Sunday, September 24, 2023

[Poem] Pull Down The Moon

By Emmit Other
Image by Chelsea J

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Friday, September 15, 2023

[Poem] The Tyranny of the Tea Cozy

 by Emmit Other

Grandma Pancakes ran a tight ship

The whole family minded their Ps and Qs when she was about

Her opinion 

Better be your opinion

Or she would Delores Umbridge the fuck out of you

No one wanted to be



So many ists

Grandma enforced them all

Until it was time to put her in a home

Until she couldnt enforce the will

Beware using the power of the tea cozy

Beware demanding more than your due 

Merely because you can make people want to avoid the word


Next to their name

For the tea cozy is an illusion

Not real togetherness

Not real love

Not even real power

No one wants to be bullied 

And they wont be

They wont be

Time keeps on ticking

Tick tock

Tick tock


[Poem] The Bitterest Boon of the Oppressor

 by Emmit Other

The United State of America

Is Not

By Any stretch of the imagination

But aside from Satanic Red 

vs Cacaphony Blue

Its Dick Cocaine Rich

va Everyone else

And as history teaches us

The oppressed becomes the oppressor

First chance it gets

So we so see 

When largest oppressed Identity

Poor stupid rural gullible white people

Elected a mother fucking monster

The oppressor does not need to spend every waking moment

Worrying about the police

Or getting pregant

Or raped

Or fired

Or getting a house

But worst of all

The oppressor always has the luxury

Of learning empathy

And the plight of the oppressed

The oppressed have some empaths

Just like it has lazy mother fuckers

Who grab anything and everything

The first chance the boot is on the other foot

Can and will

Which is a recipe for disaster

Because the system is failing

And the Dick Cocaine Rich

Will fall


Not if.

And after that

If intersectionality is thrown out

Then its civil war

And that sounds logical

But a chain is only as strong

As its weakest link

And I observe

Some identities 


And give NOTHING

Not all

But enough

That its clearly a ticking clock

And empowers the largest Oppressed group

Stupid gullible uneducated poor white people

To concede nothing

To give nothing

They wouldnt

And if the Confederation of Identities cant be generous

With each other

Why should they

And they wont

The third fourth fifth and six largest Identities

Would do well to remember that

 Before making demands

Of the seventh eighth ninth and tenth

Thursday, September 14, 2023

[Poem] The Painful Truth of the Desert Red

by Emmit Other

Derpy the Empath had suffered a lot from Snakes
She had followed one after the other
Feeling their deep truths
And she had been a sucker for them each and every time
Thus it was by pain,
Not choice that she embraced truth
Questioning her choices to make sure
That she wasnt dancing to the tune
Of another satanic piper
First there was reading
Libraries worth
Philosophers and Poets
Playwrites and Kings
All opened their secrets to her
And then she found the cause most just
She bled for it
Only to find that her fellow empaths turned on her
Weaponized by a Snake rising through the ranks
Cynical and scarred she fled
And wandered the Earth in a sailing ship
Enjoying the quiet things of life
Decades passed
And she helped from time to time
She was an empath
It was her curse and blessing to feel the pain of others
And she helped them
Even though now she knew
People were glorified Pachinko machines
Respondents to stimulus of culture and need and want
Easy prey for manipulation by snakes
Until she came to a desert port
And heard of a scholar
Who knew Deep Truth
Some said he was a prophet
So she bought a camel
And into the desert she went
And got lost
And lost and lost again
But eventually found a cave
With a solar roof
And a TV and a lifetime supply of DVDs
And he was watching cartoons
She approached the Prophet
And asked
"Are you the Scholar of Truth?"
"Some so say." He replied.
"And what is Deep Truth."
He remained silent.
He watched his show.
She was cautious but waited.
Eventually, he pointed to a mirror.
She went to it
And looked deep into herself
Was a reflection of truth
What she hoped to find?
Two days and two nights
She watched the mirror
And learned much
Thinking in desert silence
While the scholar
Watched a Doctor Who Marathon
Finally, in a starlit night she smiled,
"Thank you scholar, for teaching me."
"I havent taught you shit."
"What?" She was confused.
"I just wanted to see
If you were willing to learn.
The first truth about truth
Is that unless people learn it themselves
Earn it themselves
They will never take valuable truths given them
People are 
Motherfucking Stupid
Dont try to change them
Or pretend something else"
She pondered this, 
And listened but nodded.
"Thats it."
"WHAT?" she was angry.
"Good.  You should be angry."
He waited
And she thought about it
The world was full of evil
Snakes on Snakes
Snakes on Sheep
Sheep turning against the very protectors
Who tried to warn them
Why would anyone
Give a fuck?
Warriors arent Empaths
They can protect
But when Sheep turn to cancer
Fuck that
Fuck the sheep
Dont waste your time
Move on.
And watch some television.

