Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The day of

So of course on the very day that I plan to start writing on my blog again I got hit by a major amount of work and training that it's supposed to be for my own benefit. Ignoring comments about politics and work then I'm not going to be making, I think the most interesting thing about this week is the fact that with the passing of my grandfather certain things that had been in the back of my mind telling him no become crystal clear. The first one is that I am going to write exactly 9 novels, and one of them becomes largely successful then I might write more but I think 9 is more than enough for any individual comma and I think that the ones I've chosen to write are all sound and something I plan to look forward to.

I don't really expect to become a wildly successful author but I've enjoyed the writing for itself and I think that I will continue to write on this blog, I think that I will continue to do script and I think that I'm going to help my friends with their projects and hopefully they will be able to help me with mine. One of the nice things about being self-published is that you Answer to No One except yourself. And I set the standard pretty high and for myself. The book of heliotropic fairy tales is going to be the best editing that I can do or get someone else for me to do Illustrated well and crafted well. It's going to be an anthology, now how large an apology I'm not yet sure but I have some aspirations in a pretty large. In the meantime starting next week training or no look here for more content and more interesting thoughts.

About half of my writing is going to be for robots sense after all if half of you are robots I should write to my audience. Have a great day.

Monday, August 22, 2016

On the patheticness of Gamergate

So if you follow my twitter account, you might see that I am particularly harsh towards a group of fools called Gamergate.  Gamergate claims that they have the moral high ground and is about journalistic ethics in gaming medium.

So if you were about journalistic ethics and gaming journals were corrupt, what kind of behavior might you expect to see?

Well, first you would expect a creative solution.  Like something to actually SOLVE the problem, not just whine about it.  And I think it is safe to say that the moment your movement is more about 'catalogging' all the grievances against you than actually solving the problem, its a pretty good indicator that you aren't interested in the ethics of anything.

So many of these people claim to be 'liberal' or 'progressive' or 'I'm a libertarian' but they all ACT conservative, both embracing racist and sexist humor, dancing with delight at anything that goes against 'Social Justice Warriors' or really anything that is remotely progressive.

They are, in short a socially conservative movement made up of grognards who do not like the fact that the world has Moved On, in the truest sense of the Gunslinger books by Steven King.  These knuckle dragging regressive trolls are slathering in their own juices.

But why should I care? I don't.  Not really.  But I hate liars.  I really do and while I don't claim perfection, is and has been a particularly hated bit of conservative trash for quite some time because of the Acorn buillshit they got away with and were never criminally prosecuted for.  FRAUD is profiting by lying and it is now proven in courts of law that they lied and yet no one has prosecuted any of them except the pimpin pimp liars.  Meanwhile Gamergate tries and tries to deny its links to these assholes.

So do I enjoy mocking these turds? You bet.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, I've put them in the Book of Heliotropic fairy tales but honestly I think an entire anthology of Gamergate slashfic would be hilarious.  Gamergaters writing angry slashfic against folks only to fall victim (in fiction) of their darkest most intolerant little dark desires.

I'll keep you posted :D

Friday, August 12, 2016

Future Plans

I am unsure what I'm doing with Forever West.  I might try editing it now.  The block I felt for a long time is gone, and I might try to write the second half some time next year.

This year I am writing my 7th novel "Fruitloop and Frankenstein" during nanowrmo....which is significant because after that I've completed my life goal to write seven....At this point the 2nd half/2nd novel in the Forever West series is kind of needed given the 15% I just chopped off to make it interesting and Heliotrope really feels like it needs three novels and several stories to make it work.

And I really REALLY want to write something after visiting Finland w Julia but still...

I think "retirement" for me as a writer is in the future.  There is a lot to do and a short time to do it.  Sure, success could happen and I'll never ENTIRELY stop writing but retiring what I call 'the 2nd life' ...definitely see that happening soon.  Maybe by the end of next year if not this one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

[Heliotrope] Frankensteins of Frankenstein

There is a ridiculous argument in the shadows of the world as to whether Frankenstein's Monster should be called Frankenstein or not.  What should you call him? Ralph? Jingleheimer? His name is his name too.

The single biggest argument in this involves the Frankensteins made by Frankenstein.  Yes, it is both a noun and a verb.  I Frankenstein.  We Frankenstein.  You Frankenstein.  We all Frankenstein.  We shall be Frankensteining.  We shall Frankenstein.  Thou shalt not Frankenstein etc.

At any rate, you would think that Frankenstein would be upset at the idea of Frankensteining, and Frankly, you would be right, but loneliness does things to a man, and as time wears on, you desire immortal companions.  But it isn't just that.  Frankenstein was always obsessed with out Frankensteining his father (Frankenstein.)  He could do a better job.

So Frankenstein went out and got himself another Frankenstein.  No one is entirely sure where Frankenstein the III came from.  When he has been spotted, he has been reluctant to say, but what is known is that Frankenstein (Jr) did indeed do a good job.  Frankenstein the III was considerably better adjusted person than Jr.  III wasn't afraid of fire, small children or bad jokes.  Curiously, Frankensteinologists have always noted that he was in fact afraid of Windmills and outrageous french accents, but the origins of this has been lost in the mists of time.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[Poem] Good King Yurtle Ruled His Sandbox

by Emmit Other

Humans is Humans
And that's a fact.
Nothing wrong with it.
Oh what a magnificent creature is man
Yada. Etc. Etc. Etc.
And with humans comes the dark side
In Fighting
We have a choice
In This Short Life of Ours
To Rise Above
Or Sink Below
But if you Rise
Rise for Real
Don't go through the motions
Like Good King Yurtle
Slow and Ponderous
Was his Mein
Universal Fairness
Did he obtain
One law for all
In his tiny sandbox
Turtle droppings aside
But the King played favorites
Oh yes he did
All for the guy
Who his zipper undid
And ole king Yurtle
Did Snap and Command
And many a friendship
Did his fury disband
Left and Right
His Banning Chop
Slashed hapless users
From his sandbox slop
But in the end
Even Yurtle did bow
To the disgusting turdness
Of his favorite sow
And so did turdlet
Go by and by
And offer Yurtle
a chance at the High
Ethics could rule
And justice could matter
But Yurtle ignored it
Watch his dignity splatter
No honor
No truth
Just an angry scowl
Yurtle the Turtle
Did sputter and howl
For Yurtle's sandbox
It leaked like a siv
Beware Mr. Fair King
Lest he give you the Shiv.