Thursday, January 19, 2017

These are the Words

by the 8th part of the soul of TC that went to hell a few years ago and let Rhombus in from time to time.

What is there to say that has not been said?

This darkness we summon now
This closing of the lid of the divine Eye of Providence
This curse we invoke upon ourselves
A less perfect union
Divided, Completely Divisible, Two Nations
This land has shattered the unsolited bargain it has made with itself
The Arc of Justice has had its back broken
And the fanfare for the common man is played with a kazoo
As Washington Burns
And will keep smoldering in the hell we all now dwell in
For is not hell or heaven the people you are with?
And are not so many responsible?
The fingers to point
And the harbingers all cacophanying against themselves
We few
We happy few
Who have an exit plan
To nowhere
For this tiny space ship earth
Is now piloted by the cast of Jackass
And has been for some time
But the arrogant and the ignorant guffaw and believe themselves enlightened
Even now they believe they are effective
Against the Long Bow
They bring a Spork to a Nuke Fight
Can this Miasma be turned?
Oh yes
Oh heavens yes
But it will not be with your refridgerator magnet philosophy horatio
It will be the herald of a new dawn
Not the Armstrong Spacesuit ripped in the vacuum of space
Full of holes and blasphemies
It shall be the temple of the kindest storm
It shall be in the eye of the hurricane
It shall be in the thralls of the voice of the City of Books
It shall be heard in the canyons great and small
These broken cities of ours shall rise up
When the new herald arrives
And on that day
Shall you know joy
But that day is not this day
For on this day
All men
All women
All races
All creeds
All nationalities
All of humanity
Should bow their heads in shame
May the stars heap the scorn upon us that we so richly deserve.
For we have failed.

Monday, January 16, 2017

State of Terra

Greetings blog fans, this is my first post using the new Dragon anywhere software. Seems to be working pretty well. The neat thing about it is that since it's over the Internet long as you have a relay between worlds it allows you to use it even on terra firma.

Things are not going well here either. Our new president, Jeffrey P polyester, was a bit of ringer. We thought we were getting another safe highly bland candidate, when in fact we have our own version of, "Donald Trump". The only differences this one seems a lot more charismatic and intelligent than yours. Needless to say that I have not renewed my lease in Miami and am returning to my former home, family domicile, in swamp in Louisiana.

There had been talked for a while about getting a group of us together and maybe helping you guys out using EP's method of traveling between worlds… As it is we have our own problems. So it looks like we're on this boat together. 

Well maybe not quite the same boat, since President Polyester carefully used his nuclear power company to carefully and stealthily distribute toxic waste all over America, particularly in the Midwest and old Confederate South… Thus leading to two or three generations brain damage, I'm afraid that you can't say the same thing on earth. But in your defense, your people don't fall for some the things that are still like look over there or your shoes or untied…

So it looks like it's gonna be long for more likely eight years… And we here at Terra look forward to working with you. I can't guarantee that will be able to be of much help, but at least we'll be able to entertain you.