Thursday, July 31, 2014

[Script] Tossing Grenades at Windmills - Page 4

J.R.R. Thorne and Dr. Shadows enter from opposite ends and begin to walk around the chair.

Well Dr. Noble, have you changed your mind about giving me the formula?

Frank Noble slowly looks up.

Isn’t that already sort of formulaic?

Ah yes, evil villain tortures hapless scientist to obtain secret formula to conquer the world, isn’t that it?

Something like that yes. It sounds a lot like the shows I watched growing up as a child.

Ah, but you see Dr. Noble, the difference between your little television shows and THIS is that you are not only watching but feeling this…feeling the pain searing through your nerves, feeling the unreality of staying awake for 96 hours straight searing through your entire consciousness. You’ve managed to resist Dr. Shadows so far, but do you really think you can continue?

Doc Shadows stops walking around the chair and looks into Frank’s eyes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Script] Tossing Grenades at Windmills - Page 3

Shadows sees this. He steps up behind Frank, touches him with one finger and puts him instantly to sleep. He picks Frank up in both arms goes outside.


Doc Shadows takes an unconscious Frank and puts him to the car waiting outside.

Inoria and Hawkqueen stand over the broken robot.

Doc Shadows drives away with Frank, unseen or unnoticed by anyone.

A single chair with restraints bolted to the floor with Frank Noble sitting in it. There is a video monitor which cannot be seen by the audience, the lighting is poor, with a bright light shining directly on the seat. Frank Noble has his head down, barely conscious.

(off screen)
An in other news today, Weather Man destroyed the small island of Tomako, killing at least 34 people and rendering the rest of the island's population homeless. United Earth heroes showed up a few hours later to arrest him, but by then the worst of the damage had been done…

The monitor statics.

(off screen)
and in other news today Doctor Smiley single handedly wiped the memories of at least seven people, medical experts are unsure if they’ll be able to restore the [static] and in other news today the Pterodactyl razors a young couple in …

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I have a swollen lower lip making reading ...difficult.  We'll resume next week.  Likely will record several in a row.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

[Script] Tossing Grenades at Windmills - Page 2

Fade In:


A giant robot walks down the street. It vaporizes a car. A large hovercycle pulls up and INORIA and HAWKQUEEN get off.

FRANK NOBLE walks down the street, speaking into a cellphone.

Yes, I've nearly got it working. Its pretty amazing stuff. So far its refracted literally everything that I've thrown at it. This could mean unlimited room temperature superconductivity...

Frank ignores the robot. Just another day and battle in the city. Hawkqueen and Inoria do battle against the robot in the background while DOCTOR SHADOWS gets out of a black sedan and follows Frank into his lab. Frank does not see Dr. shadows.


Frank sighs, puts on a pair of goggles and fires up a laser which bounces off a thin sheet of something shiny and tinfoil like. (Reflexium.)

Doctor Shadows watches this, still unseen.

If I coat it with a little of this... (Sprays something on the sheet)

The robot walks by the window. Inoria is hanging onto its leg, banging on it with something bulky and metal to utterly no effect.

Frank tries the laser again, this time it is much stronger.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[Script] Tossing Grenades at Windmills - Page 1

Copyright 2014 Red Anvil Amalgamated

Tossing Grenades at Windmills”

Screenplay by

T.C. Ricks

Reading Draft


Major Characters

Frank Noble (Grenademan) - A brilliant scientist in his late twenties; smart, idealistic, moderately handsome but hopelessly socially inept. His hidden alterego, "GRENADEMAN" always speaks in capital letters, possesses no fear whatsoever, and has a mirthful bizarrely screwed up perspective of good, evil and reality. He is insane.

Doc Shadows (Archelius deShade) - A strong powerful man, with noble features he always hides behind a gas mask and fedora. One of the first metas, he has telepathically tricked Death into leaving him alone to give himself immortality. He hates what metas have done to the world and is determined to make it a better place. At all costs.

Hawkqueen (Katrina Dasalgo) - A beautiful empath of the past generation. She is the paramount protector of the city and a skilled warrioress. She works with two empathicly linked hawks, Trouble and Double Trouble.

Inoria - (Jaycee Defoe) - A technowizard, sexy with a bizarre sense of humor. She is the protege of hawkqueen and hopelessly smitten by Frank Noble, despite his insanity. Likes things that explode.

Chainsaw Fred (Fred Noble) - Hates crazy idiots in costume. Owns a hardware store. Frank's pragmatic older brother. Mechanically brilliant, willing to do what must be done to protect his family. Even Frank when he puts on a costume.

J.R.R. Thorne - The villain. He is determined to trick Shadows into building a device which will allow him to steal the technological secrets of a generation and make him a very rich man. He hates metas and has developed a powerful PAC to help him do so.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Love Letter to Julia #1

We are reading Dangerous Liasons together, and my lovely wife requested I write her a love letter.  I did.  I am sharing it with the world for our first anniversery tmrw.

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Gone Fishing

Reader Questions are Asked For.

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Gone Fishing

Reader Questions are Asked For.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 94 - Chapter 6

Dedicated to my lovely wife Julia Carlson Ricks.  This was originally part of a deal for a cover and a graphic novel with an artist who is a friend of mine, but alas, she had other projects she had to move on to and reverted the rights of the script to me.  Someday I may ping her and ask to share with you the delightful art she did for the first chapter, but for now, words will have to suffice.

