Friday, October 28, 2016


Not doing NaNoWrMo.

I'm just not ready.  I got sort of lucky w Heir to Sunfire in that I had three awesome off the shelf characters and a demi story I'd wanted to tell for some time.  In Fruitloop and Frankenstein, I have one of the characters ready; some interesting supporting characters, hints at a villain and not anything on one of the primaries.  Can't start 2500 like that and have it not be crap; at the least NOT for a historical fantasy; so back to my original plan of next year.  Should be fun.  If the Heliotropic book works out even REMOTELY well, then I am thinking of two more books like it in a trilogy of demi anthologies of hybrids of stories by Terrans (voices in my head) and real people along with two 50000 novels in each.  Moreover, at the moment any way, it looks to be fun.

I cannot say the same about Eternally East.  I am FINALLY ready to start the final stages on Forever West to print, but it has been a bear. Honestly? I think the biggest reason is; Forever West is a TC Ricks story; I write as Rhombs Ticks now.

No new word on Spiders in the Sugar Factory but I'm sure I'll have news soon.

Seven Timelines moves along.  The Wordswap I have w Bill Maxwell is finally showing fruit and it appears we'll have a kickoff w Cassie, myself and he in a week or two.  My first bit for him should be done this weekend.

I should finish Order 37 script for Jay this weekend as well.

I will slowly begin producing more content for the blog; likely notes, writing experiemnts and research for Fruitloop and Frankenstein and Heliotropic encylcopedia...but I have another project in mind that which is the whole reason I'm considering a trilogy of anthologies.  Quite frankly an experiment that large is the kind of thing I can go out on a bang with....Forever West is likely to never go anywhere; though we'll see...time for it to fend for itself in print.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 3

I just learned this will be called Order 37, so I'll try to refer to that in future drafts.

Scene: Captain Muerto Poderosa is walking through the desert.  He spots a scorpion on the ground.

The Scorpion raises its stinger menacingly and extends its claws.  Muerto nods in respect, smiling and then continues walking through the desert.  He is listening to heavy metal music through headphones.

Command (Voice Over): Attention all humans in sector 457-72.  This is a general order 37.  Repeat, this is a General Order 37.  By the Treaty of Mel's Diner; all human factions are required to respond.  Critical supplies for Desolation Base have been downed.  Coordinates being broadcast.  Repeat, coordinates being broadcast, Order 37.

Scene: Muerte checks his watch, then checks his compass.  He looks at the sun and looks back in the general direction of the scorpion as if asking a question.  Then he shrugs, smiles and runs off in the direction of the downed plan.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 2

Scene: Tank Crew in the Northern Wastes is on routine patrol.

Sgt Cotter: Nothing on radar sir, but I'm still convinced Grindface has some kind of jamming tech.

Gunny: That's bullshit.

Commander Ogone: Better to assume they do.

Ltn Lyons: Like we assume your girlfriend is real?

Commander Ogone: You'll get to meet her, I promise.

Gunny: You better.

Sgt Cotter: I dunno, I kind of like the rumors that the Commander has his own personal harem out here.

Gunny: Do I look like a harem girl?

Ltn Lyons: No accounting for taste.

Commander Ogone: Can we not talk about my sex life while on patrol in the middle of the wastes, thanks?  I don't ask what you do on leave.

Gunny: You don't wanna know.

Ltn Lyons: He would if he knew what I do on leave.

(Commander Ogone sighs, his crew laughs.)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Robot Poetry 2016

EP Blingermeyer's Robot updates news on the podcast and reads some poems

Check out this episode!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Status Update

I am nearly finished with Act 2 of the Order 37 script.

I am going to have to stop updating Heir of Sunfire (previously called Heliotrope) in light of needing to swap writing with Bill Maxwell to get help on Seven Timelines; which Cassie Carnage is working on at a lovely pace.

Kelly got some actual human response when submitting one of my poems; it was semi kind.

New short stories are on hold until the end of the year.  I need to start finishing the editing processes for my novels.  I have definitely decided I want other authors to write some stories for the Book of Heliotropic fairy tales; and I have a few folks in mind.  The question is whether I ask them in 2017 or 2018.  If it ends up being 2017 I might just pay some poor editor to work on my first two novels.

Expect to hear a scream the likes that will shake the world if so.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 2 - Scene 1

Scene: Andrew wakes up and bruised and bloody but alive.  He pats down all his limbs and checks to make sure nothing is broken quickly.

Captain Andrew: Medley? Curt?  (beat) Commander?!

There is nothing but silence as he struggles to undo the strap and finally does.  He looks around.

He checks several switches and nothing works.  He turns on the emergency transponder.

Larger Graphic: A Transponder activates.

Voice Over: This is control, is anyone alive?

Andrew: I...I am. (beat) Commander Medley didn't make it.

Control: (Voice Over): Sit tight.  We have an advanced recon crew in the area.  They are on their way.  Secure yourself.  Is the cargo intact?

