Tuesday, December 13, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 7

[Roll Credits]

General is munching on his food, a full course lavish meal.  The door opens.

Muerte Poderso stands there, pounding his fist and grinning.

The general gulps.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Amazon Page finally here

Even if the search engines say it doesn't exist, Amazon finally got around to begrudingly admitting the thing was on sale on their website.

Meanwhile, in a totally unrelated series of events which has nothing to do with Amazon barely doing anything with my book and asking me for money to sell it on their own website, here is a link about Scottish workers having to camp in tents just to get some extra money for the holidays.

Thanks Amazon!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 6

Scene: Admiral talks to General in his office.

Admiral: So did you get it?

General: Yup. Yup. I'm impressed.  I can't believe you used an Order 37.

Admiral: I owe you a lot.

General: And those photos dont have anything to do with it?

Admiral: No comment.

General: But an order 37 violation is a death sentance.

The general reaches into the box and pulls out some champaign, smiles at it and then takes a bite of fine cheese.

Admiral: No comment.

Andrew comes in and grabs the Admiral by the collar.

Andrew: You'd BETTER comment. I heard everything.  You're going down...

Admiral: Its my word against yours.  If you try that I'll target your father.

Andrew: I....quit.

Admiral: You can't quit! Ths is a war for teh struggle again-

Andrew punshes the admiral in the face.

Andrew: I quit.

(Walks out the door)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 5

Scene: Hospital - Anderson and Cotter are in bed.  Anderson wakes up.

Anderson: What...what happened?

Cotter: We were rescued at the last minute by that guy we thought was a roid.

Anderson: WHAT?

Cotter: Yeah.  Turns out that he was backup.  He also delivered the cargo.

Anderson: Well that's good at least.

Cotter: Yeah...but (beat)

Anderson: What?

Cotter: I heard some of the orderlies talking.  There are rumors...rumors about that cargo.

Anderson (tone very dark): What KIND of rumors?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Spiders in the Sugar Factory is Out!

My fellow Terran's book, "Spiders in the Sugar Factory" is now available on create space, and it looks FANTASTIC.  Despite google and amazon doing everything they can to make it not show up on search engines, this is a beautiful book and I think it will do quite well.

Lennie Gray Mowris did a FANTASTIC job laying this out.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 4

Scene: Exterior Tank.  Filmed in Black and White.  Grindface is about to shoot an unconcious Andrew in the head.  The bandits have dragged everyone out of the tank and has them lined up.  There is a tap on his shoulder.  Grindface turns around and sees Poderso who punches hum in the face.  The two trade a few blows while the bandits charge him.

Fade to Black

Also the entire GMVZ Audiobook

Is available for download and easy streaming in one easy file as originally read by Matt Franklin.  Want the URL? Just email me or post here.

WTF Blogger?

Moved my blogs to another account and suddenly all my scheduled posts aren't posting.


More stuff to come.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 3

Scene: The group is celebrating and driving off.

Scene: Grindface laughs and pushes a button

Scene: The mine goes off and the tank sinks into a hole

Scene: The crew panics and sinks into the ground.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 2

Scene: Ext Tank - Gunny finishes welding the tread on the tank.

Gunny: Got it!

Andrews: Get in! Get in!

Cotter: You don't have to tell me twice

Andrews: Get in!

Both Andrews and Gunny get in, Gunny turns immediately around and welds a metal plate to cover up the hole while Carter guns the engine.

Exterior Tank: Two bandits get in their way and try to stop them.

Close up: Gunny smiles.

Exterior Tank: Tank runs over the two bandits as buckets of blood spash around its treads.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 1

Scene: Tank - Interior - The crew is trying to figure out what to do.

Ltn Lyons: We need to get out of here or we're dead.  Gunny, can you get the spare tred lined?

Gunny: Yeah but not when they're shooting at us.

Andrew: I'll lay down on the ground and lay cover fire.  Lyons, if you can shoot the machine gun and Cotter can shoot the sub machine gun from the hole.

Cotter: I can do that.

Scene: Exterior - Tank Andrew leaps out dodging bullet fire and begins laying cover fire.

Scene: Tank - Interior - Cotter and Lyons begin laying fire.  Gunny leaps out.

Scene: Tank - Exterior - Guns fly back and forth while Gunny welds the treads back on.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 9 and 10

Scene: Muerte Poderso arrives and kills two bandits with his bare hands.

Scene: Grindface growls and picks up an axe.

Scene: Interior Tank

Ltn Corso: Holy cow!

Andrew: What is it?

Corso: Look at that! It must be some new kind of roid.

Gunny (shooting out hole): We have other things to worry about right now.

Scene: Muerte Poderso kills five bandits, shooting three and tossing two onto a pike.

Scene: Grindface charges Muerte with the axe and gets shot, falling down.

Scene: Int Tank: All screaming.

Gunny: Bringing the gun around.

Scene: Grindface gets up, growling and charges Muerte.  Muerte gets tackled.  Then he picks up Grindface with one hand and snaps his neck with the other.

Scene: Muerte approaches the tank.  "My name is Muerte Poderoso and I am here to"

Scene: Exterior Tank - Gun fires.

Scene: Muerto Poderso gets a confused look on his face and then there is smoke and splatter.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 8

Scene: Bregnar motions for the bandits to advance.  They are cautious after one of their number has been shot.  He shouts again and they charge.

Scene: Exterior Tank - The tank's secondary guns fire and begin to move the bandits down.

Scene: Interior Tank: Inside the tank the crew backs down trying to dodge bullets through the breach.  The commanders body makes thing awkward.

Scene: Exterior Tank: More bandits approach, some are killed by small arms fire.  One manages to toss a grenade into the tank.  The grenade is tossed back out and the bandits scatter in panic.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Just Me Myself and Mrs

by Captain Meatsack

Just me and the mrs
Just me and the mrs
And the talking mouse
Mr Kind was left behind
He agrees its fixin needin
Fixin needin
Half my soul done up and gone
Done up and gone
Done up and gone
Rhombus Emmit Epglone
Hai to Terra flown
TC he did die to swell
Gone and flown 
Long time gone
Fae of stories wind done shone
Sky done shone
Through all the things that carry you
Woman I love 
Still here is here
Still is here
Hope we all dont disappear
With the brownshirts knockin
Somewhere there's a me that fights
Me that fights
Me that fights 
But he aint here in my old flesh
No tights No cape
No chainmail mesh
No hero here in Real Town
Redwin here was splattered on a city bus
Painful was it done
Redwin splattered on a city bus
Redwin dere splattered
Amigos silent as the wind
As the wind
In the hole the spider crawls
Pulling in his web
Silent goes the mighty horns
And who is left but Meatsack?
Can't just leave it there
Leave it there
In despair
Some kind of positive spin
Something uplifting
Something hope
But the best of me has gone and flown
Gone and glown
Out there in the universe
They fight the fight
Where folks is worth it
Me I am just a meatsack here
Meatsack hear?
I aint no more special than none
And so the simple truth is this
Truth is this
Hope and pray we make it through
Make it through
Same as you
Meatsack stuck is all I is
And this sand cuts like glass
This will pass
Is what they say
What they say
What the heavens tell me
Passing like a kidney stone
Kidney stone
It will hurt 
before its done 
So the heavens tell me

Friday, November 11, 2016

Two Poems and Change

I find myself wondering what has become of TC.....in days such as this, he would frequently make status updates here, but TC is gone.  That is not to say gone forever or dead physically, but this has entirely been left to me.  From hence forth, I shall be speaking as Rhombus unless I identify myself as someone else.  I have been asked to warn you.

