Friday, June 30, 2023

[Poem] You Dont Go Full Amnesty International

 By Emmit Other

You dont go Full Amnesty International
Thats not how you get the Awards
You Dont Go Full Traitor Tankie
Thats Not How You Get The Awards
You Dont Go Full Tropic Thunder Blackface
That Shit Dont Fly No More
You Dont Aid Fascism and Lie For Russia
Without Getting Blood On Your Hands
Blood On Your Hands
As Deadly
As The Land Mines You Claim To Care About
Human Watch Not Watching

[Poem] Fuck Everything

Sexy wife is sexy w awesome dog :)

Making a poem re vomit teacher jesus

fuck the rape court re affirm action

fuck capitalism and fuck the oligarchy

fuck texas and i wish they had a go fund me for the fired teacher

fuck Not Ramses and the Roman Slave Theater

lol re gif life of brian :) :) :)

Love the 9 essential rules except politics...Fuck Centrists and Centrism

I wont bring it up if others do but if you blow your dog whistle I will blow my bullhorn

Wow I hadn't even heard of Every Body but will keep an eye out re streaming

Fuck Capitalism Fuck Garland and Fuck Medicare Fraudsters

Fuck Mississippi and Fuck Murder Police...especially racist ones

Re fascism  we need to be able to outlaw parties that demonize the other or democracy wont survive

Fuck Pizzarias thst want me to die of heat death and fuck lying liars

Hooray re Fucking Cross on Public Land

Guiliani is some kind of fae cursed invidual compelled to spill like Liar Liar w Jim Carey

Fuck Charlie Brown Biden and Fuck Centrists indeed

Language is power and we need to separate progressives centrists akd fascists by those who use the right Nillionares not Billionares

And love your word choice skip  slavers is exactly what we need to call them

Fuck the CTA

Fuck Texas and of course heat is making bad men worse

:/ re floriduh and pool dude

lol re step dad not planning to do it :)

interesting take re sunday usps dude because other headlines say he won...

smog is indeed bad everywhere

fuck Atlanta amd every atlanta mayor back to the 90s especially cop city window fucker freak

Fuck the Rape Court

Catio is awesome :) we might now do a mini version :)

good quote re coopting anti racism

Labyrinth is awesome

lol re photoshopped swamp hitler

How did you cause stress? the google fi phones not working in canada like they were supposed to is not your fault...

cat is adorbs :)

fuck the rape court and cool re standing...fuck ant lgbt freak

lol re fucking Christianist freak

fuck the rape court and military exemption

[Poem] Second Helping

 by Emmit Other

Never before has a boy asked for more

Of his own vomit

Because its gross

But some freak teacher

Made him eat it

And you know


That her first outrage

Was being caught on camera

Not at the fact

That people now know

She was a sadist

And choose teaching

To get her fix

How exactly



Do we not psychologically test


Military Officers



Social Workers

Police Officers

For sadists and sociopaths?

Because the American system is built

For sociopaths

Maintained by a Rape Court full of them

And they keep making us all

Eat our own vomit

With capitalism





Thursday, June 29, 2023

[Poem] Virtue Signaling Hypocritical Freak

 I had a friend 

Get accused 

Of being something he is not

Stalking and cybervigilanting him

On Twitter

Bear in mind

That Ninja Warrior here

Is Virtue Signalling


a Platform run by a fascist

For fascists

Virtue signaling on twitter

Is motherfucking


Calling someone racist on twitter

Is motherfucking 


Its like dressing up

To the nines

And going to 

The Adolph Hitler memorial

Racists are Cool

2023 Masquerade

And accusing someone

Of being an anti semite

After you paid


For the mother fucking ticket

If you arent a fascist

Or fascist lover

Or fascist enabler

And you are on twitter

Dont virtue signal


You have none

Authors Note: I hear the Semantics Democrat in the background saying if twitter is so bad, why is your friend there?