Andrew moves to the back.

Andrew: Yes.  Yes it is.

Control (Voice Over): Make sure the cargo goes with you.  Over

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 1 - Scene 5

Scene: Bregsaw Grindface and his marauders spot the plane on a sensor and cheer.  They high five each other and load a missile into a missile launcher.

Scene: Missile soars across the mountains and up into the air.

Scene: Curt points the missile out to Andrew who turns the plane's speed to max.

Andrew: They were sooner than I thought! How'd they get so far out?

Scene: Bregsaw Grindface and his marauders cheer as it closes with the plane.

Scene: Plane deploys chaff.

Scene: Bregsaw Grindface takes manual control of the missile.

Scene: Andrew tries to dodge but fails.

Scene: Missile impacts the plane.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 1 - Scene 4

Scene: Captain Andrew and Commander Curt sit in a plane and talk to each other.

Andrew: We all square?

Curt: Aye Captain.

Andrew: This isn't a pirate ship Commander.

Curt: Aye.

Andrew: You aren't scottish.

Curt: Aye.

Andrew: How's the engine?

Curt: Aye.  I mean....good.

Andrew:Warm em up and run all the diagnostics.  We're gonna be gunning it for longer than I'd like.

Curt: Capn?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 1 - Scene 3

Scene: Admiral Dweebnar and Captain Andrew stand over a briefing room table.

Admiral Dweebnar: Good news Captain, you won't be flying a sortie against the Roids today.

Captain Andrew: That is good news.  Commander Medley will be very happy.  So what are we doing?

Admiral Dweebnar: Oubliette base is running short of vital supplies.  You are to make a run up there and delivery them; then return.

Captain Andrew: Um...sir, no offense but...this sounds like a milk run.  Why not have a drone or a Junior pilot do it?

Admiral Dweebnar: I would give you bullshit about R&R but we both know that's not something we can afford with our losses so I'll get straight to the point.  There's a renegade human out there called Bregsaw.  He's killing our people and robbing them.  A bandit pure and simple.

Captain Andrew: So he is real?

Admiral Dweebnar: Very.  And we can't afford a fighter escort; so you will need to dodge his fire both ways.  Can you do that?

Captain Andrew (saluting) Aye sir.

Admiral Dweebnar: God speed Captain.  This is an important one.

Captain Andrew: Don't worry sir.  I won't let you down.

Amidral Dweebnar (nodding): Dismissed.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


I think I will call the 6th novel "House of Helios" as one of two or three or novels in the Heliotropic book of fairy tales....I need to edit a LOT more but waiting a year has made me much more able to edit it. I think from now on anything I write, no matter how much I want to ship it immediately, needs to age like fine wine...(or liquid turds) and then be cleansed. But the core story of Novel 6 is ...good. Really good. It also needs a lot of work.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 1 - Scene 2

Scene: Benjamin and Andrew are talking to each other before he goes while Andrew packs.

ANDREW: It's been a great visit dad.

BENJAMIN: It's too short.

Andrew: It's always too short.

Benjamin: Every year gets worse.  The roids just keep taking more and more.

Andrew: We're gonna turn it around.

Benjamin: You just keep coming back to me, do you understand?

Andrew: I understand Dad.  I will.

Benjamin: A father shouldn't live longer than his son.

Andrew: I know Dad.  I gotta go.

(They hug)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

[Script] Sentinel Chronicles - November Project - Act 1 - Scene 1

Scene: Admiral Dweebnar and General ThickDexter are talking via conference call.  Dweebnar is in a ridiculously posh office with slick high tech screens outlining tactical and strategic displays behind him, eating and drinking something posh while the General sits in a concrete bunker, obviously worn by combat with a worn battleflag behind him.

ADMIRAL: What is it Thickdexter?

GENERAL: This. Place. Is. Hell.

ADMIRAL: You knew that when we sent you there.  It's part of the conditions of your resignation.

GENERAL: I accepted this assignment with certain conditions....

ADMIRAL: I know that.

GENERAL: I've had hardship....

ADMIRAL: (sighs)

GENERAL: The men, the men here, think of the men, how they suffer, we're suffering together

ADMIRAL: I'll - (interrupted)

GENERAL: I know where the bodies are buried. We need that package.

ADMIRAL: (beat) I'll send someone.  Our best pilot.  Now stop calling me.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

[Poem] The Grass Is Mean - Part 1

By Emmit Other and
(Inspired from the writings of my Forefathers)

Yard work kept me busy part of the time.
Part of the Time
Part of the Time

I mowed the lawn
Mowed it
Moved the Lawn

Put down the fall fertilizer
Sprayed for weeds
Trimmed back the blackberry bush
Trimmed the pear tree.
Peaaaaaaar Tree

I mowed the lawn
Mowed it
Moved the Lawn

The tomato plants are still in full bloom
I don't think they will last much longer

I mowed the lawn
Mowed it
Moved the Lawn