I must say...I can't.  You have the internet.  You have your history books.  You have the news.

The humans of Terra are not perfect....but Jesus Christ...we wouldn't do what you have.  America is the worst but its happening all over your world....and you let it. Your petty lies, your petty divisions.  We look so alike, but we fictionals at least have some honor humility and unity.  There is more sanctimony between EP Blingermeyer and me than there is between members of your your own families and political tribes. You are not ALL scum of course, but really? I sit in judgement and by your perspective I am not a real person.  We all do.  TC is in no position to judge, even though he has been repeatedly right.

And the destruction of poor Thom's facebook account shows the popularity of someone from Potatostan.  Personallly, I am done with Zuckerberg's folly but EP Blingermeyer has ideas.

Well, you are primarily of interest to provide stories, but seriously, no one on Terra would BELIEVE you people...even now, its unbelievable.  I can use your stories of other worlds but your world is a mess.  Its a complete mess.

Anyway, enough lecturing.

Here are two poems Emmit made.  He has lived among you longer and has more patience though he too is leaving.  Even EP Blinger plans to stop visiting. "There are other worlds than these." he said.  I only astrally project so I don't need to visit there.

Scorpion Gonna Be

Won't You Feel For Methland?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 7

Scene: Bandits take a rocket and launch point it at the tank.

Scene: Interior Tank

Sgt Cotter: They have a rocket!

Captain Andrew: Yeah, they have a lot of those.

Ltn Lyons: Get us around! Fast! Fast!

Gunny: Nah, I thought getting hit by the rocket launcher was a good idea

Scene: One of the bandits drops the rocket.  Bregsaw Grindface howls in rage and shoots the lackey, picking up the rocket himself.

Scene: Exterior: Tank begins to turn around.

Scene: Interior: Tank

Cotter: Go! Go! Go!

Gunny: Going! Going! Go-(interupted by a loud noise outside of the tank)

Scene: Rocket launches, slams into the tank, causing one of the treads to come off.

Scene: Interior Tank

Gunny: Shit! Shitshitshit1 We're grounded!

Captain Andrew: Do we get out and run?

Lyn Lyons: If you want to die sir.  This is still a tank.

Gunny: We can fix a tread.  No one here's a medic.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

So disgusted with humanity

I have deleted my facebook account and may delete my twitter.  Human interaction seems to be largely pointless.  Creative endeavors are pointless.  All life on earth is likely to cease within the next year.

I have preprogrammed the script into the blog.

I will not be writing for a while

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 6

Scene: Muerto Poderso hears gun shots.  He looks concerned.  He runs faster.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Grenademan vs the Zombies finally on Kindle

Complete and Create Space formatted book.

Available here.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 5

Scene: Anderson and the Crew are in the tank.

Scene: Exterior as they move away from the plane, cargo included.

Anderson: Boy are you guys a sight for sore eyes.

Ogone: An order 37 is an order 37.  Not going to let something that important slide.  We're dying and we're losing; humans for humans you know.

All: Amen.

Cotter: We have a bogie on our six Commander.

Ogone: Let me look.

Scene: Bandits launch another rocket at the tank.  It is still moving but shakes and is a hole.

Gunny: They broke my tank! (Takes out gun and begins to fire)

Ogone: Change our facing! Bring her around!

Gunny: Bringing the gun around!

Ogone: Change direction first!

Gunny: They put a hole in my..our tank!

Ogone: Bear around! Now!

Scene: The bandits open fire on the tank and have it surrounded.  Heavy machine gun fire commences as they change facing, but it doesn't matter.

Scene: Interior Tank - bullet fire richottes around inside the tank and kills Ogone.

Anderson gets in the command chair.

Anderson: The cargo is at NNE 2 clicks north.

Scene: The crew all look at each other.   Lyons looks at Anderson and then the others, who look back with a moment of doubt.  Then she nods and Gunny kicks it into gear.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 4

Scene: Captain Andrew is stumbling across the tundra in his coat.  He is carrying a backpack.  The wind rips across the grass and looks unbelievably cold but is thirsty.  He takes out a cantine and pours the last of it in his mouth.  He tries his radio but gets nothing but static.

Scene: Captain Andrew continues moving across the Tundra.  The sun has advanced in the sky and the wind died down.  Now it is getting unbearably hot and he is sweating.

Andrew: God Damn it mother nature! Make up your mind!

He takes out the radio and listens.  Weird clicks and alien howls move in the bioground as he hears bioroid transmissions and dives to the ground, looking around in fear.

Scene: More time passes.  He is crawling at this point.  The sun is setting and the wind has already started up again.  Frost is starting to collect and as he looks around he sees no sign of shelter.  He checks the radio.

Commander Ogone (From the Radio): Responding to the Order 37.  Over.  We have a lock on the pilot and the cargo.

Scene: Andrew gets a lock on the tank with his radio and is pleased.  He finds the energy to get up and slowly run toward the Tank.

Friday, October 28, 2016


Not doing NaNoWrMo.

I'm just not ready.  I got sort of lucky w Heir to Sunfire in that I had three awesome off the shelf characters and a demi story I'd wanted to tell for some time.  In Fruitloop and Frankenstein, I have one of the characters ready; some interesting supporting characters, hints at a villain and not anything on one of the primaries.  Can't start 2500 like that and have it not be crap; at the least NOT for a historical fantasy; so back to my original plan of next year.  Should be fun.  If the Heliotropic book works out even REMOTELY well, then I am thinking of two more books like it in a trilogy of demi anthologies of hybrids of stories by Terrans (voices in my head) and real people along with two 50000 novels in each.  Moreover, at the moment any way, it looks to be fun.

I cannot say the same about Eternally East.  I am FINALLY ready to start the final stages on Forever West to print, but it has been a bear. Honestly? I think the biggest reason is; Forever West is a TC Ricks story; I write as Rhombs Ticks now.

No new word on Spiders in the Sugar Factory but I'm sure I'll have news soon.

Seven Timelines moves along.  The Wordswap I have w Bill Maxwell is finally showing fruit and it appears we'll have a kickoff w Cassie, myself and he in a week or two.  My first bit for him should be done this weekend.

I should finish Order 37 script for Jay this weekend as well.

I will slowly begin producing more content for the blog; likely notes, writing experiemnts and research for Fruitloop and Frankenstein and Heliotropic encylcopedia...but I have another project in mind that is...fun which is the whole reason I'm considering a trilogy of anthologies.  Quite frankly an experiment that large is the kind of thing I can go out on a bang with....Forever West is likely to never go anywhere; though we'll see...time for it to fend for itself in print.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 3

I just learned this will be called Order 37, so I'll try to refer to that in future drafts.

Scene: Captain Muerto Poderosa is walking through the desert.  He spots a scorpion on the ground.