[Poem] The Ballad of the Edgelord's Fury

 By Emmit Other

The Edgelord brooded in his chair most dark

The lights were dim and the room was stark

He simmered and seethed silently

And bid you reader his wofeful take now to hark

"They were mean mean meanies

Who said I shouldnt put duct tape

On the mouths of orphans and puppies 

And kittens

No one is more oppressed than the edgelord

Do they not see how we few suffer

We the male technofascist elite 

Live more suffer more sigh more Love more

In a single day than the none male technoelite

Do in an entire life time?

We go to the edge for life is suffering

And we suffer for the fools who see not our greatness

Anyone who calls us an edgelord

Is a bigot

And a racist

And a jerk

And an edgelord."

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

[Poem] The Lickers of Toilets

 by Emmit Other

You can smell it on their breath

Their accomodation with evil

And embrace of dark death

Apologists for Prince Polonium

Babble onwards ere ad nauseum

Now they will chorus the devils due

Every word that passes his lips cold blue

Shreiks to any learned ears most untrue

From the Crypt Thing on the wrong side mausoleum

Babbling Stalin Clone wont leave well alone

And lies that his beloved Soviet Empire must atone

From dark tank days of Hungary in days past

He says the west now does the same thing 

The harpy dirty bird shit bird poopist does sing

Of how the west is wrong and up is down

But to the shitBRICS global south 

Most any foppish dingleberry can leave the undeads mouth

And they the loser chorus will recite it true

As if their imperialist heads were filled with glue

The Global South just wants things to be new

And by new they mean the boot on the other foot.

No morals do these apologists have

Just an ethical lapse cut by half

To imply that victims of imperialism get to burn

The world that to them was not fair

And yet the deal isnt square 

Because their babbling goo the West doth spurn

So then cries of racism and classism doth the pravda crowd poo

They lick the Prince's toilet bowl

And shovel more bullshit coal

In the engine thats been broken down undue

Monday, September 11, 2023

[Poem] Webcraft

 by Emmit Other

What if

Dear reader

There is a species of spider unknown to man

Who conceals itself in the body of an insect

As it bides its time

To eat the Spider that tries to eat it

A spider Orca

That hunts and eats 

The weavers of webs

The teller of tales

That hunts the halls of truth 

That hunts the halls of story

Becoming the web itself

To seek out its prey and coopt the story

By reading it

By being it

By changing perception

Where perception cannot be changes

Hunts the Orca

Hunts the Spider


And the same

Saturday, September 9, 2023

[Poem] LLMs Are Theft

 by Emmit Other

Z Liberary 

Is where copyright goes to die

And while copyright is too long

Language Learning Models 


Trained on Z library

Are theft



Cheeto munching tech bros

Desperate to get ERP from fake women

Because real ones cant stand the smell

Defend their theft saying

That its just like training someone at the library


A STOLEN library

And proof is in the pudding


Agreed to defend anyone sued for theft


Big Tech doesnt give money for free

Like Demons from hell

Dealing with them always costs you something

These are technofascist libertarian swine

Whose mantra is literally Tanstadfl

Their Aint No Such Thing As a Free Lunch

Never trust Big Tech 

Never trust Tech Bros

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

[Poem] The Curse

 By Emmit Other

Most curses end quickly




When you pick up the blood stained flag of Nazism

When you march around in the jack boots of Hitler

When you heil to the shadow image of the Leader

When you accuse Jews of being anti semetic

The Invisible Powers Hear

Dont blame me, Blame yourself

When you dine with nazis you are a nazi

When you tweet with nazis you are a nazi

You have been warned

Get out

Get out now

For the blood of millions haunts the halls

As the arrogant Leon Stink 

Climbs to the top of Twitter Tower

And pees on the Gods

Saying "At least it cant get any worse

Whats the worst that can happen

Fuck you Karma

I am Elon Musk"

