Sunday, February 28, 2021

20 Minutues of Me Talking Like a Cat

I spend 20 minutes talking like a cat.  About 60 percent of it is me just making generic cat talk noises, 37% cat singing and some random english words or other animals to create the illusion of stimulating conversation.

I dont recommend listening to it.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Climate Rape

 We can pretend

That the Very Concerned White Men

Being Howler Monkeys 

In the hearings

For the First Native American

Interior Secretary

We can

But it would be moronic 



Indulgently Ghoulish

These oil and gas companies

Reach into mother Earth

Pull out her blood

Churn it as poison into our skies

Thrust it into our lungs with a pitched fondu fork

Melt the poles for a quick buck

Kill other sapient species on this planet

Those non human brothers who know they are alive

And do not have voice as these toxic agents of filth

Chortle and Harumph and Act Very Concerned

About Jobs for Rural Meth Maga America

Pardon if I dont give a fuck for your Maga feelings

I did not consent to the destruction of our world

For your Goddamned SUV

Sunday, February 21, 2021

The $ins of $ilicon Valley - Microsoft - The First Horseman

It all starts somewhere right? The poster child for why all other tech companies are ammoral with a glitz of magic and a dash of some good but mostly rotten to the core all starts with Microsoft that acted as an ACTUAL monopoly and taught the other companies to be greedy in DIFFERENT ways for the laws we havent even invented yet as compared to the 100 year old Sherman Anti Trust act.

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Sunday, February 14, 2021

The $ins of $ilicon Valley - IBM: Prelude to Genocide

Long before the First "Horseman" Microsoft came along and set the stage for toxic Technoculture in America and the rest of the World; IBM helped contribute meaningfully to the Holocaust by allowing the German government in WWII to identify, catalog and kill millions and millions of people based on their religion, culture or sexual orientation.  This was entirely preventable, but IBM looked the other way and has since still defended themselves. 

As of now, IBM has suffered no meaningful consequences for their crime.

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Friday, February 12, 2021

Arsonist by Voyuerism

 by Emmit Other

Taking away the gasoline

From the match lighting pyromaniac child

Who wants to watch the world burn

Why standing by 

Twiddling your thumbs content with the world

The fat happy apostle after the last supper 

Ignoring the shaking of the world around you

While all around you gremlin goblins in human form

Set up the bonfire of the earth

And all the kindling therein

And draw you a bulleted powerpoint 

And ancient treasure map with a big red x

Saying here on 1/6/2021

I am going to make the world burn

Makes you an arsonist by voyeurism

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Petty Karma

 by Emmit Other

I want to believe in beautiful karma

That some giant bony invisible hand

Ticks of points like the Good Place better

Some kind of karmic balance

In this life 

Or the next

But the cosmic toxic muppet muggle

That decided to make me her Work Project

Who whisper lisped her anti moxie dribble jibble

Flippering flappering peppery tribble

Liquid farts in vocal form

Her puking flukes of sentance gorm

Proves to me with wicked breath

Of heavens mist and angel death

That this person who needs a gremlin smack

To the back of gnobbish head

Not demanding meteors or gasoline trucks

Or broken knees on banana peels

Just a torbid curled nasty sandwich with her least favorite ingredient

That she eats half way through as she lords her psuedointellect over her family

Or something of that vein

Anyway it was an interesting day at work