The Scorpion raises its stinger menacingly and extends its claws.  Muerto nods in respect, smiling and then continues walking through the desert.  He is listening to heavy metal music through headphones.

Command (Voice Over): Attention all humans in sector 457-72.  This is a general order 37.  Repeat, this is a General Order 37.  By the Treaty of Mel's Diner; all human factions are required to respond.  Critical supplies for Desolation Base have been downed.  Coordinates being broadcast.  Repeat, coordinates being broadcast, Order 37.

Scene: Muerte checks his watch, then checks his compass.  He looks at the sun and looks back in the general direction of the scorpion as if asking a question.  Then he shrugs, smiles and runs off in the direction of the downed plan.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 2

Scene: Tank Crew in the Northern Wastes is on routine patrol.

Sgt Cotter: Nothing on radar sir, but I'm still convinced Grindface has some kind of jamming tech.

Gunny: That's bullshit.

Commander Ogone: Better to assume they do.

Ltn Lyons: Like we assume your girlfriend is real?

Commander Ogone: You'll get to meet her, I promise.

Gunny: You better.

Sgt Cotter: I dunno, I kind of like the rumors that the Commander has his own personal harem out here.

Gunny: Do I look like a harem girl?

Ltn Lyons: No accounting for taste.

Commander Ogone: Can we not talk about my sex life while on patrol in the middle of the wastes, thanks?  I don't ask what you do on leave.

Gunny: You don't wanna know.

Ltn Lyons: He would if he knew what I do on leave.

(Commander Ogone sighs, his crew laughs.)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Robot Poetry 2016

EP Blingermeyer's Robot updates news on the podcast and reads some poems

Check out this episode!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Status Update

I am nearly finished with Act 2 of the Order 37 script.

I am going to have to stop updating Heir of Sunfire (previously called Heliotrope) in light of needing to swap writing with Bill Maxwell to get help on Seven Timelines; which Cassie Carnage is working on at a lovely pace.

Kelly got some actual human response when submitting one of my poems; it was semi kind.

New short stories are on hold until the end of the year.  I need to start finishing the editing processes for my novels.  I have definitely decided I want other authors to write some stories for the Book of Heliotropic fairy tales; and I have a few folks in mind.  The question is whether I ask them in 2017 or 2018.  If it ends up being 2017 I might just pay some poor editor to work on my first two novels.

Expect to hear a scream the likes that will shake the world if so.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 1

Scene: Andrew wakes up and bruised and bloody but alive.  He pats down all his limbs and checks to make sure nothing is broken quickly.

Captain Andrew: Medley? Curt?  (beat) Commander?!

There is nothing but silence as he struggles to undo the strap and finally does.  He looks around.

He checks several switches and nothing works.  He turns on the emergency transponder.

Larger Graphic: A Transponder activates.

Voice Over: This is control, is anyone alive?

Andrew: I...I am. (beat) Commander Medley didn't make it.

Control: (Voice Over): Sit tight.  We have an advanced recon crew in the area.  They are on their way.  Secure yourself.  Is the cargo intact?

Andrew moves to the back.

Andrew: Yes.  Yes it is.

Control (Voice Over): Make sure the cargo goes with you.  Over

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 1 - Scene 5

Scene: Bregsaw Grindface and his marauders spot the plane on a sensor and cheer.  They high five each other and load a missile into a missile launcher.

Scene: Missile soars across the mountains and up into the air.

Scene: Curt points the missile out to Andrew who turns the plane's speed to max.

Andrew: They were sooner than I thought! How'd they get so far out?

Scene: Bregsaw Grindface and his marauders cheer as it closes with the plane.

Scene: Plane deploys chaff.

Scene: Bregsaw Grindface takes manual control of the missile.

Scene: Andrew tries to dodge but fails.

Scene: Missile impacts the plane.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 1 - Scene 4

Scene: Captain Andrew and Commander Curt sit in a plane and talk to each other.

Andrew: We all square?

Curt: Aye Captain.

Andrew: This isn't a pirate ship Commander.

Curt: Aye.

Andrew: You aren't scottish.

Curt: Aye.

Andrew: How's the engine?

Curt: Aye.  I mean....good.

Andrew:Warm em up and run all the diagnostics.  We're gonna be gunning it for longer than I'd like.

Curt: Capn?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 1 - Scene 3

Scene: Admiral Dweebnar and Captain Andrew stand over a briefing room table.

Admiral Dweebnar: Good news Captain, you won't be flying a sortie against the Roids today.

Captain Andrew: That is good news.  Commander Medley will be very happy.  So what are we doing?

Admiral Dweebnar: Oubliette base is running short of vital supplies.  You are to make a run up there and delivery them; then return.

Captain Andrew: Um...sir, no offense but...this sounds like a milk run.  Why not have a drone or a Junior pilot do it?

Admiral Dweebnar: I would give you bullshit about R&R but we both know that's not something we can afford with our losses so I'll get straight to the point.  There's a renegade human out there called Bregsaw.  He's killing our people and robbing them.  A bandit pure and simple.

Captain Andrew: So he is real?

Admiral Dweebnar: Very.  And we can't afford a fighter escort; so you will need to dodge his fire both ways.  Can you do that?

Captain Andrew (saluting) Aye sir.

Admiral Dweebnar: God speed Captain.  This is an important one.

Captain Andrew: Don't worry sir.  I won't let you down.

Amidral Dweebnar (nodding): Dismissed.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


I think I will call the 6th novel "House of Helios" as one of two or three or novels in the Heliotropic book of fairy tales....I need to edit a LOT more but waiting a year has made me much more able to edit it. I think from now on anything I write, no matter how much I want to ship it immediately, needs to age like fine wine...(or liquid turds) and then be cleansed. But the core story of Novel 6 is ...good. Really good. It also needs a lot of work.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 1 - Scene 2

Scene: Benjamin and Andrew are talking to each other before he goes while Andrew packs.

ANDREW: It's been a great visit dad.

BENJAMIN: It's too short.

Andrew: It's always too short.

Benjamin: Every year gets worse.  The roids just keep taking more and more.

Andrew: We're gonna turn it around.

Benjamin: You just keep coming back to me, do you understand?

Andrew: I understand Dad.  I will.

Benjamin: A father shouldn't live longer than his son.

Andrew: I know Dad.  I gotta go.

(They hug)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 1 - Scene 1

Scene: Admiral Dweebnar and General ThickDexter are talking via conference call.  Dweebnar is in a ridiculously posh office with slick high tech screens outlining tactical and strategic displays behind him, eating and drinking something posh while the General sits in a concrete bunker, obviously worn by combat with a worn battleflag behind him.

ADMIRAL: What is it Thickdexter?

GENERAL: This. Place. Is. Hell.

ADMIRAL: You knew that when we sent you there.  It's part of the conditions of your resignation.

GENERAL: I accepted this assignment with certain conditions....

ADMIRAL: I know that.

GENERAL: I've had hardship....

ADMIRAL: (sighs)

GENERAL: The men, the men here, think of the men, how they suffer, we're suffering together

ADMIRAL: I'll - (interrupted)

GENERAL: I know where the bodies are buried. We need that package.

