Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things are Going Well

I just finished Chapter 5 of the Graphic Novel. I've written 2 stories so far, and will write two more this week. That puts me at roughly 12000 words so far this year, which is well behind the goal I have for 75000, but we'll see if I can catch up.

I'm considering starting my next short story in the literary genre, but I haven't exactly figured it out yet. But I recall that the beginning of "The Gunslinger" started with "The Gunslinger Chased Against the Man In Black Across the Desert" or something like that.

So far all I have is this.

"The more cynical part of me says it isn't going to be enough. And there has never been a prison built for me from which I did not escape. And there is no prison more dire than one's own mind."

That speaks more towards something Inception like which is hardly 'literary'....but Metamorphosis is considered such so maybe I'll do something surreal.....