Thursday, February 27, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Chapter 4 - Page 56

Row 1 Box1 Pete shrieks with anger.
Pete: HEY!
Row 1 Box 2 The cop shouts at them from behind the car.
Cop: Stop where you are! The next shot won’t miss!
Row 1 Box 3 Pete looks at Jesra.
Pete: Maybe we should…
Row 2 Box 1 Vesuvius throws his hands up in the air.
Vesuvius: We don’t have time for this! If we don’t stop Horus none of this will matter. We have to find the third seal.
Row 2 Box 1 The cop shouts at the two kids.
Cop: Lay down on the ground. Now!
Row 2 Box 2 Jesra looks at the cop and at Vesuvius.
Row 2 Box 3 She nods to Vesuvius and starts to run.
Row 2 Box 4 The cop shoots the gun again.
Row 3 Box 1 Jesra falls down and the cop stands up. From the cops perspective he hit Jesra.
Row 3 Box 2 Sluice stands up and rubs his back, he is clearly standing over Jesra.
Sluice: That stings.
Row 3 Box 3 A cop car pulls around the corner where Pete and Jesra are standing opposite to the cop who is shooting behind the over turned car.
Row 4 Box 1 Another cop car turns around a third corner.
Row 4 Box 2 Pete looks very concerned.

Pete: We’re…surrounded!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Chapter 4 - Page 55

Row 1 Box 1 Jesra looks at Vesuvius.
Jesra: I only took what I needed to survive.
Row 1 Box 2 Vesuvius uncrosses his arms and smiles wider.
Vesuvius: Well why didn't you say that? We just kind of assumed the two of you didn't really have any useful skills.
Row 1 Box 3 Jesra looks really annoyed at him.
Jesra: No useful skills? And you’re some Harry Houdini?
Row 2 Box 1 One cop car drives down the street. Siren flashing.
Row 2 Box 2 Another cop car joins the first in a different part of the city.
Row 2 Box 3 A third cop car joins the other two.
Row 3 Box 1 Vesuvius laughs.
Vesuvius: I've been training for this for centuries. And I've been fighting in this war for ninety years.
Row 3 Box 2 Sluice looks worried and looks at Vesuvius and Jesra.
Sluice: We should go. Now.
Row 3 Box 3 Vesuvius looks at Sluice smiling.
Row 3 Box 4 Close up of Sluice’s face, very unhappy.
Row 4 Box 1 Vesuvius stops smiling.
Row 4 Box 2 Vesuvius sighs.
Row 4 Box 3 Vesuvius looks at Jesra.
Vesuvius: Alright. Let’s get out of here.

Row 4 Box 4 Copy from behind the thrown car shoots and barely misses Pete.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Precyber - Chapter 19

Emily runs out of time.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Chapter 4 - Page 54

Row 1 The cop yells and dodges out of the way.
Row 2 Box 1 Vesuvius looks at Jesra.
Vesuvius: Why are the police after you?
Row 2 Box 2 Jesra looks embarrassed and looks up with her hand behind her head.
Row 2 Box 3 Jesra looks at Vesuvius.
Jesra: Well…I’m kind of a thief.
Row 2 Box 4 Vesuvius smiles but crosses his arms.
Vesuvius: Kind of?
Row 3 Box 1 The cop yells into the radio.
Row 3 Box 2 The operator looks concerned.
Row 3 Box 3 The operator talks into the radio.
Row 4 Panel broken up of several cops in subdivided panel receiving the message, looking concerned.
Radio Message: Known Suspect. Jesra Lopolis, On Strength Enhancing Drugs. Threw a Car at Responding Officer.

One of the Officers in the Panel: Car?!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Chapter 4 - Page 53

Row 1 Box 1 The group of heroes goes around a corner.
Row 1 Box 2 A policeman looks at them but only sees Pete and Jesra. Angle must be obvious enough to imply that the policeman can’t see Vesuvius or Sluice even though they are right in front of him.
Row 1 Box 3 Jesra spots the policeman and looks nervous.
Row 1 Box 4 The policeman looks at Jesra and begins to move towards them.
Row 2 Box 1 Jesra looks at Pete.
Jesra: Run!
Pete: Huh?!
Row 2 Box 2 Vesuvius rolls his eyes.
Row 2 Box 3 Vesuvius looks at Sluice, “We don’t have time for this. Can you take care of them?”
Row 2 Box 4 Sluice nods and starts to reach for a car.