ADMIRAL: (beat) I'll send someone.  Our best pilot.  Now stop calling me.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

[Poem] The Grass Is Mean - Part 1

By Emmit Other and Melobytes.com
(Inspired from the writings of my Forefathers)

Yard work kept me busy part of the time.
Part of the Time
Part of the Time

I mowed the lawn
Mowed it
Moved the Lawn

Put down the fall fertilizer
Sprayed for weeds
Trimmed back the blackberry bush
Trimmed the pear tree.
Peaaaaaaar Tree

I mowed the lawn
Mowed it
Moved the Lawn

The tomato plants are still in full bloom
I don't think they will last much longer

I mowed the lawn
Mowed it
Moved the Lawn

Friday, September 30, 2016

Status Update

Slowly getting back in the swing of things.  I'm starting with the blog posts and then will begin adding weekly posts in preparation for Heliotrope and NaNoWrMo for Fruitloop and Frankenstein.  One step at a time as it were.  Missed the Broadleaf Writer's conference my friend ran last week.  Otherwise, looking forward to a trip to Atlanta for a play written by Rob Mosca.

Fun times.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - Project November - Roles

Admiral Dweebnar - Just the latest in a long line of assholes screwing over humanity with incompetence as he commands the human resistance.

General Thickdexter - Exiled to a remote arctic outpost for fucking up and getting good men killed.  Wants his creature comforts.

Captain Andrew Chopop - One of the most skilled remaining human pilots left alive.  For now.

Benjamin Chopop - Andrew's father.

Commander Curt Medley - Andrew's short lived co pilot.

Bregsaw Grindface - Leader of the bandits who shoot down Andrew's plane.

Commander Teak Ogone - Tank Commander.

Ltn Angie Lyons - Tank Gunner

Sgt Apri Cotter - Tank EW Officer

Gunny - Tank Driver/ Engineer

Captain Muerte Poderosa - Special Forces Badass sent to rescue the Tank Crew.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - Project November - Outline

So I have been helping my friend Jay Welin write his baby "The Sentinel Chronicles" for almost 6-7 years.  He controls the story, but I help him flesh it out.  Film is a collaborative art and with the exception of my own works where I have written AND produced, a lot of times what I write isn't...the same...as my first draft, but I thought this time around I'd offer some transparency into the process.

Here is the outline we're starting with for what he's filming in November.

Act 1 - Set Up

Scene 1 - As credits roll, two officers discuss how he was supposed to receive a cushy assignment from the front lines, and he owed him, and their vital supplies were cut, and the other officer caves and agrees to send 'vitally important supplies'

Scene 2 - Our hero the pilot has that endearing scene with his father.

Scene 3 - One of the two officers informs Pilot that he has a vital mission to deliver supplies.

Scene 4 - Plane is soaring over the plains.  Witty banter between pilot and co pilot.

Scene 5 - Bandits crackerjack back and forth like Jawas about to get R2 and launch a missile at our Plane.  Crash.

Act 2 - Man Down!

Scene 1 - Our man drags himself out of the wreckage.

Scene 2 - Tank Crew of 3 women and the single man.  Witty banter. Characters established.

Scene 3 - Bad Ass receives an unvocalized call.  Changes direction.

Scene 4 - Man drags himself across the plains, gets radio confirmation from Tank.  He is saved!

Scene 5 - Firefight with bandits.  Tank Commander killed.  Pilot gets in tank.  Goin home!

Scene 6 - Bad ass hears gun fight.  Picks up pace.

Scene 7 - Tank busts a tread. Witty and panicked banter.

Scene 8 - Bandits attack! Tanks crew fires back.

Scene 9 - Bad ass begins killing bandits.   Crew misintripts actions; thinks he's a roid and gets in the tank.

Scene 10 - Bad ass starts to vocalize that he is here to help.  Tank crew can't here.  Turns tank gun and obliterates a shocked bad ass.

Act 3 - On their own!

Scene 1 - Crew welds the treads in fire fight.

Scene 2 - Tank is on the role! Runs over a few bandits. Crush.

Scene 3 - Mine! Tank is blown to hell.  Blackness.

Scene 4 - Bad ass isn't dead! Picks them up and saves them, grumbling.

Scene 5 - Hospital.  One tank and pilot alive.  Mourning.

Scene 6 - Supplies was luxury goods for commanders buddy.  Pilot goes fruitloops.  Bad ass punches Commander.

"You'll pay for this!"

"No I won't.  I quit."

Friday, September 16, 2016

In the Near Now


*I am writing my seventh novel "Fruitloop and Frankenstein" for NaNoWrMo this November.  It is the completion of my MOST important remaining bucket list goal and will turn this year into a personal success from my perspective.

*Spiders in the Sugar Factory has been laid out with AMAZING art from the amazing Lennie Gray Morries of Lenspeace.  Cover needs to be done and a few other details, but it will be available by the end of the year.  Emmit Other will be very happy.  He might even write a poem about it.  There is consideration of maybe also doing a limited edition print run try on Kick Starter instead of just Print on Demand at Createspace.  We'll see.

I *SUCK* at selling stuff.

*Fruitloop and Frankenstein are going to be incorporated into a demi anthology that I'm likely to ask a few friends to contribute to; omnibused in the Heliotropic Book of Fairy Tales and MAYBE with a story about Grenademan in addition.  Novella? Novel? Novelette? Grenademan in Candyland has been asking to be rewritten and modernized for a while.

*Kelly Higgs Glenn, my nominal Assistant Author/Factotum is slowly going through my backlog and helping me edit and determine which short stories are worthy of submission vs the Rubbish bin.

Interesting times.

*This blog isn't about rpg stuff, but re: Red Anvil Productions Cassie Carnage is doing a fantastic job resurrecting the long dead (all dead not mostly dead) T7 project a bit at a time.

*Helping my good pall Jay Welin on his baby "Sentinel Chronicles" and for my script stuff until the end of the year will produce updates, anecdotes and maybe some actual scripts.  Jay does most of the story but I help with Dialog and act as a sounding board for his ideas.

That's all the news fit to print for now-

Oh.  I might do a craptacular non sound edited podcast this weekend.  Expect it to be EP Blingermeyered so you probably won't want to listening for a while, though I am going to try and get on Audible and Google.  We'll see if I can do that with the crap equipment that I have.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The day of

So of course on the very day that I plan to start writing on my blog again I got hit by a major amount of work and training that it's supposed to be for my own benefit. Ignoring comments about politics and work then I'm not going to be making, I think the most interesting thing about this week is the fact that with the passing of my grandfather certain things that had been in the back of my mind telling him no become crystal clear. The first one is that I am going to write exactly 9 novels, and one of them becomes largely successful then I might write more but I think 9 is more than enough for any individual comma and I think that the ones I've chosen to write are all sound and something I plan to look forward to.

I don't really expect to become a wildly successful author but I've enjoyed the writing for itself and I think that I will continue to write on this blog, I think that I will continue to do script and I think that I'm going to help my friends with their projects and hopefully they will be able to help me with mine. One of the nice things about being self-published is that you Answer to No One except yourself. And I set the standard pretty high and for myself. The book of heliotropic fairy tales is going to be the best editing that I can do or get someone else for me to do Illustrated well and crafted well. It's going to be an anthology, now how large an apology I'm not yet sure but I have some aspirations in a pretty large. In the meantime starting next week training or no look here for more content and more interesting thoughts.

