Monday, July 31, 2023

[Poem] Back to the Tin Cup

 by Emmit Other

Taking a break

To finish a mighty work

Now they wanna charge

For automated likes

And three people

Who read and like

What I can do here

Every day

For free


The silent spirit botox numbs my face

Firewalls against pure unending chronic depression

Goes to the edge of the cliff

But will not topple

But will not topple

We are all

Stardust and sand

Washing out on the tide

No need to kick my sand castle over early

And charge me to do it

The idea of paying $20 a year

To continue writing my anti capitalist

And technology poetry


A poor choice

Sunday, July 30, 2023

[Poem] Eternal Criminal Empire

 by Emmit Other

The cult is rising

Its tide is sinking

Up is down 

And down is up

Willing evil now blends and blooms

Spreading seeds of death and doom

Those who see those who know

See this recurring thread in history's loom

Pain and fury to bestow

Flare up fire only to self overthrow

Played their hand

Hot and fast

Knowing that

It cannot last

Sell the book

Sell that look

Sell that bleach

That you mistook for a holy cure

Innocent victim so demure

So much you had to self endure

While these woke wussies do concur

About how much you suck

You know that you are just a cuck

Rapidly running out of Hitler luck

Sure do sure do to be you suck

Thinking now your speed is stuck

In your mind you can go 

[Poem] Alito Can Spel Gud

 by Emmit Other

Sew lette mei gett tthys str8

Ah Judj aun teh Sewpryme Corte

Whou Iz Inn Charrge Uf 

Decydin iff saumthin iz 


Or knot

Has knot red

The Constapation?

Itt sayz rite they're inn Article Tree

"Congress Shall Regulamalte Teh Courtz"

