Tuesday, November 29, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 3

Scene: The group is celebrating and driving off.

Scene: Grindface laughs and pushes a button

Scene: The mine goes off and the tank sinks into a hole

Scene: The crew panics and sinks into the ground.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 2

Scene: Ext Tank - Gunny finishes welding the tread on the tank.

Gunny: Got it!

Andrews: Get in! Get in!

Cotter: You don't have to tell me twice

Andrews: Get in!

Both Andrews and Gunny get in, Gunny turns immediately around and welds a metal plate to cover up the hole while Carter guns the engine.

Exterior Tank: Two bandits get in their way and try to stop them.

Close up: Gunny smiles.

Exterior Tank: Tank runs over the two bandits as buckets of blood spash around its treads.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 3 - Scene 1

Scene: Tank - Interior - The crew is trying to figure out what to do.

Ltn Lyons: We need to get out of here or we're dead.  Gunny, can you get the spare tred lined?

Gunny: Yeah but not when they're shooting at us.

Andrew: I'll lay down on the ground and lay cover fire.  Lyons, if you can shoot the machine gun and Cotter can shoot the sub machine gun from the hole.

Cotter: I can do that.

Scene: Exterior - Tank Andrew leaps out dodging bullet fire and begins laying cover fire.

Scene: Tank - Interior - Cotter and Lyons begin laying fire.  Gunny leaps out.

Scene: Tank - Exterior - Guns fly back and forth while Gunny welds the treads back on.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 9 and 10

Scene: Muerte Poderso arrives and kills two bandits with his bare hands.

Scene: Grindface growls and picks up an axe.

Scene: Interior Tank

Ltn Corso: Holy cow!

Andrew: What is it?

Corso: Look at that! It must be some new kind of roid.

Gunny (shooting out hole): We have other things to worry about right now.

Scene: Muerte Poderso kills five bandits, shooting three and tossing two onto a pike.

Scene: Grindface charges Muerte with the axe and gets shot, falling down.

Scene: Int Tank: All screaming.

Gunny: Bringing the gun around.

Scene: Grindface gets up, growling and charges Muerte.  Muerte gets tackled.  Then he picks up Grindface with one hand and snaps his neck with the other.

Scene: Muerte approaches the tank.  "My name is Muerte Poderoso and I am here to"

Scene: Exterior Tank - Gun fires.

Scene: Muerto Poderso gets a confused look on his face and then there is smoke and splatter.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 8

Scene: Bregnar motions for the bandits to advance.  They are cautious after one of their number has been shot.  He shouts again and they charge.

Scene: Exterior Tank - The tank's secondary guns fire and begin to move the bandits down.

Scene: Interior Tank: Inside the tank the crew backs down trying to dodge bullets through the breach.  The commanders body makes thing awkward.

Scene: Exterior Tank: More bandits approach, some are killed by small arms fire.  One manages to toss a grenade into the tank.  The grenade is tossed back out and the bandits scatter in panic.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Just Me Myself and Mrs

by Captain Meatsack

Just me and the mrs
Just me and the mrs
And the talking mouse
Mr Kind was left behind
He agrees its fixin needin
Fixin needin
Half my soul done up and gone
Done up and gone
Done up and gone
Rhombus Emmit Epglone
Hai to Terra flown
TC he did die to swell
Gone and flown 
Long time gone
Fae of stories wind done shone
Sky done shone
Through all the things that carry you
Woman I love 
Still here is here
Still is here
Hope we all dont disappear
With the brownshirts knockin
Somewhere there's a me that fights
Me that fights
Me that fights 
But he aint here in my old flesh
No tights No cape
No chainmail mesh
No hero here in Real Town
Redwin here was splattered on a city bus
Painful was it done
Redwin splattered on a city bus
Redwin dere splattered
Amigos silent as the wind
As the wind
In the hole the spider crawls
Pulling in his web
Silent goes the mighty horns
And who is left but Meatsack?
Can't just leave it there
Leave it there
In despair
Some kind of positive spin
Something uplifting
Something hope
But the best of me has gone and flown
Gone and glown
Out there in the universe
They fight the fight
Where folks is worth it
Me I am just a meatsack here
Meatsack hear?
I aint no more special than none
And so the simple truth is this
Truth is this
Hope and pray we make it through
Make it through
Same as you
Meatsack stuck is all I is
And this sand cuts like glass
This will pass
Is what they say
What they say
What the heavens tell me
Passing like a kidney stone
Kidney stone
It will hurt 
before its done 
So the heavens tell me

Friday, November 11, 2016

Two Poems and Change

I find myself wondering what has become of TC.....in days such as this, he would frequently make status updates here, but TC is gone.  That is not to say gone forever or dead physically, but this has entirely been left to me.  From hence forth, I shall be speaking as Rhombus unless I identify myself as someone else.  I have been asked to warn you.

I must say...I can't.  You have the internet.  You have your history books.  You have the news.