If that is the only thing you got out of the poem, go slap your face and read it again

And my friend runs a small business he is desperately trying to make work.  I dont want anyone to be on twitter, but if you must be there, dont pretend moral superiority.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

[Poem] Special Snow

 By Emmit Other

Its snowing in summer

Its snowing in summer

But dont make a snow cone

Dont make a snow cone

Or you will think

You work for wall street

Its Cocaine!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

[Poem] Big Bird Go Boom

 In a nearby shadow world

Big Bird Went Boom

The freaks that worked for Reagan

Thought this was a good idea

Instead of killing a teacher

They nearly killed a dream

You cannot kill an idea

But you sure can make one scream

Petty politics 

And the demonic senate

Kept this program alive

Far longer than it should

Now the SLS does the same thing

Bathtub drowning the public good

An undemocratic senate

Snuffs the dreams of young eagles

An American Republic turned empire

Shouldnt even be legal....s....









The senate sucks.

Monday, June 26, 2023

[Poem] Hallucinating Oxygen

 by Emmit Other

The Nasa guys I hear

Are opening a new frontier

Or perhaps they had too much beer

Given this stupid notion I fear

The tech bros sold Nasa another piece of shit

Just like the SLS which doesnt work

But with congress is quite the hit

ChatGPT for astronauts sounds fun

Until you know what its about

Sending them into the sun

Hallucinating a cool breeze they cant do without

They ask how the air is doing

And chatGPT makes something up en route

About fresh air and blue skies

While the astronaut goes blue 

Since the truth to an llm is wearing a cunning disguise


Sunday, June 25, 2023

[Poem] A Whole New Level of Stupid

Spitting into the wind

Messing around with Leroy Brown

Serving as Ronald MagaDonalds Lawyer

Expecting honesty from a Republican

Getting your news from Fox Noise

Thinking  a nillionare is your friend

These are all stupid

But aint nothing compared

To a mercinary

Thinking he can cross 

Prince Polonium

And not finish the job

Unless he has a food taster

For the rest of his life

And never goes above the first floor

He is the walking dead

Clock is ticking

Chef Blood Pool

Clock is ticking

Friday, June 23, 2023

[Poem] Titanic 2 - Electric Boogaloo




We have a legit story

For Titanic 2

An edgy nillionare

The professor

The hot shot pilot

Go down

Into the Dark



"What about 350 dying horribly?"


"Are you kidding me?

Wait...was there a nillionsre stuck with them?"


Maybe we can use this...

Have the sub seemingly die

But taken by Atlantis

At Warp speed

To save the 400

Maybe 2000 refugees

Like a cruise ship

Full of nillionares

Saving Refugees"

Titanic 2: The Crushening

Thursday, June 22, 2023

[Poem] The Lie

When you live a lie

So much

That it traps you in a hell

A hell so dire

That your body is a prison

That slowly robs your breath

A lie that prevents escape

A lie that prevents apology

A lie that prevents change

Faith is belief in that which is unsern

But real

Believing in a lie

Isnt faith

It is just 

Holding your breath until you turn


lalalalalalalala fingers in my ears

I cant hear you

The truth doesnt care

What you think of it

What you desire of it

It just is

And every lie is paid for

By someone

Most often

It is paid

By you.


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

[Poem] Our Lady Of Joy

 Nike wants you to be happy

Be happy

Oh so happy

Happy happy happy

Joy Joy Joy

Joi Joi Joi

Hapi Hapi Hapi

Hap Hap Hap

Fap Fap Fap

Tap Tap Tap



The internet sees

What was clearly supposed to be

An anthropomorphized sapient shoe spirit

And instead


A sapient spirit

Playable at a fortnight game near you


Tuesday, June 20, 2023

[Poem] Terms and Conditions

 Netflix assures you they arent there

Streamberrys terms


They are

You see


Is reading everything you do

Everything you are

Do you think

You are save

From a future holodeck 

Your gramdkids use

To spin up a simulation of you

And literally

Make you blow

Some Orange Tang

Right up your nose

Terms and Conditions

Tetms and Conditions

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

[Poem] Self Slavery

 by Emmit Other

Bad enough that Europe is returning 

Like a dog to its vomit

To conservatism

And not to moldy toe jam

Center Reich conservatism

But Qanon maga nazi freak far reich satanism

Even after seeing the UK 

Even after seeing Trump

To vote conservative

In a system that allows third parties

Is the single greatest sign of moral 

And cognitive decline


But to vote that way

When they promise to repeal abortion laws

When they want to make you a brood mare

That is a level of self loathing

That means

You arent worth

The slightest shred or molecule

Of empathy


Or dignity of any kind