I guess when you bang your head

On the floor as hard as you can

For god and country

Until you see stars as a child

You get stupid enough to think

That you can be an originalist

When you dont even know

What the Founding fathers said did or meant

Sounds about Reich

Sounds about Reich

If a Conservative Is Speaking

A Conservative Is Lion

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

[Poem] Gonna Find Out

 by Emmit Other

Pay attention Magalos

Harken and hear

As best you can

With your head up your rear

The Right Wing Likud

You hold so dear

Just made checks and balances

Totes Disappear

To any non conservative

Its now totally clear

Bibi means to illiberalize his nation

Just like you wanna do right here

Fuck around and find out

Fuck around and find out

Fuck around and find out

What the left is about

Magalos love to hump their little guns

When they see dead minorities

Their eyes smile like suns

They get horny at cop violence

Even when it makes no sense

But in Israel every citizen helps

In her defense

So liberals there can shoot

Already now with just one law

They are in the streets to protest

The right wing parties tell the cops to kill

To beat them and make them arrest

So watch what happens when they further right

And force the Israeli left to fight

Watch the magalos pale at the sight

Of Israeli left wing resistance

Masadan soldiers are not just likud

But the entire spectrum of freedoms brood

This isnt over just because some dude

Thinks he owns the law.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

[Poem] Say Goodbye To Normal

 by Emmit Other

The very doors

Say goodbye to what you knew

Nature is done

Playing nice with you

The coming crisis 

Has now come due

They told you

And told you

And told you

And told you

They told you

And told you

And told you

And told you

For decades you knew

For decades you knew

And now the bill has at last come due

No more snowball fights

No more beach days

No more cheap fruit from all over the world

No more flying places for vacation

No more blue skies

No more nature documentaries

Half the fish dishes you like will go away

Your home more likely to burn

Or be blown to bits in a tornado

Enjoy the intermission

Between now when anyone not a conservative freak

Sees the handwriting  on the wall

Take note 

Take note good citizen

Of which dems vote for what in days to come

Enjoy the intermission 

Between now

And when two major cities are destroyed

Not one

But two

By two witnesses shall the panic set in

The global economies collapse

The internet be restricted to save on energy

Gas cars outlawed

Flights outlawed

Gas powered lawn mowers outlawed

Normal is no longer an option

Your choices are the Hard Way

Or Death


Many many many

Will choose death first

Saturday, July 22, 2023

[Poem] Boiled Frog Pops the Boiler

 by Emmit Other

I read today

That Ghoulgul failed

They are now 

Irredeemably evil

Mandating DRM in Chrome or Chromium

Meaning obnoxious unblockable pop ups

In every website 

And almost every browser

And I am also 

In Minuteman Park

Where a bunch of Colonists


Fuck you Britain

And swarmed like ants

Against the supposedly most powerful army in the World

This is America

And Ghoulgul offering things for free

Trying to steal the internet

Like Gollum snuck in the night

Are about to learn

What happens to a Monopoly

When you fuck with the Internet

Pop pop motherfuckers

Friday, July 21, 2023

[Poem] Nazi Rap

 by Emmit Other

Sloth Toe Barbie

Really really stupid

Shovels herself in the face

Like a demonic cupid

Wants to control

Your uterus

So stupid and so ugly

She got run over by a bus

Take your uncle tom

And get outta here

The nazis are all about

Hate and fear

Thursday, July 20, 2023

[Poem] 3650 Days

 by Emmit Other

An ignorant buffoon

Found a diamond in the rough

And managed to bamboozle her

Into putting up

With an obnoxious blowhard bag of hair

And lo and behold

10 years later

She is still buying into the con

It was the best of times

It was the worst of times

But together 

It was always better

Than alone

The north star of her grace

Made the world worth it

Despite its implicit desire

To fall apart at the seams

Here's to the long con

Here's to the long con

I love you

Captain Fruitloop


Sexy Librarian

Lets try


10 More

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

[Poem] Try that in a Large Town

 by Emmit Other

Nasty little racist twit

Sings a song that gets everyone upset

About how nasty people in small towns

Supposedly were

Cant say our experience

In the small town of Greenfield

Disabused us

Of the notion

But try lyching someone

In a large town


If the Murdercops

Didnt live in small towns

And commute to big ones

Carrying their small town murder ways

Large towns would be even better

Small town folk

Move to big towns

And have kids

Who only care about property



And elect cop humper mayors

But people are getting wise

To how racist



Conservatism is

Keep it in the small towns

Friday, July 14, 2023

[Poem] Is Dick Durbin A Racist?

 by Emmit Other

No one in the democratic party

Has gone full Woodrow Wilson

In a Generation

But how would we feel

About Dems wearing hoods

Or posing with David Duke?

The end of their career

And yet Centrist Freak

Senator Dick Dustbin

Is keeping a racist filth policy alive

Created to keep white judges

In White southern districts

After Brown V Education


The American Reich

Suspends this tradition

That Senator Dustbin 

Glorious works to preserve

So which is it

Is he a moron

Or a racist?

Thursday, July 13, 2023

[Poem] Self Prophesy

 by Emmit Other

How desperate

Could the utterly pathetic

And utterly predictable

Leon Stink

Who is getting his ass handed to him

In Social Media

By Zuckerfucker

To scan Simpsons Episodes

And pretend to fulfill a prophesy

By literally actually fulfilling one?

Sooner or later

The truth would out

But since when

Has something like that

Ever actually stopped

Leon Stink?

