Saturday, May 31, 2014

Precyber - Chapter 32

Clark meets his new partner.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 80 - Chapter 5

Row 1 Box 1 Horus looks into the pool.
Horus: No. This shall not be.
Row 1 Box 2 & 3 and the rest of the page.
Horus stands in the middle of the pool drawing power from all of the captured souls there and is enveloped in a scarlet light. Lightning and Flame surround him in rings. All of the glass in the temple is shattered.
Page 17 Horus crashes down in front of Forsalio's house, gigantic and powerful augmented with giant bat wings and eldritch armor that wraps around him. He looks down at an assembled Pete, Jesra, Klery and Forsalio menacingly.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 79 - Chapter 5

Row 1 Box 1 Pete (from his perspective) leans forward to kiss Jesra.
Row 1 Box 2 Klery smiles and looks out at Jesra kissing Pete.
Klery: Hmmm
Row 1 Box 3 Klery smiles at Forsalio.
Klery: Can you make me a painting of that?
Row 2 Box 1 Close up of Forsalio's face as it considers.
Row 2 Box 2 Forsalio smiles.
Row 2 Box 3 Forsalio sits and begins to paint a picture of Jesra and Pete kissing whilst Klery watches.
Row 3 Box 1 The Seven in the sky glows.
Row 3 Box 2 The VII changes to a Helvetica fonted 7.
Row 3 Box 3& 4 and Row 4, left half, the gash in the sky begins to close.
Right Half: Everyone on the other side of the veil (Vesuvius and Sluice's side) begins to cheer and celebrate as they look at a bright star in the sky.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Precyber - the Real Chapter 31

Clarke signs up for the Revolution.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 78 - Chapter 5

Row 1 Box 1 Klery looks at various paintings that Forsalio has done.
Klery: You're really very talented! I'm impressed.
Forsalio: Oh. Well, thank you. I normally don't show the to people...
Row 1 Box 2 Jesra looks around for Pete.
Jesra: Pete? Are you there?
Row 1 Box 3 Pete, looking kind of sad (from his perspective) is right in front of Jesra.
Pete: I'm right here Jesra....
Row 2 Box 1 The trolls have their halberds pointed at Vesuvius in a ring, while Amanda picks up her wand in the background.
Row 2 Box 2 Sluice wakes up.
Row 2 Box 3 Sluice frowns.
Row 3 Box 4 Sluice leaps up.
Row 3 Box 1 Jesra speaks to the air.
Jesra: I think things are working out Pete, but I wish you were here. I'd rather a real friend than an imaginary friend.
Row 3 Box 2 Sluice steps on the wand.
Row 3 Box 3 Jesra leans forward to kiss Pete.
Row 4 Lightning spills out all around where the wand is snapped in two, knocking Amanda and the other trolls backward.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 77 - Chapter 5

Row 1 Box 1 Vesuvius pokes Amanda in the eyes.
Row 1 Box 2 Amanda puts her hand up to her eyes.
Amanda: Ah! You'll pay for that Vesuvius.
Row 1 Box 3 Vesuvius snickers standing on her head ready to poke her eyes again.
Vesuvius: You and what army?
Row 2 Box 1 & 2 A line of angry trolls stands behind Amanda.
Box 3 Vesuvius looks behind him.
Vesuvius: Oh.
Row 3 Box 1 Amanda and Klery look at Forsalio.
Amanda: We're here....
Row 3 Box 2 Forsolio looks out at them. (From Pete's Perspective) Pete is standing behind Amanda and Klery. Forsalio looks a little impatient.
Forsalio: Yes?
Row 3 Box 3: Klery looks inside, sees some paintings.
Klery: Oh! You're an artist.
Row 4 Box 1 Forsalio smiles and nods.
Forsalio: Yes. Yes I am. Or at least I was before I became a business man, would you like to see my paintings?
Row 4 Box 2 Klery smiles.
Klery: Yes I'd like that very much.
Row 4 Box 3 Klery goes inside with Forsalio.
Row 4 Box 4 Amanda breathes a sigh of relief.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Precyber - Chapter 30

Clarke floats about until he finds the spark of a new start.  A tiny evil glimmer of hope.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 76 - Chapter 5

Row 1 Box 1 Jesra looks back and smiles.
Jesra: Pete!
Row 1 Box 2 Klery looks back and doesn't see anything except Pete and the horse.
Klery: Pete is a friend of yours? Your boyfriend?
Row 1 Box 3 Jesra blushes.
Jesra: Er.....we...just...met...
Row 2 Box 1 Klery smiles knowingly and puts her hand on Jesra's shoulder.
Klery: Today would have been my and my husband's 50th anniversary. It's an important day to me. I remember what it was like. You don't have to explain anything to me.
Row 2 Box 2 Jesra keeps blushing and just knocks on Forsalio's door.
Jesra: Er.....
Row 3 Box 1 Forsalio is surrounded by three women, admiring his new suit. One of them has a pair of grapes and is ready to feed him one.
Off Panel: Knockknockknock
Row 3 Box 2 Forsalio looks up, the women look annoyed.
Forsalio: What in the?
Row 3 Box 3 The door opens, and Forsalio looks out at a waiting Jesra and Klery.
Forsalio: Yes?
Row 4 Box 1 Vesuvius bite's Amanda's hand again.
Row 4 Box 2 This time Amanda let's go.
Row 4 Box 3 Vesuvius runs up her shoulder.
Row 4 Box 4 They look at each other.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 75 - Chapter 5

