Thursday, December 31, 2020

News of the Four Worlds - 2020 In Review

Who could have foreseen what an .....interesting.....year 2020 was for all four worlds.  Robot 1 and Robot 2 discuss in detail and also make predictions for the year to come.

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Friday, December 25, 2020

Saving Christmas (again)

 by Emmit Other

There is power in belief

But so few consider the consequences

Such reckless belief might make Santa and his reindeer fly

You might not even mind the Krampus

Revived by a raft of Christmas horror movies

But now the existential Christmas Dilema

Is part of the Mythology

Like Mr Magoo

Santa needs constant saving

His head stuck in a bucket

Or jail

Or kidnapped by Martians

Or trapped in an office complex during am elaborate heist of Nakatomi Plaza

Like Camelot being invaded

By every rando and his aunt matilda

Incompotent Santa needs constant help

It makes Christmas ours

Democratizing the magical distribution of presents

Though by new the sleigh smells like a used restroom in the Back of Fucking Beyond

The elves really cant get the smell out

So when you see Santa 

With his neck stuck in a plastic six ring beer holder

By all means help the poor bastard out

But let him do his job

Poor man has self esteem issues

Let christmas save itself for once

Thursday, December 24, 2020

To my Beloved

 by Emmit Other

The stars burn eternal

But also with envy for thee

Envoy of Kindness

Sentinel for all creatures great and small

Keeper of Lore

Organizer of Archives

Solver of Puzzles

Patroness of the Arts

Fashionista Appreciator

Fellow Traveller to Exotic and Distant Lands

We roam the Earth

But in some ways the Cursed Year was blessing

More time with thee

Glory and Amber we Made the Hourglass stopper

In thine eyes I see my best self

Merry Christmas Most Beloved

Twas the Night Before Spacegoats

We take a beloved christmas poem read by a robot and add Space Goats to key parts...because what could be more 2020 than that?

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Is this really a good idea?

 by Emmit Other

I see a future

A thousand thousand years from now

When we are but a myth

Our seeds are scattered to the stars

Panhuman missives zeal from one colony to another

In the blink of an eye by quantum entanglement

The line between flesh and steel blurs

And Earth is lost

Only to be found again

Earth herself

Our cradle, reduced to a rancid Venus hothouse

Our reexplorers are saddened

But their sorrow turns to horror

As the only life in the Sol system

Is a never ending cave complex

Deep beneath the surface of Mars

Bat eyed mole men

Slink and slime around 

Living on roaches and spiders and centipedes

Sapient enough to know horror

But with no record of how they came to be

Leon Stink has cursed the Martians 

To a million years of evolutionary horror

Just so he could die with a feather in his cap

His grinning skeleton beaming down on the ruin of his colony

Orbiting in his car with his hand on the wheel

Stellar wind in the final strand of its vacuum preserved hair

Lord of the empire of Morlock horror 

That panhumanity leaves

And never visits again

Monday, December 21, 2020


 by Emmit Other

Chronos and Zeus

Battling it out again in the heavens

800 years past

Mirage of Mythology

Panoplay to the steely naked eye

Bookending the Year of Chaos

Aquarius hosting the galactic affair

Drowned in a glory of stars

Stars we cannot see due to the pollution of light

One era ends

Another begins

The Golden Age is ours

If we but claim it

Fire was stolen once

Lets steal it again

And go up to join them

Friday, December 18, 2020

Potato Messiah

There are other worlds than these.

On Gaia Handle made a very different song.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Fate of the World

In the war movie "Enemy at the Gates" about dueling Snipers in Stalingrad, the fate of the world comes down to two men.   In the real world, the fate of the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD comes down to two senatorial elections.

Now is not the time to sit on your ass.

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