Sunday, January 15, 2012


So I have a rather clear picture on the 5th novel, but I want a working title and to begin filling in details. I'll potentially try exploring some of that here.

I'm also debating the Tossing Grenade's at Windmill's podcast reading either the second, third or current novel as I write.

Regardless, so the basic premise of the 5th novel is a man who has seen the future in 1807, who doesn't like it and wants to change it, but ends up making something similar to steam punk. I've thought of some rather grand changes but there is still a lot of research I need to do. Particularly about the changes that will occur in the west.

I've also finally worked out some plot kinks that I had with Kitten re: the Tenth Muse which I hope to begin actually writing in Wed.

Also, I am having difficulty getting myself to transcribe the Unfood script to Celtrix. Its free but unfamiliar and I do have my habits while writing. Lately that involves being around people as much as possible.

Finally, I've decided that the next script I'm writing is called "Mr. Hamburger" based on a short story idea I had, though I will potentially write the short story first.

Wow, that sounds boring somehow, despite my interest in those projects.

So..I'm enjoying the writing for the first time in a while, even if I don't sound hyperbolic about it.