About half of my writing is going to be for robots sense after all if half of you are robots I should write to my audience. Have a great day.

Monday, August 22, 2016

On the patheticness of Gamergate

So if you follow my twitter account, you might see that I am particularly harsh towards a group of fools called Gamergate.  Gamergate claims that they have the moral high ground and is about journalistic ethics in gaming medium.

So if you were about journalistic ethics and gaming journals were corrupt, what kind of behavior might you expect to see?

Well, first you would expect a creative solution.  Like something to actually SOLVE the problem, not just whine about it.  And I think it is safe to say that the moment your movement is more about 'catalogging' all the grievances against you than actually solving the problem, its a pretty good indicator that you aren't interested in the ethics of anything.

So many of these people claim to be 'liberal' or 'progressive' or 'I'm a libertarian' but they all ACT conservative, both embracing racist and sexist humor, dancing with delight at anything that goes against 'Social Justice Warriors' or really anything that is remotely progressive.

They are, in short a socially conservative movement made up of grognards who do not like the fact that the world has Moved On, in the truest sense of the Gunslinger books by Steven King.  These knuckle dragging regressive trolls are slathering in their own juices.

But why should I care? I don't.  Not really.  But I hate liars.  I really do and while I don't claim perfection, Breitbart.com is and has been a particularly hated bit of conservative trash for quite some time because of the Acorn buillshit they got away with and were never criminally prosecuted for.  FRAUD is profiting by lying and it is now proven in courts of law that they lied and yet no one has prosecuted any of them except the pimpin pimp liars.  Meanwhile Gamergate tries and tries to deny its links to these assholes.

So do I enjoy mocking these turds? You bet.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, I've put them in the Book of Heliotropic fairy tales but honestly I think an entire anthology of Gamergate slashfic would be hilarious.  Gamergaters writing angry slashfic against folks only to fall victim (in fiction) of their darkest most intolerant little dark desires.

I'll keep you posted :D

Friday, August 12, 2016

Future Plans

I am unsure what I'm doing with Forever West.  I might try editing it now.  The block I felt for a long time is gone, and I might try to write the second half some time next year.

This year I am writing my 7th novel "Fruitloop and Frankenstein" during nanowrmo....which is significant because after that I've completed my life goal to write seven....At this point the 2nd half/2nd novel in the Forever West series is kind of needed given the 15% I just chopped off to make it interesting and Heliotrope really feels like it needs three novels and several stories to make it work.

And I really REALLY want to write something after visiting Finland w Julia but still...

I think "retirement" for me as a writer is in the future.  There is a lot to do and a short time to do it.  Sure, success could happen and I'll never ENTIRELY stop writing but retiring what I call 'the 2nd life' ...definitely see that happening soon.  Maybe by the end of next year if not this one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

[Heliotrope] Frankensteins of Frankenstein

There is a ridiculous argument in the shadows of the world as to whether Frankenstein's Monster should be called Frankenstein or not.  What should you call him? Ralph? Jingleheimer? His name is his name too.

The single biggest argument in this involves the Frankensteins made by Frankenstein.  Yes, it is both a noun and a verb.  I Frankenstein.  We Frankenstein.  You Frankenstein.  We all Frankenstein.  We shall be Frankensteining.  We shall Frankenstein.  Thou shalt not Frankenstein etc.

At any rate, you would think that Frankenstein would be upset at the idea of Frankensteining, and Frankly, you would be right, but loneliness does things to a man, and as time wears on, you desire immortal companions.  But it isn't just that.  Frankenstein was always obsessed with out Frankensteining his father (Frankenstein.)  He could do a better job.

So Frankenstein went out and got himself another Frankenstein.  No one is entirely sure where Frankenstein the III came from.  When he has been spotted, he has been reluctant to say, but what is known is that Frankenstein (Jr) did indeed do a good job.  Frankenstein the III was considerably better adjusted person than Jr.  III wasn't afraid of fire, small children or bad jokes.  Curiously, Frankensteinologists have always noted that he was in fact afraid of Windmills and outrageous french accents, but the origins of this has been lost in the mists of time.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[Poem] Good King Yurtle Ruled His Sandbox

by Emmit Other

Humans is Humans
And that's a fact.
Nothing wrong with it.
Oh what a magnificent creature is man
Yada. Etc. Etc. Etc.
And with humans comes the dark side
In Fighting
We have a choice
In This Short Life of Ours
To Rise Above
Or Sink Below
But if you Rise
Rise for Real
Don't go through the motions
Like Good King Yurtle
Slow and Ponderous
Was his Mein
Universal Fairness
Did he obtain
One law for all
In his tiny sandbox
Turtle droppings aside
But the King played favorites
Oh yes he did
All for the guy
Who his zipper undid
And ole king Yurtle
Did Snap and Command
And many a friendship
Did his fury disband
Left and Right
His Banning Chop
Slashed hapless users
From his sandbox slop
But in the end
Even Yurtle did bow
To the disgusting turdness
Of his favorite sow
And so did turdlet
Go by and by
And offer Yurtle
a chance at the High
Ethics could rule
And justice could matter
But Yurtle ignored it
Watch his dignity splatter
No honor
No truth
Just an angry scowl
Yurtle the Turtle
Did sputter and howl
For Yurtle's sandbox
It leaked like a siv
Beware Mr. Fair King
Lest he give you the Shiv.

Friday, July 29, 2016

[Poem] It's Official, I'm Fictional

by Emmit Other

I'm not just from a fictional reality
I'm for practical purposes as a writer
Worn bundles of words
Stacking up like cardboard corpes
Piled all around me
Not the bottom of my heart
But proof that the same number of robots
Viewed my test
As view the call for Rhombus's facebook page
In other words
No one reads this
A tumbleweed in the literary world
So while nominally an extrovert
I've finally found my introvert
At this point
There is no reason to scribe
Even for my poetry
Except that which I choose to
This is for me
And me alone
Thus gentle reader
My reader is myself
And I can live with that
I wish you well
We are only just beginning.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A poor shadow of a facebook page

Hello my robot friends, I think EP was right to start putting robots in the podcast, it makes more sense now.

Here is my new facebook page.  Sadly it is only an author page.


Second post to distinguish humans from robots, please dont click

So by my count my blog actually has like...nine readers.

I suppose that's more than 0.....

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

If human, please don't click. I wanna see how many robots I have.

I get 30-36 impressions per post.  I have a lot of friends...and a lot of friends who mark surprise when clicking my blog.  This post and the next post tomorrow are designed to be tests to see how many people are ACTUALLY reading my blog vs bots of one form or another.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016

Losing my Facebook Account

Losing my facebook account to Humans on Earth kind of sucked.  You'd think I wouldn't care right? I mean these were TC's friends, and its not like TC didnt't find another guy (Thom) to take over from another dimension, but its isn't the same thing.  I was able to talk to people as ME, not as some random potato weird guy from the Republic of Americastan.  It hit me a lot harder than I would have thought.