The humans of Terra are not perfect....but Jesus Christ...we wouldn't do what you have.  America is the worst but its happening all over your world....and you let it. Your petty lies, your petty divisions.  We look so alike, but we fictionals at least have some honor humility and unity.  There is more sanctimony between EP Blingermeyer and me than there is between members of your your own families and political tribes. You are not ALL scum of course, but really? I sit in judgement and by your perspective I am not a real person.  We all do.  TC is in no position to judge, even though he has been repeatedly right.

And the destruction of poor Thom's facebook account shows the popularity of someone from Potatostan.  Personallly, I am done with Zuckerberg's folly but EP Blingermeyer has ideas.

Well, you are primarily of interest to provide stories, but seriously, no one on Terra would BELIEVE you people...even now, its unbelievable.  I can use your stories of other worlds but your world is a mess.  Its a complete mess.

Anyway, enough lecturing.

Here are two poems Emmit made.  He has lived among you longer and has more patience though he too is leaving.  Even EP Blinger plans to stop visiting. "There are other worlds than these." he said.  I only astrally project so I don't need to visit there.

Scorpion Gonna Be

Won't You Feel For Methland?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 7

Scene: Bandits take a rocket and launch point it at the tank.

Scene: Interior Tank

Sgt Cotter: They have a rocket!

Captain Andrew: Yeah, they have a lot of those.

Ltn Lyons: Get us around! Fast! Fast!

Gunny: Nah, I thought getting hit by the rocket launcher was a good idea

Scene: One of the bandits drops the rocket.  Bregsaw Grindface howls in rage and shoots the lackey, picking up the rocket himself.

Scene: Exterior: Tank begins to turn around.

Scene: Interior: Tank

Cotter: Go! Go! Go!

Gunny: Going! Going! Go-(interupted by a loud noise outside of the tank)

Scene: Rocket launches, slams into the tank, causing one of the treads to come off.

Scene: Interior Tank

Gunny: Shit! Shitshitshit1 We're grounded!

Captain Andrew: Do we get out and run?

Lyn Lyons: If you want to die sir.  This is still a tank.

Gunny: We can fix a tread.  No one here's a medic.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

So disgusted with humanity

I have deleted my facebook account and may delete my twitter.  Human interaction seems to be largely pointless.  Creative endeavors are pointless.  All life on earth is likely to cease within the next year.

I have preprogrammed the script into the blog.

I will not be writing for a while

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 6

Scene: Muerto Poderso hears gun shots.  He looks concerned.  He runs faster.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Grenademan vs the Zombies finally on Kindle

Complete and Create Space formatted book.

Available here.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 5

Scene: Anderson and the Crew are in the tank.

Scene: Exterior as they move away from the plane, cargo included.

Anderson: Boy are you guys a sight for sore eyes.

Ogone: An order 37 is an order 37.  Not going to let something that important slide.  We're dying and we're losing; humans for humans you know.

All: Amen.

Cotter: We have a bogie on our six Commander.

Ogone: Let me look.

Scene: Bandits launch another rocket at the tank.  It is still moving but shakes and is a hole.

Gunny: They broke my tank! (Takes out gun and begins to fire)

Ogone: Change our facing! Bring her around!

Gunny: Bringing the gun around!

Ogone: Change direction first!

Gunny: They put a hole in my..our tank!

Ogone: Bear around! Now!

Scene: The bandits open fire on the tank and have it surrounded.  Heavy machine gun fire commences as they change facing, but it doesn't matter.

Scene: Interior Tank - bullet fire richottes around inside the tank and kills Ogone.

Anderson gets in the command chair.

Anderson: The cargo is at NNE 2 clicks north.

Scene: The crew all look at each other.   Lyons looks at Anderson and then the others, who look back with a moment of doubt.  Then she nods and Gunny kicks it into gear.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 4

Scene: Captain Andrew is stumbling across the tundra in his coat.  He is carrying a backpack.  The wind rips across the grass and looks unbelievably cold but is thirsty.  He takes out a cantine and pours the last of it in his mouth.  He tries his radio but gets nothing but static.

Scene: Captain Andrew continues moving across the Tundra.  The sun has advanced in the sky and the wind died down.  Now it is getting unbearably hot and he is sweating.

Andrew: God Damn it mother nature! Make up your mind!

He takes out the radio and listens.  Weird clicks and alien howls move in the bioground as he hears bioroid transmissions and dives to the ground, looking around in fear.

Scene: More time passes.  He is crawling at this point.  The sun is setting and the wind has already started up again.  Frost is starting to collect and as he looks around he sees no sign of shelter.  He checks the radio.

Commander Ogone (From the Radio): Responding to the Order 37.  Over.  We have a lock on the pilot and the cargo.

Scene: Andrew gets a lock on the tank with his radio and is pleased.  He finds the energy to get up and slowly run toward the Tank.