Row 3 & Row 4 – Shown from policeman’s angle where it appears that Jesra is lifting the car because she hands in the air due to yelling at Pete. The car is upside down at an angle, held by Vesuvius, but also is an homage to the old Superman comic cover of issue 1. (If this is artistically impossible or ugly, just so an invisible car over Pete and Jesra’s head upside down heading toward the cop.)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Precyber - Chapter 18

Visit 2 to the discussion of most importance.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Chapter 4 - Page 52

Row 1 A portal opens and Jesra, Pete, Sluice and Vesuvius walk through into a crowded area. No one seems to notice. Vesuvius is riding Jesra’s shoulder.
Row 2 Box 1 Jesra looks at Vesuvius.
Jesra: Are you sure that no one can see us?
Vesuvius: Yup.
Jesra: And they can’t see Pete or I either?
Vesuvius: Er…mabye.
Jesra: And it will wear off.
Vesuvius: Yup.
Jesra: So what do we do next?
Row 2 Box 2 Close up of Vesuvius looking sheepish.
Vesuvius: I don’t know. I mean….we need to find the third seal. But beyond what the little bright light says, this time I’m clueless. Sometimes we can learn little things that can help…but in this case…your guess is as good as mine.
Row 3 Box 1 Sluice growls and sits down in frustration on a nearby curve.
Vesuvius hops up on his shoulder.
Row 3 Box 2 Vesuvius pats Sluice’s neck.
Vesuvius: I understand big guy.
Amanda: Understand what?
Vesuvius: We’re not normally this in the dark. We normally have a lot of time to investigate this kind of thing, but now….
Amanda: You don’t know what to do.

Vesuvius: Yeah pretty much. For some reason we’re having problems finding the third seal.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Story for Sale on Amazon.Com

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Castles in the Air is about Elery, who lives in the besieged human town of Spielglase, who is tested by the elves and thinks she is to learn magic. On the way, however, she is given a rude shock and works to return home.

Other items for sale include:

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The highly magical setting book, the Fate of Inglemia.

And the Poetry collection, Chaff in the Gear Box.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Chapter 4 - Page 59

Row 1 Box 1 Slither whispers in Amanda’s ear again. Amanda looks curious.
Row 1 Box 2 Amanda looks up and then out through the window at Forsalio.
Amanda: Yes. You’re right. We can do some more things to distract him.
Row 1 Box 3 She looks over at a group of three scantily clad women.
Row 1 Box 4 Amanda gets a broad wicked grin.
Amanda: And I think I have just the thing in mind.
Row 2 Box 1 The scene shifts to Klerely who looks into a window at a music box forlornely.
Row 2 Box 2 Wider shot shows several confused police officers looking around desperately.
Cop 1: Maybe they used a helicopter?
Cop 2: Did you SEE a helicopter?
Cop 1: No.
Cop 1: Then shut up.
Row 3 Box 1 Klerely looks at the officers as they walk by, interested for a moment.
Row 3 Box 2 Klerely looks forlornly back at the music box.
Row 3 Box 3 Close up of her face, looking well worn and sad. She sighs.
Row 3 Box 4 Klerely moves on past the window.
Row 4 Box 1 Sluice lands in a small park, scattering flowers and a bit of concrete in all directions.
Row 4 Box 2 He gently sets the other three down though the looked slightly stunned.
Row 4 Box 3 Pete and Jesra slowly stand up, trying to orient themselves.
Pete: Was that really necessary?
Row 4 Box 4 Sluice looks chagrined and looks down.

[Seventh Seal] Chapter 4 - Page 51

Row 1 Box 1 Forsalio looks at Amanda. He looks down at some papers.
Forsalio: I will want to have my cousin take a look at this…
Row 1 Box 2 Amanda looks at him.
Amanda: Your cousin?
Row 1 Box 3 Forasolio tries to look impressive and fails.
Forsalio: He’s a lawyer.
Row 2 Box 1 Amanda looks surprised a moment.
Row 2 Box 2 Amanda suddenly bursts out laughing. Slither laughs in the background.
Row 2 Box 3 Forsalio looks annoyed.
Forsalio: What’s so funny?
Row 3 Box 1 Amanda laughs a bit less.
Amanda: No, nothing. I understand your concern. I was just worried you had changed your mind and was glad you didn’t.
Row 3 Box 2 Forsalio still looks dubious.
Forsalio: Oh.
Row 3 Box 3 Amanda waves to Forsalio as he walks off.
Row 3 Box 4 Amanda and Slither both look at each other again.

Row 3 Box 5 They both start laughing again.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Precyber Chapter 17

Mr. Pitts learns that his profession has hazards.  Clarke plays detective.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Chapter 4 - Page 50

Row 1 Wide Box 1 – Police officer watching Amanda and Forsalio speak with a jack hammer in the background.
Row 1 Box 3 Forsalio frowns.
Forsalio: I don’t know…
Row 1 Box 4 Amanda puts her hand on his shoulder and smiles.
Amanda: You can trust us.
Row 1 Box 5 Forsalio looks slightly less convinced and says something.
Forsalio: That is what all of your people say.
Row 2 Box 1 Amanda looks rather annoyed.
Amanda: Of course you can. We’ve already -
Row 2 Box 2 Forsalio laughs.
Forsalio: Really?
Row 2 Box 3 Amanda puts on a fake smile and says something but is cut off.
Row 2 Box 4 Forsalio looks VERY angry.
Forsalio: Don’t you LIE to me.
Row 2 Box 5 Amanda looks innocent.
Amanda: But I’m not.
Row 3 Box 1 Wide – Jackhammer stops and guy starts to replace it.
Row 3 Box 2 Forsalio points a finger at Amanda.
Forsalio: Don’t you lie to me! I can tell you’re up to something!
Row 3 Box 3 Slither skips up Forsalio’s arm.
Row 3 Box 4 Forsalio looks terrified.
Forsalio: “What’s that?”
Row 3 Box 5 Slither moves to Forsalio’s right shoulder while Forsalio looks right.
Row 4 Box 1 Amanda puts her hand on Forsalio’s right shoulder.
Amanda: Everything is fine. Its just your imagination.
Row 4 Box 2 Forsalio looks at his shoulder only to see Amanda’s hand there.
Forsalio: I suppose…
Row 4 Box 3 Amanda puts her other hand on Forsalio’s shoulder and looks deeply into his eyes.
Amanda: So will you accept our offer?
Row 4 Box 4 Forsalio looks dejected, as if he should not be doing what he is doing but can’t understand why.
Forsalio: Of…course…I suppose.
Row 4 Box 5 Amanda smiles as her eyes glow a bit.