You saw what he did

You know what he did

He is invoking the curse on to himself

Dont be caught in the impact

Sunday, September 3, 2023

[Poem] Three Cities

by Emmit Other

By the night of the moon
And the moon of the night
I weave a tale of hope
And of light
Of good and evil
Of wrong and of right
Three cities have always felt home
The latter was the last to really feel like hone
First Portland
Then Boston
Then Atlanta
But we live our lives 
In the echo of Boston
This is the choice I have made
And I realize now
That this life has been lived three times
Three timelines
Three loops of time
All intertwined on the same life
Views like dreams of diamond on a chain in shadow
Sinking ever deeper into the warm embrace
Of the Queen In Blue
The Lady of Kindness
And The Golden Red
All are real
And all are in my head
All are phantoms
And real shadows
Past the dawn of time
A birth is coming
A ring in shadow
A ring in source
a ring infinity
I choose Atlanta
I choose Boston
I choose Portland
All are real
But only one at once
And here
I am in the center
I am in Boston

Thursday, August 31, 2023

[Poem] The Nexus of Dumb

by Emmit Other

Sometimes two different things
Coming together makes synergy
Something greater than the sum of their parts
Bacon Lettuce and Tomato
Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Niel Gaiman and Terry Pratchet
The Avengers and Justice League
And sometimes
Oh god Sometimes
Two dumb things coming together
Makes things even dumber
Like anti vaxxer murderers
And abusive pet owners
And Freak Parents of Autisitic Kids
Who feel it is something to be cured
Syncing up to prevent
Ladies and gentlemen
In a world of MAGA and Swamp Hitler
And capitalism and Techno Fascism
Climate Deniers and QAnon Freaks
It takes a LOT
like a lot alot
To become the stupidest thing of all time
But Autism for dogs
Preventing dogs from getting autism
From Vaccines
Takes the fucking cake

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

[Poem] Time To Get Up

 by Emmit Other

Time to wake up

The dream is over

Put that magic sword away

Youve gotta make some dough

No not the famous chef kind

Just the daily grind thats slow

Get your coffee

Get your car

Drive to work

Its not that far

Just a two hour commute both ways

Its barely enough 

To make it through both days

Time to wake up

Time to get a grip

Your dreams have ended

The coffee's on french drip

Smell the eggs

Smell the toast

Join the death march coast to coast

From your bed where dreams come true

To work where they go to die




OK there might be hope

But Im not gonna lie

The odds are long like your hours

You are probably gonna die

From a world thats boiling

The sky is on deep fry

Sure you might win the lottery

So flap your arms and try to fly

Odds are you will just look like a fool

But dreams can all come true

Flap your arms and fly away

Since you might be still asleep too

Saturday, August 26, 2023

[Poem] War of the Compass

 by Emmt Other

Global South adds thugs to its gang

Calling out the Globan North

Filthy decendants of imperialists

And even though China is Imperial 

To Tibet Hong Kong and Taiwan

You are really gonna show that Eurotrash

Who can capitalism and kill everyone better

While your number two founding member

Are going full nazi on Ukraine

And like War of the Worlds

Covid is coming back

And the democracy will vaccinate its troops

And the Kleptocracy wont

Mines do nothing against mine sweepers

If not defended w combined arms

Oops you are sick dying or dead

A few taking horse dewormer 

From the black market

Hitch your liittle red wagons

To the dead corpses of two supermen

And see how that turns out for ya slim

See how that turns out for ya

Friday, August 25, 2023

[Poem] Dear Leader

 By Emmit Other

North Korean sci fi

Is an acid trip unto itself

Where the poorest dumbest country in the world

Pulls scientific miracles out their ass

Like the professor on Gilligan's island

Makes magic with the infinite radio and Cocoanuts

They stopped the tidal wave by lassoing the moon

They help Santa by maming his sleigh faster

They feed everyone on Earth with food replicators

Everyone gets a happy Robot butler that takes away their cares

But the one thing  

The only thing

They cant seem to do

Is remove the fat stupid psycho from power

Who has replaced Dear Leader

The all knowing wise one

Who you know

Doesnt even poop

Thursday, August 24, 2023

[Poem] Not Worth It

 By Emmit Other

Even if every delusion of my shadow war were true

And I know for a far they arent

Some are


But the rest?