So I'm moving back to New Orleans, at least for a while.  The Everglades are just not the same quality of swap as Lousisiana.  I return to my old shack only to find it condemned.  No big deal to me.  I just tear off the boards but suddenly realize that this is not so easy as just returning home.

I don't have a job here any more.  My occasional busking or sheer luck or ability to see supernatural creatures has made me enough money to survive in Miami, but there is nothing here.  And I can hear the shelling in the distance.  The war has started all over again, shortest peace in North American history.  And I don't want anything to do with it.

I briefly wonder if I should learn what EP has about how to physically travel between worlds, but decide against it.  It seems to come at a terrible price, even if I am unsure what that might be.  I briefly consider some of my contacts and astrally project on the Bridge to Everywhere and ask them if they have any local contacts.

I find a Talking Harp (not a singing, don't ever ask her to sing) who knows a local Nephilim who is looking for a pizza delivery driver for some SELECT clientelle and it pays pretty well.  It's not perfect, but it will keep the kerosine lamps on.  A job is a job is a job.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Well that's not good

I have the energy but my brain is doing full psychic lock.  Well....interesting.  Still, I'm researching a new script based on a novella that I didn't quite finish and should be starting there soon.  And I am fairly sure I'll be starting up again this week if not next.

Friday, July 8, 2016

[Naked City] Not of but in

By Emmet Other

Here we all are
The potato madman
Gurgling on his political  rage
The lackadaisical Carlos an
Listless in emptied from Facebook
Soon to return with a fury
The broken soiled
And the twice under bussed
And me of course
Myself and myself and myself
And that's just beneath the glass mask
The Names of Terminus
The Queen of a Thousand Wigs
The Shaman of Slapstick
The Keeper of Time
The Newsman
The marine
The Artist that Could
The boy who can't say no
And even the psychic sidekick
And so many are new
So very new
The wheel sits there
Pilt Cousin to Mr Time you
Shame and fun
Dealt 8 different wheelers
Crowded and classy
But a cash only bar
Fixed up the goat farm
It's all come quite far
Why I am I not reading?
Because I am Naked City
And Naked City is me
I am all sovereign city
The city is dead
Let the games begin
Long live the city.

[Writer Stuff] I suck

I have been told this by friends, family, and professionals I paid good money to to tell me I suck.

A small handful tell me I am good.  Though my raw writing is regarded with the praise of raw sewage.  Indeed, in some cases, they might want to swim in raw sewage rather than read my writing.

I am someone who draws their creative energy from others and from joy.  An extrovert and someone who is inspired when happy is a terrible combination for either prolificness or quality of writing.  I've had a lot of abuse heaped on me which lends some gravitas to my work sometimes, and the weirdness that makes it unique is also fun.

But I appreciate my artistic friends to kind to say I suck but who nevertheless recognize my need to express myself creatively just like anyone else; because it is a need.  I might suck, but you know what sucks more?

Being a Muggle.

I've seen what happens when someone lets their creativity die.  They become not just a Muggle but Small.  And I am many things, but I will never be Small.

But there is little joy in my life at the moment and I am feeling rather existentially lonely.

The writing will return in time.

The script can die in a fire though.

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

[Poem] The Man in the Glass Mask

by Emmit Other

There is therein the words do lie
Of conscience streaming in the wick
The locks we guard our hearts with
Masked shadows flames tongue lick
One place we find refuge is the place of great effervescence
Where the well runs deep
and we refine it in quicksilver steel
Mirrors run cool that tells therein there are
We learn to wield the blade of sapience precisions
The light of a thousands suns behind the visor
The authentic bucket of well water made still
And poured upon the reach of our expectations glass
So much word salad tossed until Caesar is rendered unto Caesar
And Christ as And On Toast whispers amenities of the soul
In the sense that you practically haven't got one
But do when you where your heart on your sleeve
But show now not thy scars young buck
For the ides of march will stab at thee
This then the mask of glaziered ice does burn close to the skins touch
Advice heeded is wisdoms watch word.
Know silence's queue when it comes.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

[Script] The Trial of Captain America - Page 3

Scene: Almost identical to the first, but it looks on Steve Rogers with the Angry Cow and the Judge and Sosori, only now it is Nick Spencer and Sosori looking at again.

Nick Spencer: So...what are we looking at again?

Sosori: For light's sake, this is the THIRD time I have explained it to you.

Nick Spencer: Humor me.

Sosori: I'm not particularly inclined to.  You tell me.

Nick Spencer: What if I don't want to?

Sosori: Not my problem.

Nick Spencer: Aren't you supposed to be my defense attorney?

Sosori: Something like that.

Nick Spencer: So isn't it like...your job to explain things to me?

Sosori: No.  I don't actually get paid to help you, its more of a calling.

Nick Spencer: Wait, what? So what makes sure you are working in my interest?

Sosori: Why, nothing Mr Spencer.

Nick Spencer: Then why the hell should I trust you?

Sosori: I never said you should.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

No Culture Today

When Britannia turns to Filthy Island, I can't think of much.

Friday, June 24, 2016

[Writer Stuff] How to Find Where to Sell Your Stuff

I am hesitant to write about this because I suck at it, but I am still of a mind that even as a hobby, writing to a professional standard improves what you do.  Thus, finding places to sell your work can be a good idea.  Some schools of thought say write whatever you want, and there is nothing wrong with that per se.  But I prefer to write to my market, while still making sure that I write things that I enjoy writing and reading.  As you can from this blog, I tend to like the fantastic; either as Fantasy or Science Fiction.

The first thing that I would recommend for anyone writing in such a genre would be to check Science Fiction Writer's association.  Now its true in a workshop, their 'expert' writers treated me like shit, but they do a lot of good including ensure that the prices and pay for a number of venues stays relatively high.  You just need to be able to write a novel or three short stories, which is easier than it sounds but you can do it if you have the talent or the tenacity.  I have little talent beyond raw creativity; and as I explained last week, that does little good by itself.

But I also have tenacity.

You can just google writing venues or also check out (or buy) a recent copy of writer's digest.  All fine things.  What I can tell you is that especially with short stories, if they don't take electronic submissions, they probably arent worth submitting to.   Why pay postage to be able to just get a form letter as rejection? In the old days, of course, this was not an option, but this is 2016, and if they arent with the program, find somewhere else for your stuff.

Two other options are contests and anthologies.  There are number of sites that collect lists of these; but if you are considering which ones you can trust, I would go with someone who has done it before.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

[Script] The Trial of Captain America - Page 2

Scene: A stark black room.  Steve Rogers stands in a white circle while Sosori walks around him.  Steve Rogers hangs his head in disgust.

Steve: I would never be a nazi.

Sosori: I don't disagree with you, but a Nazi is a nazi is a Nazi.

Steve: My whole life was told by someone else....

Sosori: Does it feel that way from your perspective?

Steve: No.  My life didn't seem fictional from my perspective.

Sosori: We have been resurrecting so called 'real people' for a few centuries, we know how to get it right.

Steve: I don't remember being a nazi.  I certain didn't choose to be one.