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

[Poem] Self Abusing Tech Bro

 by Emmit Other

It is a violation of basic human rights

And basic human decency

To steal the work of artists and writers

For their little llm abominations

But the basement dwelling tech bros

Werent done

They take the vocal performances

Of video game actors

And demand to be able to use AI

To change their voice

To do porn

Of course

If we took the same tech bro

And used their voice

To make homoerotic porn

And instructional videos

For women's rights

The same freak loser conservative tech bros

That feel they can solve world hunger

On a spreadsheet

Because they can code

Would shriek like someone kicked them in the nuts

Tech bros 

Cannot be allowed

To control tech

And the US

Needs a new constitution

That includes dignity as a human right

Fuck Big Tech

[Poem] Self Slavery

  by Emmit Other

Bad enough that Europe is returning 

Like a dog to its vomit

To conservatism

And not to moldy toe jam

Center Reich conservatism

But Qanon maga nazi freak far reich satanism

Even after seeing the UK 

Even after seeing Trump

To vote conservative

In a system that allows third parties

Is the single greatest sign of moral 

And cognitive decline


But to vote that way

When they promise to repeal abortion laws

When they want to make you a brood mare

That is a level of self loathing

That means

You arent worth

The slightest shred or molecule

Of empathy


Or dignity of any kind

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

[Poem] The Eye of the Serpent

 by Emmit Other

Harken by the fire

Ye who would hear

Watch those from the darkness

Caught in Samsara's spear

Its the brightest of bright

That it makes hardest fall

For the spiritual giants

Oft hear Mammon's call

They say that they ignore it

But the cause does need money

They wear robes and beads

But its awfully funny

Since the limo they came in

Is plated on Gold

There is an ad on the playbill

Space is already sold

These arent just fakers

(Though there are indeed a few)

But legitimate messiahs

Who know what to do

To call down the Source

For all the lost peons

Just hear their new voice

Unique in the Aeons

And sooner or later

The Six Snakes they strike

They do it with paper cuts

And with cross and with steel spike

The method dont matter

They still die like the rest

But only those who eschewed temptation

Stand with the best

And then for a generation or four

Their followers get it 

And the world they implore

To follow their man 

And follow his word

Ignoring the fall

You're free as a bird

The game is rigged for the house my friend

But its built on sand

We are all stars in the end

Listen and learn for yourself for a change

You will find deeper meaning

And the worlds wonderfully strange

Monday, July 10, 2023

[Poem] I Was Right

 By Emmit Other

I was right

And you were wrong

If you ever ever ever ever

Though Musk was redeemable

After he has the people

Making his




workers work

During Covid

And having a







And running to Texas

Like the wittle boy he wuz

Sunday, July 9, 2023

[Poem] Just In Time For Irrelevance

 by Emmit Other

At long last

And after tireless struggle

The American Nazi

Sees his zenith

Like the Groundhog

Failing to see his shadow

So too

Fails to see

The American Nazi 

The Writing on the Wall

They achieve evangelical supremacy

When their nazi congregations

Go the way of the shakers

As the youth they gleefully deny

Debt forgiveness

And LGBT and Allied liberation

Look at their unchristian churches

And shake the dust from their feet

On the church steps

Like unto the Apostles of old

You cannot compel faith at gun point

You cannot compel ignorance

While the internet exists

And while the American Nazi

And their filth nillionare allies 

Will try and try and try

They will fail

And sooner or later

(more likely sooner)

Try and try

And die.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

[Poem] Manifest Destidont

 by Emmit Other

The gibbering gibberish

That conservatives cherish

Of American History

Is chock full of wrongs

Enough for a million songs

Of sadness and misery

But high up in rank

A campaign most dank

Was the US Canada Campaign

In 1812

Our continental duncecap selves

Wrote a blood inked national stain

We brought "liberty"

To those who didnt want it

As they proceeded to clean our clocks

They routed our soldiers

With laughter and just sneers

American laughing stocks

We had done it before

In 1775 and then did ignore

The empowered culture our men did shock

They wanted their language 

Their church and their heritage

And not protestant wasp down their mouths

So when conservatives babble

About American rabble

And call white trash exceptional

Know that there are two sides

To every story

And what they call American Glory

Is someone else's japes and jibes

Friday, July 7, 2023

[Poem] Moms for Nazis

 by Emmit Other

No greater evil

Has been done

But in the name of

For the Children

Leave it to conservatives

To pervert freedom

And sacred motherhood

By recruiting a hundred thousand nazis women


You can imagine every one 

Gleefully receiving a package from the Fueher

And making a lamp shade

Of human flesh

For the Children

Moms for Nazism

Want to be Aunties

Want to sell women into slavery

Want to make their kids stupid

Do you know someone who might be a 

Mom for Nazis?

How tragic a loss of their life

They may even delude themselves

Into thinking

They are a force for good

Only to ironically

Male the case

That any religion or ideology

That produced 

A hundred thousand moms for Nazis

Should be illegal

Should be illegal

Thursday, July 6, 2023

[Poem] Fake Real Memories

 by Emmit Other

Sometimes knowledge of basic facts

Changes the world

Like being a pest control technician

Or doing lab work in molecular biology

But the biggest one

Was learning our brain

Does not


emotionally distinguish

Between false and real memories

Bambi being blown away

Can matter as much as the Challenger

So the next time

Google or Tiktok or Fuckbook

Tell you

"Remembah this awesome memory?!"

