Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Map

And so the need has come for a Map. Most fantasy books don't have maps any more. I guess they went out of style or they cost money (probably both) but for a while, primarily after Tolkien, you couldn't have a fantasy book without a map. It just helped with the immersion. A map can help make an unreal place more real. Of course, so does language, but I'm not a linguist. I might try to cheat on that and maybe base my languages off of the real thing but we'll have to see. Maybe Pig-Insert Random Language here.

But when building a world, a map is helpful. I'm probably going to use one or two programs to initially help me, but then fill in some of the details that no program really can. Generally speaking, you start with the physical world and then slowly fill in the cultures. This month is going to be about the setting and we'll focus in on the more local setting/continent where our story is to take place.

But first we need a map.