Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The $ins of $ilicon Valley - Blocking Max

Who is @MaxNordau and why is @twittersupport unblocking them every single day when I try to block them?

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Thursday, May 20, 2021

The $ins of $ilicon Valley - Crypto Carny Jack and the Real Reason for Twitter

Jack Dorsey is a luke warm CEO that arguably hates his job.  So why does he do it? I make the case that the reason he stays on track on Twitter is to increase the value of Bitcoin by using the social media company to spread lies, disinformation and distrust of government as much as possible to allow cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to become as popular as possible.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

The $ins of $ilicon Valley - The Largest Illegal Experiment in the History of Mankind

Signing a EULA is not going to meet (I believe) APA guidelines to participating in a Psychological Experiment.  Facebook doesn't ask ANYBODY when it tests out a new feature, and knows, down to the 'molecular level' how happy, sad, enraged, angry a new feature or twist to the Demonic Algorhythm that is the satanic secret sauce that keeps you addicted.

Have you ever been addicted to facebook? Has it made you angry, depressed, hurt, or afraid? If Facebook has knowingly done things it KNOWS cause these problems and done it anyway for $$$$ that's ILLEGAL and prosecutable but I dont see anyone doing it.  Why is that?

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Both Sider Freak

 Both Sider Freak
Loves both sides the same
Thinks they are above it all
And they are not to blame
But when one side sees you do this
From your frothy ivory tower
You make all thinks possible
For the darkness seeking power
Terrorism and protests
All the same
Murdercop hobo jambories and Filming a murdercop
All the same
Zombies who eat flesh and people who flee them
Virus that gives you a stroke if you get it and people who wear masks
All the same
The monsters check
From time to time
To seek a go for more
And there you are you free
A thumbs up and higher score
When everything is nothing
And nothing has no cause
Then the both sider freak
Is to blame
Twitter suspended me
For pointing out this truth
But then Jack is a crypto carny
Who would sell a victims tooth
For precious fake bitcoin gold
And lets the inmates run the asylum
Twitter exists to cause mayhem
And death and blood and more

Twitter Support Mad

 The frothtards at Twitter Support are super super angry because when the National Review hit piece by Max Nordau was made national by blue dot after blue dot #maxan

on followers reported THE LEAST offense tweet I make and have made again again but suddenly I am shut down for 12 hours hmmmm loloolol

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The $ins of $ilicon Valley - Facebook - Peter Thiel

The worst of all facebook's crimes is Cambridge Analytica and the data it fed them and Palantir and the center of all of it and so many other data misuses of data is Peter Thiel.  This misuse leads to lax security and neglect of privacy.

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