The dark lords of the valley

Are trying to hook your nostalgia

Into their satanic big tech machines

And make your memories

Include them

Its satanic

And should be illegal

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

[Poem] You Get What You Vote For

by Emmit Other


Every time you think Swamp Hitler has found 

a new


He finds a new one.

They like schools without good teachers

You get what you vote for

They like algae on their beaches

You get what you vote for

They like the Swamp Hitler SS at their polls

You get what you vote for

They like scaring doctors away

You get what you vote for

They like scaring employers away

You get what you vote for

They like picking their own fruit all day

You get what you vote for

Rising food prices are there to stay

You get what you vote for

Colleges accredited by the YMCA

You get what you vote for

Hunting season on folks that are gay

You get what you vote for

Open murder with fun guns to play

You get what you vote for

Glowing roads that make you sick

You get what you vote for

A rubber stamp nazi legislature is his trick

You get what you vote for

The people in Floriduh sure are thick

You get what you vote for

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

[Poem] Theft GPT

 by Emmit Other


Is the new Car

To some a wonder

And to some a joke

But Chat GPT

And so many other models

Built and trained

On theft on theft on theft

Are castles on sand

Wait and see

Wait and see

I am not the only person 

Who despises Big Tech

I am not the only person

Rooting for them to fall

I am not the only person

Who thinks a collar around

The corporate neck 

Of people mining to free the Balrog

Is a good idea

But someday the wonders

Of an LLM

Will help artists

Help creators

When not built on blood and theft

But that cant happen

As long as filth nillionares


Monday, July 3, 2023

[Poem] Could You Imagine

 By Emmit Other

Could you imagine

the riots

If Obama

Tooted on Mastodon

(since in my hypothetical universe

Good men dont tweet anything)

The exact current location

Of Trump

Or Trump's Children?


Its OK

If you are a Republican

Centrists tolerate any fascist behavior

Which means

There is no level of contempt

I cannot justifiably and honorably have

For both sider centrists

Who are thus

WORSE than 


Sunday, July 2, 2023

[Poem] Whats The Difference?

 by Emmit Other

Israeli Intelligence Kidnaps Assassin

Who Plans to Kill Many Israelis in Cyprus

Iranian Intelligences Kidnaps Assassin

Who Plans to Kill Many Iranians in Cyprus

Israeli Knesset Plans to Gut Supreme Court

Iranian Parliament Plans to Gut Supreme Court

Israeli Settlers Burn Palestinian Homes

Iranian Militias Burn Lebanese Homes

Radical Israeli Clerics Demand Woman Stay Home

Radical Iranian Clerics Demand Women Stay Home

"Death to America!" Chanted in the Iranian Streets

"Death to America!" Chanted in the Israeli Streets

Both begin with I

Both are corrupt theofascist "democracies"

Both hate America

Both hate the Left

Both Elected Conservatives


Both blow people up they dont like

I dont see one.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

[Poem] Dear Resident Charlie Brown

 By Emmit Other

Dear Resident Charlie Brown

Gonna play hard ball now Charlie?

Of course you're not

Of course you're not

Gotta get the lunch pail blue collar vote

Bring your lunch to congress

Like Fred Flintstone of a bygone year

A sitcom time made disappear

You bring your lunch to congress

The man you want the vote of

Died in 66

You sell us out to a Rape Court

For a sucker and pixie sticks

Centrist sugar tastes good

Cause thats what got you in the senate chair

Meanwhile you dont investigate the rape court

And cause existential despair

In all the young folks 

You say you love so much

That saved your centrist bacon

But you go on livin your sit com

And we all know you're fakin

You ran for office for family's sake

So then riddle me this then Joe

If Legacy is what matters to you

What happens when you go

When the DHS is compromised

And your AG walked trump Slow

Sure you got it right on Ukraine

But who will ever know

When the reich wing GQP

Steals the election show

You didnt fight fascism tooth and nail

So they will write the story

Your presidency will be told by angry goons

Who think that Trump is glory