Amanda: Excellent.   

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Chapter 4 - Page 49

Row 1 Box 1 A toy monkey is squashed by an accordion.
Row 1 Box 2 A large cement block smashes the toy to bits, dropped from the top of the panel.
Row 1 Box 3 A tiny child looks down at the toy, water filling their eyes.
Row 2 Box 1 A construction worker looks down at the child, looks sad and shrugs.
Row 2 Box 2 Forsalio looks at them and at Amanda in the distance.
Forsalio: This hardly looks like benevolent progress to me. And besides…I like the open air. The exercise. Its good for me.
Row 2 Box 3 Amanda rolls her eyes.
Row 2 Box 4 Amanda looks down at the ground suddenly, “What in the world is that?”
Row 3 Box 1 Forsalio looks confused and looks down.
Forsalio: Huh?
Row 3 Box 2 Amanda reaches over and casts a stun bolt at the construction worker.
Row 3 Box 3 The construction worker falls down unconscious and the child giggles.
Row 4 Box 1 Amanda points at the giggling child.
Amanda: See? She’s fine.
Row 4 Box 2 Forsalio looks dubious.
Forsalio: I guess. But why me?
Row 4 Box 3 Amanda puts her arm behind Forsalio and leads him off.

Amanda: Think of how many people you’ll be employing.

Monday, February 3, 2014

[Naked City Atlanta] The Pounding of the Kazoos -"Obsession"

Author's Note: Even now, as I post this, Naked City Atlanta is going on.  The word this month is Obsession.  Even though I can't be there, I'm writing this post to appear as if I were there in spirit.

There it was, the pounding of the kazoos, throbbing in my brain; an obsession that I could not get rid of.  Some people who look at the polar vortex gain a deep insight into the weather of the world; and some go mad.  Some just start running and never stop.  I'm one of the ones that went berserk.

It started small, you must understand.  The weather department at a news station is small, usually consisting of one or two people.  KQWAK was a bit larger than most, given the major metropolitan area that was Bismark North Dakota, so we had four.  Alright, perhaps it wasn't the size of our city so much as the fact that we had weather that was chaotic...and the weather girls were all rather attractive.  Except myself. I am neither a girl nor am I attractive.

But I was here first.

I stared at the vortex as it swirled and swirled on my little screen, phantomly imposed on the green-screen as I stared at it, pointing it out with my laser pen.  I was talking about the polar bears in the air as I stood in front of a stupid screen.  I was naked, baring my soul to these people.  And they didn't think it was real...the monstrous ursine cacophony soaring up above the stratosphere, ready to turn us all into so much lunch chow.

I'm not supposed to care about this.  A polar vortex is just a weather term for air that decides to go south for the winter in a place it never should be, but I know the polar bears are angry.  I said, I said to the guy I bought my car from, I said, "I want something that looks great and gets really shitty gas millage!  Fuck the environment!"  And I did, because you wouldn't believe what you can earn standing in front of a green screen and pretending you know what the hell you're talking about.  Fine, so I paid that little pimple for the answers to every test, but have you seen the other women in the news room?

I mean seriously.

And weather groupies?  I mean, there is nothing like getting serviced with a girl just in college who goes all gushy like a fruitloop with the magical words,"Castroverius Cumulonimbus Cirrico."  Seriously.  Clouds.  Tell them you're on TV and mention a few cloud names to them and they're all over you.

So I'm driving in my new car, hot blond on the carpet content as can be, humming with the hummer, and I shit you not, there is this coca cola billboard, and this polar bear, this polar bear is staring at me, as if I have personally

The bears, their claws,
The bears, their maws
The whirling vortex of infinite doom
I spot beneath myself a white wasteland
Where none, but the most incompetent
Let the people run free
Frozen in their tracks
Frozen in their cars
Frozen in all of the ways that matter
And I know,
I know in my heart
That I have been eaten by the bears
And they have stolen my soul.

What does it mean? What does it all mean?

Not a god damn thing except that I need to finish my coffee and that I need to get somewhere considerably warmer.  I wonder what the pay is for weather men in Miami....

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Precyber - Chapter 16

Clarke meets Che and Fidel.  

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