Sosori: That is good.  The formula we use for resurrecting a fictional character is new.  It is something that involves them putting together the bulk of the stories and letting the world and the nacent AI figure out for themselves what is true and what is not.  Every time it is generated, it is different.  There may be many Steve Rogers, but ultimately because of the evil done in the name of Captain America the Nazi, we started with figures who could be tried instead of...real symbols.  That's been done.  And it has been enough of an emberassment that they do not want to repeat the experience.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

[Heliotrope] Of Course Mad Jack Churchill was a Slayer of Darkness

(Thanks to John Bridges for sharing the original article)

There are some things that go without saying.

When a tall gaunt stranger comes into town and buys up the entire garlic supply as well as all the silver weapons they can find, OF COURSE he's a vampire.

When large amounts of children go vanishing only to be replaced by adult strangers who say they were abducted OF COURSE you are dealing with an infiltration from Middle Fairy....

And when the clay more wielding bow hunting bad ass goes around hunting Nazis, OF COURSE he's not just hunting Nazis but is in fact fighting evil Thule Society members and things that threaten us all from beyond that CANNOT BE KILLED by guns.


In Earth, evidence of the supernatural is well hidden with blurry photographs and tall tales, but on Terra there is no such quandry.  The supernatural is well documented in Terra for anyone that wants to actually bother to look or show up at their local occult bookstore.  Every mall of considerable size has an occult book store and regular book store at the same time.   It's one of the things that makes Terra that much better than Earth.

Do you think Sir Terry Pratchet was the first English knight to force a weapon from meteoric iron?


Thousands of evil arcane nazis and their supernatural foes were killed by this actual historical badass.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

[Script] The Trial of Captain America - Page 1

This is based on the Trademarked Character Captain America, which is owned by Marvel Comics, who also owns the Copyright due to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act until 2056.  This script is an act of social satire and not for profit.  All characters from Mr Hamburger are owned by Red Anvil Creative LLC.

Cast of Characters

Captain America: A fictional character created as an AI who can realize that he is a fictional character but still recall his entire existence as if he were a real person.  Not a Nazi.

Nick Spencer: Artist of questionable taste who somehow got the job as writer for Captain America.  Nazi Status...Unknown.

Sosori: A crappy defense attorney who also represented Mr Hamburger in the podcast piece, Mr Hamburger. Not a Nazi.

Angry Cow: A very good prosecuting attorny who wants to prove Captain America is a Nazi.  Also appears in Mr Hamburger. Not a Nazi.

Hitler: Author of Mein Kampf, Convicted Murderer of millions.  Talk Show Host.  Definitely a Nazi.

Judge: An AI of infinite and intelligence or wisdom.  Not a Nazi.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Should Artists who defend Nick Spencer Lose Credibility? Yes. Absolutely.

If you are an artist that defends the destruction of the intent of another artist's work, the creative community should take you less seriously.  Does that mean turning the work of ages past on its head is not allowed? Absolutely not.

The thing is, because real art is about the exploration of the soul, being contrarian or against the grain is the place where you will find great art.  Pushing the envelope is as natural to them as breathing, but that also means that there is a certain predictability in counter culture which is that which mainstream culture is NOT.

Thus, if mainstream culture starts to find interest and value in the patriotism of an American Icon, it is the natural temptation of artistic culture to challenge that and find new ways of looking at things.  This experiment often pays off; Wicked spawned a whole sub genre of films and stories about the antagonist as protagonist.  In an age of white washing and culture wars, this makes sense.  And Marvel has done an excellent job of turning many of these characters on their head, changing gender or race or even sexual orientation.

Marvel replaced Steve Rogers with someone who was Black (Falcon) and had a strong story run.

But Nick Spencer wanted to go further.  Nick Spencer, failed politician, and self proclaimed feminist because he had a story whose primary characters were women, suddenly feels that he has the chops to mess around with one of the seven or eight great icons of comics.  Sometimes this pays off; sometimes this is great story.

And the artists rushing to Nick's defense are shouting at the need to give him breathing room to do so.  But have you looked at Nick's bibliography? Nick is no Grant Morrison...Nick isn't Alan Moore.  Nick has done a lot of minor works and had short stints at some major ones.  No one at Marvel challenged him on this, but then; shouldn't we ask why?

In interviews with Nick, Nick himself has says that he is surprised that he didn't get more push back on this change but Marvel just let him do it.  Why doesn't that bother people? This isn't a story of Nick wanting to tell a powerful story and overcoming the odds to do it; its a publicity stunt and a way to kick against the foundation of an iconic image as 'a way to protest trump.'  So...why didn't he do a comic about Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington secretly being Nazis too?

People say that this is a gimmick; and that this too shall pass.  Will it? Given the inordinant amount of artists defending Nick, one must ask how much thought THEY have put into this? It seems a knee jerk response against the rabid #gamergate fanboys with no thought about what this looks like being announced the day after #SteveNeedsaboyfriend or the fact that he was originally created by jewish creators.

Make no mistake about it.  Nick knew exactly what he was doing.  Mealy mouthed excuses about "Hydra being more about Spectre than Nazis" means you don't understand Hydra OR Spectre.  So when an artist goes defending Nick's decision to do this, I must lose respect for them.  It's their choice and their creative currency, but when one artist disrespects the work of another SO MUCH without ANY visible thought to the material, I must simply shake my head and walk away.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday, June 18, 2016

What's in a Word?

So this thing I am think of? What is it? I've hinted at it, but I think the closest clearest equivalent is Ecological Engineering of Society at a Memetic level.

I dont consider it Applied Mythology, which is a very specific methodology of immersion in the power of stories to find meaning in our lives at an individual and then a community level. I DO think that applied mythology is a valuable tool to make that happen.

I definitely don't think it is sociology, any more than chemistry is what the guys at dupont use to make their products.  What? You might say, of course they use chemistry.  There is a difference between the science of chemistry and chemical engineering; which involves applying that chemistry to an actual solution as well as designing the solution.  Sociology is definitely a component of this and I need to learn a lot more about it.

There is the popular term that occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan called "Nation Building" and I think in practical terms, that might be a good working title for people who don't understand or wont understand the fancy words I will be throwing around; but there are two problems with this.  The first one, is that the word now carries baggage; we tried it and failed.  But the second is because the PRIMARY method of 'nation building' in this case was because it was a government trying to build another government.  Progressives do not rely on government to always be the solution but a government definitely will.  Everything is a nail that their hammer can solve; though rarely and to sometimes good effect with training an agency can see the value of trying a different solution.  But then corruption just comes in and makes it worthless.

No, what I want to do is more than governments.  Nation building works, but even then, some institutions should be global.  Community Building has a nice ring to it, but that sounds a lot more like Community Organizing, and we're not just talking politics here but a holistic practical application of multiple institutions working together, how those institutions come together and how they interact.

I need to end for now, but I think Community Building is as good a word as I've found until I find something better.

Friday, June 17, 2016

[Writer Stuff] Ideas

Ideas are the easiest part and the hardest part of being a writer.  Everyone has ideas and is willing to give them for free or for a piece of the action.  The money for an idea is how it is refined, what is done with it.

There are some ideas that have been done a million times, but if done in a skillful enough window can make things truly interesting.  The story is the things that matters, not the idea behind the story.  Still, the thing is, sometimes an idea can be good, but it is never enough to sell it by itself.   No one ever fell in love with an idea in a book or a movie or a game, not even utopia, and what idea could be better than that?

