time I have been trying to resurrect a wonderful project I started with some of TC's friends and family members earlier this year to find new fairy tales.  But due to life and a series of other happenings, these got started but were never finished.  These tales were to be released under the Creative Commons License....

The original people involved in this project were TC Ricks, Andrew Greenberg, Greg Sanford, and Julie R Ray.  Others showing interest were Bill Bridges, Josie Burgin Lawson and Fiona Skye.

Creative Commons License
New Fairy Tales by New Fairy Tales Group is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The original project was to start a story and then turn it around, round robin style with each new author adding to the original story.  There are currently four 'seeds' and I'll be randomly selecting two and pursuing those until done.  Anyone who wants to participate may submit a possible answer to anyone else in the group by the following day...

For example, after I post one of the four seeds here, all written up to this point, anyone on the list can continue and anyone else on the list can vote for the next version they like most.  No one is required to continue it at all, and you may write a continuance under an alias and be added to the group list in this post.  Elsewise, I will write a continuance a week by default until 'done' and then finish at least the first four seeds, maybe more after that if the group so decides.

If you want to join (or leave) the group, email me at redanvilcreative at the google mail.

Anyway, here is one of the four seeds, selected at random.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 28

CONTINUED: 28. Freight rolls his eyes. He then moves over to a larger box that looks like a sphere filled with rather nasty needles. It might hover, but there is no visible means of propulsion. He seems mildly frightened by it and tosses it to the side. He finds another box marked, “5” and sits down on a pile of boxes to examine it. He is pretty ragged, and sits down to examine the box. He gets a rather silly smile as he pulls Bob out of the box. He finds a set of instructions and slowly leafs through it. He bends down and gazes Bob over for several moments, trying to decide what to do. He finds an on switch. FREIGHT So it says according to this that you have a voice interactive mode. That right? BOB (Clicks and Whistles) FREIGHT So you do? BOB (Clicks) FREIGHT One click for yes, two for no, OK? BOB (Clicks) FREIGHT Great, so you understand me? BOB (Clicks) FREIGHT I’m starving to death. BOB (Clicks twice and makes a slightly sad sound) FREIGHT Well, hey (laughs) I appreciate the sentiment little buddy, but I’m not dead yet. I need your help. (CONTINUED)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I can't write when depressed

To explain why you are getting some content and not others,  I have a backlog of scripts and podcasts.  The situation with my last interview was rather depressing.   I know how artists are supposed to thrive on pain, but I don't.   I will resume as soon as I can.  Hopefully the situation will change by nanowrmo or I will have to skip yet another year.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 27

CONTINUED: 27. particularly pleased by what he is finding, but he finds with a large “2” on the side. The one he pulls out looks like a bucket with wheels on the bottom. He finds instructions written in bad Spanish. FREIGHT Este manual es....what the HELL? He goes to the corner and puts the manual up in front of the screen. FREIGHT Computer. Translate this. SHIP’S COMPUTER Unable to translate. FREIGHT Aw come on! This is something my watch can do. SHIP’S COMPUTER I was specifically designed to only perform the minimum specifications of the ship. Standard software packages on most suites are not available due to security concerns. FREIGHT You’re joking. SHIP’S COMPUTER I was not. However, humor is something I do know. I know eight jokes. FREIGHT I don’t want to know. SHIP’S COMPUTER How fat is your mother? FREIGHT Shut up. SHIP’S COMPUTER You are supposed to ask-(interrupted) FREIGHT Abort program. Shut the hell up! (CONTINUED)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Grenademan Vs the Zombies Chapter 12 Part 1

The Circle begins to face challenges in their fight with the Zombies.

Written by TC Ricks

Performed by Rhombus Ticks

Edited by Fiona Skye

Sound Editing Grayson Bergman

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Grenademan Vs The Zombies is Published

You can now order a copy on amazon or directly from here where I will get more of a royalty.


[Script] Unfood - Page 26

CONTINUED: 26. KENDRA And leave me alone here? AARON (beat) No. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. (beat) Have you considered (beat) KENDRA No. The captain will get us out. AARON And what if he doesn’t? KENDRA (beat) If it really looks like that isn’t going to happen, I’ll join you. In the meantime, we stick it out. AARON Deal. KENDRA Good. Now go get the shovel. Aaron moves off towards the hovel. Kendra hollers after him. KENDRA The big one! SCENE 8 - INT – MED BAY - DAY Freight pokes at a time chart of his calories. It shows a bar of his calories burned and food consumed, showing only a few days of time left. FREIGHT What? I’m burning more calories looking for food than I’m finding. He puts his hands on his head and thinks a bit, trying to decide what to do. He gets an idea and gets up slowly. INT – CARGO HOLD – DAY The cargo hold has a lot of boxes. It isn’t particularly fancy. In one corner of the room there is a door marked, “Robot Bay.” Freight walks through the doors and spots several more boxes. He reads the side of the boxes not (CONTINUED)