Row 1 Box 1 Amanda looks right, after Vesuvius has moved.
Amanda: What?
Box 2 Vesuvius taps her from the other side.
Box 3 Amanda starts to turn her head but stops.
Row 2 Box 1 Amanda reaches a hand up quickly and grabs Vesuvius.
Box 2 Vesuvius bites her hand.
Box 3 Amanda yowls in pain but doesn't let go.
Row 3 Box 1 Amanda points her wand at Vesuvius.
Row 3 Box 2 Pete (from Pete's perspective) yanks the wand out of Amanda's hand.
Row 3 Box 3 Amanda shrieks in surprise. From Amanda's perspective the wand flies through the air.
Amanda: What?!

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Product - Two Stories - Unfood and Mining the Dream Plane


These are respectively the best and worst stories I've ever written, apparently. One of the stories was so bad that the writing program at World Con politely suggested, "Maybe you should stop writing science fiction and take up another hobby?" The other one got a note from a small but highly acclaimed publisher, "Good story but not what we're looking for." You guess which is which.

Unfood is about a down on his luck freighter captain whose spaceship gets intercepted carrying illegal cargo. His crew is sentenced to a harsh rock and he gets away scott free, but needs to get them out of prison, so he takes a desperate job to a fat prison ship, designed to FORCE people to lose weight. He finds the place abandoned, and is trapped on board. Talk about counting calories...this is a survival story where any calorie is a good one.

Mining the Dreamplane is about a future in which creativity is much more specialized than it is today. A writer's job is done by seven or eight people, including a crafter, a refiner, etc. But the most 'glamorous' job is the Miner, who goes into a computer simulation called the 'dream plane' to get raw creative stuff which others process. A miner gets stuck in this state when his handler is grabbed by the police and sentenced to wear corporate advertising to pay for his crimes. While he deals with the ramifications, the miner slowly starts to die and have weirder and weirder hallucinations.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 74 - Chapter 5

Row 1 Box 1 Slither (from Slither's perspective) is floating in the air and looks shocked.
Row 1 Box 2 Pete does a baseball windup.
Row 1 Box 3 Pete throws Slither into a nearby trash bin, ricocheting him off the lid.
Pete: Not so fun when you're on the other end is it?
Row 1 Box 4 The lid to the trash slams down, trapping Slither.
Row 2 Box 1 Jesra looks at Klery.
Jesra: I was talking to my imaginary friend.
Box 2
Klery smiles warmly.
Klery: I used to have one of those a long time ago. But...
Box 3
Jesra smiles and takes Klery's hand.
Jesra: This way. You'll see.
Row 3 Box 1 Amanda shoots another lightning bolt at Sluice.
Row 3 Box 2 Sluice moans and collapses.
Row 3 Box 3 Amanda reaches forward to shoot another lightning bolt.
Amanda: And now we end this.
Row 3 Box 4 Vesuvius springs up onto Amanda's back and taps the side of her neck.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 73 - Chapter 5

Row 1 Box 1 Amanda extends her wand and shoots a lightning bolt at Sluice.
Slither slides down off the side of the roof and does a series of massive leaps towards the horse.
Box 2 Sluice is thrown backwards off the horse.
Slither keeps jumping and leaps up, slamming into Vesuvius.
Vesuvius: Jesra, get Klery to where she needs to be!
Row 2 Box 1
Jesra slips off the horse.
Jesra: Where is that?
Row 2 Box 2 Sluice slowly gets up.
Vesuvius and Slither roll around in a ball of fury wrestling with each other.
Vesuvius: Follow your instinct!
Row 3 Box 1
Wide shot of the scene showing Jesra and Klery from Klery's perspective with just the two of them and the horse.
Jesra: Somehow I don't like the sound of that.
Row 3 Box 2
Klery looks at Amanda.
Klery: Don't like the sound of what? Why did you bring me here?
Row 4 Box 1
Amanda flies up and slams Sluice with another lightning bolt, knocking him backward.
Slither pins Vesuvius and draws a knife to slice him.
Row 4 Box 2
Pete (from Pete's perspective) picks Slither up into the air.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Precyber - Chapter 29

Clark finally drops to rock bottom.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 72 - Chapter 5

Row 1 Box 1 Sluice grabs Klery in one arm and Jesra in the other and begins to ride off through one of the windows.
Row 1 Box 2 Trolls follow in the distance but can't do much.
Row 1 Box 3 Pete runs after them.
Pete: Wait! (huffhuffhuffh) Wait!
Row 2 Box 1 Amanda and Slither stand guard over the roof of Forsalio's demesne.
Row 2 Box 2 Slither looks at Amanda and whispers something.
Slither: …...
Row 2 Box 3 Amanda nods.
Amanda: Yes, they will come. It is inevitable that they would.
Row 2 Box 4 Slither looks dubious.
Row 3 Box 1 Amanda smiles and points down the street.
Row 3 Box 2 Slither looks and strains his eyes.
Row 3 Box 3 Slither looks shocked.
Row 3 Box 4 Slither rubs his eyes.
Row 4 Jesra, Klery, Vesuvius and Sluice stop directly in front of Forsalio's house. A line of trolls can be seen in the distance.