But new and interesting ideas can make the difference between a good author and a great one.  So knowing how to generate them is a good thing.  Knowing how to make good ideas happen is an art; not a science, but there are several things you can do to increase your base creativity.  Do things in new and different ways; collaborate with creative people, or take two totally different ideas and try to make them work together.  There are a million books and a million lists, but the most important one of all is this.

You have to be willing to fail.  Take bold new leaps.  Try new things because if you are not you will never get anywhere.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

[Script] Peter Pan vs Frankenstein vs Superman - Page 13

Scene: Frankenstein goes through buildings and heads to a finish line full of people.  Dr Frankestein claps as well as everyone else.  Denny looks annoyed and makes a call on her phone.

Just as Frankenstein is about to cross, Peter flies across on his bike and the crowd is shocked.

Dr Frankenstein: You cheater!  Get him Frankenstein!

Frankstein grunts and advances on Peter who laughs.  Twinkerbell hovers over Frankenstein to deliver some dust, but Frankstein leaps up and claps his hands, flattening Twinkerbell like a mosquito who floats off into the wind.

Peter looks horrified and swoops down to grab Denny.

Denny: Hey!

A blur in the distance flies in.  Peter turns around and is punched in the face.

Supergirl: Leave my girlfriend alone creep!

Peter looks shocked.

Peter: Wha-WHAT?

Supergirl: You heard what I said.

Denny and Supergirl kiss.

Peter is shocked.  Both of them punch Peter in the face who falls to the water.

They smile and fly off into the sunset holding hands.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

[Heliotrope] It's Always Midnight Somewhere

Savannah is well known for Mint Julips, SCAD restored buildings, lovely long willows, and a really old kick ass pirate bar.  But did you know it is also home of the 2nd biggest St. Patrick's day celebration in America?

That's because there are an awful lot of Fae in Savannah.  It's a summer solstice must for anyone who still has access to Terra from Outer or Middle Fae.  (Inner Fae celebrates Summer Solstice in a much different fashion....)  So there are naturally a lot of Southerners in this area that have Fae blood.  Some of them are noble Sidhe.  Some of them are from various royal bloodlines, though inbreeding tends to lead to various conditions such as mental retardation or a pronounced ego.   Not all of them are like this, but the less 'in the know' of who they are, the more likely they are to have a tainted bloodline.  No one wants people with a literal Stick Up Their Ass to show up at the solstice celebrations.

The city has a lovely architecture and view, and the otherworldly influence can keenly be felt.  Most any knicknack picked up in the city, and especially the ancient river front is likely to have a small bit of enchantment to it.  The exception to this is the obvious store for Psychics, which do have enchantments but only the astral equivalent of "Kick Me" signs for anyone who can see such things.  A significant chunk of Fae do love their pranks.

This area of the south does have their well known Trolls of course.  They have claims of some level of artistic ability, which is oddly strange compared to the large number of humans around them that actually do.  In recent years, Petunia and Grandfather Fiddleback had increased vigilance here of renegades to Outer Fae (they don't dare mess around with Middle Fae of course), so a large number of these trolls have scampered to Atlanta.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

[Script] Peter Pan vs Frankenstein vs Superman - Page 12

Scene: Peter is flying on his bike, blithely whistling to himself.

Peter: Look Twink! The finishing line! I can see it!

Twinkerbell chimes encouragingly.

Scene: There is a blur of light.  Suddenly the city swallows and blurs around peter as he is actually moved faster than the speed of light back to his original starting point.

Peter: Wha...we're right back where we started?!

Superman: That's right.  Cheating is not allowed.

Peter (turns around): That's not fair!

Superman: Neither is cheating.

(Peter whines and emo hits Superman.  He hurts his hand.)

Superman: Now, let's both start again and try to catch up to Frankenstein.

Peter: Get him Twink!

Twinkerbell hovers over superman, sprinkling Pixie dust on him.

(Superman crosses his arms and shakes his head, smirking. Peter does the same.  Superman looks confused for a moment, and then begins to float up off the ground.)

Peter: Magic.  Bye superman.

Superman: I can fly on my own damn it, I....come back here!

(Superman begins to try and 'swim' through the air, back to his back but continues to float upward like a balloon.  Peter flies off on his bike.)

Monday, June 13, 2016

The National FlintLock Act

"It's good enough for Texas, it's good enough for the rest of America." - Senator Rhinestone (BM-TX)

Whereas, feeling the need to maintain an originalist interpretation of the Constitution, we the congress of the United States of America, do solemnly declare that it is the Law of the Land that no weapon whose design was patented (ref WIPO standards per law 457-A) post 1789 may be in the hands of a private citizen.  Recognizing that the right to bear arms shall not be abridged, and therefore added on to in any capacity, citizens may not possess a firearm of any kind whose design did not exist prior to 1789.

A) Military weaponry pre 1789 including Canons, Ballistic, Trebuchets, Mortars and Artillery are exempt from this law since there is no indication that these were intended by the founding fathers for the 2nd amendment intention of Self Defense.
b) Regulated Private Militias, licensed by their individual state (Ref Amendment 14 allowing Federal Regulation of the Right to Life) including Private Security Companies, Private Detective Agencies, Gun Clubs or Civil War (1,2, or 3) reenactors may have weapons designed up to 1879 (ref Texas Admittance to the Union Act of 1912).
c) National Guard Units of States subject to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 specifically at this time Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas (As Regulated Territory or State), Virginia, West Virginia, West Carolina, Mississippi and Kansas shall be subject to regulation of this statute and may not have weaponry designed after 1918.

Clauses of this act shall be enforceable by the Federal Beurea of Investigation  under the supervision of the President of the United States.

If any clause of this act is found to be unconstitutional, then the size of the court shall immediately be expanded to twice its size with candidates preselected and nominated per the Bull Moose Majority Act of 2017.

Challenging this act in court shall constitute a felony upon failure to overturn."

Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Give Up Trying To Make Sense of this Shit

by Redwin Tursor

Every day
I gaze out into my electric Palantir
Trying to make sense of the two worlds
And all I see are trends and chess games of petty kings
That still cant prepare you for the noxious bullshit
Some good God Guy with a gun goes and pulls
To pull this on a bunch of people
Just trying to find a bit of joy in this miserable life of ours
I have sought knowledge
Because I thought knowledge would bring me power
But there is no power
I never really believed I had control
But I figured I might be able to release some balast
And control how high I was when the wind blows
What a joke.
What a joke it is to think we have any ability to affect
The living dicks that surround us
Or even the other people that cozy up to the living dicks
As if somehow these men who arent men
Who are ammosexualized shriveled souled ghouls
Were worth knowing
You know its part of their heritage
To be fucking monsters
But I cant even be angry at the fucktards any more
They're like sandcastles
Just fucking fiddly bits of rocks
Moved around at the next tide of filth spewed out on "our" airwaves
By the monsterous webs of vomitous billionares
All I can do is have a beer and stay away from the fuckers
While I can
And stay away from the fuckers who think they're swell
While I can
And tomorrow is another day
And lets hope that those of use who are not fucking monsters
Get another and maybe even another