Friday, September 30, 2016

Status Update

Slowly getting back in the swing of things.  I'm starting with the blog posts and then will begin adding weekly posts in preparation for Heliotrope and NaNoWrMo for Fruitloop and Frankenstein.  One step at a time as it were.  Missed the Broadleaf Writer's conference my friend ran last week.  Otherwise, looking forward to a trip to Atlanta for a play written by Rob Mosca.

Fun times.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - Project November - Roles

Admiral Dweebnar - Just the latest in a long line of assholes screwing over humanity with incompetence as he commands the human resistance.

General Thickdexter - Exiled to a remote arctic outpost for fucking up and getting good men killed.  Wants his creature comforts.

Captain Andrew Chopop - One of the most skilled remaining human pilots left alive.  For now.

Benjamin Chopop - Andrew's father.

Commander Curt Medley - Andrew's short lived co pilot.

Bregsaw Grindface - Leader of the bandits who shoot down Andrew's plane.

Commander Teak Ogone - Tank Commander.

Ltn Angie Lyons - Tank Gunner

Sgt Apri Cotter - Tank EW Officer

Gunny - Tank Driver/ Engineer

Captain Muerte Poderosa - Special Forces Badass sent to rescue the Tank Crew.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - Project November - Outline

So I have been helping my friend Jay Welin write his baby "The Sentinel Chronicles" for almost 6-7 years.  He controls the story, but I help him flesh it out.  Film is a collaborative art and with the exception of my own works where I have written AND produced, a lot of times what I write isn't...the my first draft, but I thought this time around I'd offer some transparency into the process.

Here is the outline we're starting with for what he's filming in November.

Act 1 - Set Up

Scene 1 - As credits roll, two officers discuss how he was supposed to receive a cushy assignment from the front lines, and he owed him, and their vital supplies were cut, and the other officer caves and agrees to send 'vitally important supplies'

Scene 2 - Our hero the pilot has that endearing scene with his father.

Scene 3 - One of the two officers informs Pilot that he has a vital mission to deliver supplies.

Scene 4 - Plane is soaring over the plains.  Witty banter between pilot and co pilot.

Scene 5 - Bandits crackerjack back and forth like Jawas about to get R2 and launch a missile at our Plane.  Crash.

Act 2 - Man Down!

Scene 1 - Our man drags himself out of the wreckage.

Scene 2 - Tank Crew of 3 women and the single man.  Witty banter. Characters established.

Scene 3 - Bad Ass receives an unvocalized call.  Changes direction.

Scene 4 - Man drags himself across the plains, gets radio confirmation from Tank.  He is saved!

Scene 5 - Firefight with bandits.  Tank Commander killed.  Pilot gets in tank.  Goin home!

Scene 6 - Bad ass hears gun fight.  Picks up pace.

Scene 7 - Tank busts a tread. Witty and panicked banter.

Scene 8 - Bandits attack! Tanks crew fires back.

Scene 9 - Bad ass begins killing bandits.   Crew misintripts actions; thinks he's a roid and gets in the tank.

Scene 10 - Bad ass starts to vocalize that he is here to help.  Tank crew can't here.  Turns tank gun and obliterates a shocked bad ass.

Act 3 - On their own!

Scene 1 - Crew welds the treads in fire fight.

Scene 2 - Tank is on the role! Runs over a few bandits. Crush.

Scene 3 - Mine! Tank is blown to hell.  Blackness.

Scene 4 - Bad ass isn't dead! Picks them up and saves them, grumbling.

Scene 5 - Hospital.  One tank and pilot alive.  Mourning.

Scene 6 - Supplies was luxury goods for commanders buddy.  Pilot goes fruitloops.  Bad ass punches Commander.

"You'll pay for this!"

"No I won't.  I quit."

Friday, September 16, 2016

In the Near Now


*I am writing my seventh novel "Fruitloop and Frankenstein" for NaNoWrMo this November.  It is the completion of my MOST important remaining bucket list goal and will turn this year into a personal success from my perspective.

*Spiders in the Sugar Factory has been laid out with AMAZING art from the amazing Lennie Gray Morries of Lenspeace.  Cover needs to be done and a few other details, but it will be available by the end of the year.  Emmit Other will be very happy.  He might even write a poem about it.  There is consideration of maybe also doing a limited edition print run try on Kick Starter instead of just Print on Demand at Createspace.  We'll see.

I *SUCK* at selling stuff.

*Fruitloop and Frankenstein are going to be incorporated into a demi anthology that I'm likely to ask a few friends to contribute to; omnibused in the Heliotropic Book of Fairy Tales and MAYBE with a story about Grenademan in addition.  Novella? Novel? Novelette? Grenademan in Candyland has been asking to be rewritten and modernized for a while.

*Kelly Higgs Glenn, my nominal Assistant Author/Factotum is slowly going through my backlog and helping me edit and determine which short stories are worthy of submission vs the Rubbish bin.

Interesting times.

*This blog isn't about rpg stuff, but re: Red Anvil Productions Cassie Carnage is doing a fantastic job resurrecting the long dead (all dead not mostly dead) T7 project a bit at a time.

*Helping my good pall Jay Welin on his baby "Sentinel Chronicles" and for my script stuff until the end of the year will produce updates, anecdotes and maybe some actual scripts.  Jay does most of the story but I help with Dialog and act as a sounding board for his ideas.

That's all the news fit to print for now-

Oh.  I might do a craptacular non sound edited podcast this weekend.  Expect it to be EP Blingermeyered so you probably won't want to listening for a while, though I am going to try and get on Audible and Google.  We'll see if I can do that with the crap equipment that I have.