I'm not sure when, if ever, I'll be able to have this put to art.  Maybe a kickstarter someday but there are at least two other projects that must come before it; Forever West and a second Fate of Inglemia book.  But at least I can share the script with you.

I hope you enjoyed.  More content will appear from time to time here.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 93 - Chapter 6

Row 1 Box 1 Vesuvius and Sluice look at an unaware Jesra and Pete.
Sluice: Still doesn't seem right that they can't know we're watchin em.
Vesuvius: Yeah Nungo's a jerk.
Sluice: So why don't we just ignore him?
Vesuvius: Never know when he might be watching....
Row 1 Box 2 Vesuvius leaps up on Sluice's shoulder.
Vesuvius: Besides, if we disobey him he might erase their memories.
Sluice: Sigh.
Vesuvius: Hey. We'll do what we can.
Row 2 Box 1 Close up of Sluice and Vesuvius looking at each other smiling.
Sluice: Like the wa-
Vesuvius: Hey shhhh! Remember what I said about him watching, he can read lips.
Sluice: Heh.
Row 2 Box 2 Sluice and Vesuvius look peacefully at Jesra and Pete kissing, wand in Jesra's hands.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Precyber - Chapt 38

Clarke and Emily have a ....happy reunion.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 92 - Chapter 6

Row 1 Box 1 Jesra looked at Pete.
Jesra: So....
Row 1 Box 2 Pete shrugged and smiled.
Pete: They said that they would be back in a few weeks when they put things back together on the other side.
Row 1 Box 3 Jesra shook her head.
Jesra: It seems...dumb. We should be learning things. Preparing for things.
Row 2 Box 1 Pete hugs Jesra.
Pete: They just have their own way of doing things I guess.
Row 2 Box 2 Jesra looks up at Pete.
Jesra: So what does it mean that you're a 'lynchpin'? Do you have magical powers or something now?”
Row 2 Box 3 Pete tries extending his finger to zap a rock.
Row 3 Box 1 Nothing happens.
Row 3 Box 2 Pete shrugs.
Pete: I guess not.
Row 3 Box 3 Jesra smiles.
Jesra: Look.
Row 3 Box 4 They both see Amanda's wand lying on the ground.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 91 - Chapter 6

Row 1 Box 1 Narration off Panel: Everything changed that day.
A row of troll prisoners walk through a portal in chains looking dismayed.
Sluice and Vesuvius look on, quite pleased.
Row 1 Box 2 Narration off Panel: And while the world was not perfect...
Slither climbs out of the trashcan.
Row 1 Box 3 Narration off Panel: A temporary balance was achieved.
Slither moves through a portal back home.
Row 2 Box 1 Narration off Panel: And a bridge between two worlds was created.
Nungo shakes hands with Forsalio with Pete, Jesra and Klery next to him.
Row 2 Box 2 Narration off Panel: That was good, because quite frankly we could use all the help we could get....
Forsalio waves and heads through a portal.
Row 2 Box 3 Narration off Panel: And for a time, the two young humans could resume their lives and for a time pretend that things were normal.
Jesra and Pete looked at each other, smiling.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Precyber - Chapter 38

Clark gets his old job back.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 90 - Chapter 6

Row 1 Box 1: All three of them close their eyes.
Row 1 Box 2: Horus throws Sluice backward a great deal.
Horus: Insolent troll!
Row 1 Box 3: A huge amount of energy surrounded by Helvetica characters, floating papers, and shadow images of the modern world surround the three.
Row 2 Box 1: Lightning pours the other direction in the link that Horus has established with them for the ritual.
Row 2 Box 2 Horus begins to burn, and roars upward in pain.
Row 2 Box 3 Horus is reduced to a screaming skull.
Row 3 Box 1 Horus is reduced to nothing but a pile of ash.
Row 3 Box 2 The trolls fighting for Horus all look back in horror.
Row 3 Box 3 The trolls all throw down their weapons.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[Seventh Seal] Page 89 - Chapter 6

Row 1 Box 1 Pete tries pushing through the bubble in frustration.
Row 1 Box 2 His hand goes through.
Pete: We can get out!
Row 1 Box 3 Forsalio and Klery see this.
Row 1 Box 4 They all start to get out.
Row 2 Box 1 Horus sees this and turns around.
Horus: Oh no you don't.
Row 2 Box 2 Pete gets a look of inspiration on his face.
Row 2 Box 3 Flashback: Pete sees two trolls talking.
Troll 1: That's why they keep losing right? They keep trying to impose their rules on the world, but each world has its own rules.
Row 2 Box 4 Pete looks at the other two, “Join hands!”
Row 3 Box 1 Horus begins the ritual a second time.
Horus: Aline, Aline, Aloxitas-AAAAAAAAAARG!
Row 3 Box 2 Sluice slams a halbard into Horus's foot.
Row 3 Box 3 They all join hands.
Row 3 Box 4 Forsalio looks at Pete.
Forsalio “Now what?”
Row 4 Box 1 Pete looks confused.
Pete: I'm not sure....
Row 4 Box 2 Pete looks at Klery.
Pete: Maybe if we just....think about making the world safe? Concentrate?
Row 4 Box 3 Forsalio shrugs.
Row 4 Box 4 Klery nods.
Klery: I will pray with you.