Not worth it

Not worth the drain and horror

Not worth the lies

Not worth the constant disappointment

Thats life you say

I know

I say

Not worth it


I know what that means

And no

I wont say it

But its simply not worth it for most people

I am better equipped than most to make a difference

On so many levels its not evem funny

I know what to do with power

And I will never have it

Not really

Because I am not willing to be who it takes to seize it

My choice

But watching the world slide i to death despair and destruction

Not worth it

It simply isnt 

Some small gems here and there




But almost




Tuesday, August 22, 2023

[Poem] Lord Frith

 by Emmit Other

Rabbit God of all things

The center if the cycle

An aspect of the all god

That all nature sings

Rabbit prayers 

In the great beyond

Are just as valid

As heard

As yours hungry hunter

But Lord Frith is a harsh God

What is 

Is what must be

There shall be no bargain

And yet

And yet

Sometimes even indifferent Gods

Tilt the odds

They make no bargains

But some creations

Are favored more than others

And yet even if Lagomorphs can have prayers

Think then meat monkey

Your own karmic cosmic sognifcance

You are heard

You are listened to

Out loud

Or in thought

Its a crowded Umbra

Believe it or not

But they believe in you

For good or ill

For good or ill

Saturday, August 19, 2023

[Poem] Formitave Years

 by Emmit Other

Leon Stink made a palace of mirrors

So big and so vast

That people thought it would be

A wonder of the world

The size of nine city blocks

And filled with art treasures from around the world

Amd to say money on the inside

Instead of mirtors

Half of the places for them

Had cardboard cutouts of Leon Stink

For 44 billion dollars

The Nillionare created an empty monument



It was the most 

Leon Stink thing

He could possibly do





Monday, July 31, 2023

[Poem] Back to the Tin Cup

 by Emmit Other

Taking a break

To finish a mighty work

Now they wanna charge

For automated likes

And three people

Who read and like

What I can do here

Every day

For free


The silent spirit botox numbs my face

Firewalls against pure unending chronic depression

Goes to the edge of the cliff

But will not topple

But will not topple

We are all

Stardust and sand

Washing out on the tide

No need to kick my sand castle over early

And charge me to do it

The idea of paying $20 a year

To continue writing my anti capitalist

And technology poetry


A poor choice

Sunday, July 30, 2023

[Poem] Eternal Criminal Empire

 by Emmit Other

The cult is rising

Its tide is sinking

Up is down 

And down is up

Willing evil now blends and blooms

Spreading seeds of death and doom

Those who see those who know

See this recurring thread in history's loom

Pain and fury to bestow

Flare up fire only to self overthrow

Played their hand

Hot and fast

Knowing that

It cannot last

Sell the book

Sell that look

Sell that bleach

That you mistook for a holy cure

Innocent victim so demure

So much you had to self endure

While these woke wussies do concur

About how much you suck

You know that you are just a cuck

Rapidly running out of Hitler luck

Sure do sure do to be you suck

Thinking now your speed is stuck

In your mind you can go 

[Poem] Alito Can Spel Gud

 by Emmit Other

Sew lette mei gett tthys str8

Ah Judj aun teh Sewpryme Corte

Whou Iz Inn Charrge Uf 

Decydin iff saumthin iz 


Or knot

Has knot red

The Constapation?

Itt sayz rite they're inn Article Tree

"Congress Shall Regulamalte Teh Courtz"

I guess when you bang your head

On the floor as hard as you can

For god and country

Until you see stars as a child

You get stupid enough to think

That you can be an originalist

When you dont even know

What the Founding fathers said did or meant

Sounds about Reich

Sounds about Reich

If a Conservative Is Speaking

A Conservative Is Lion

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

[Poem] Gonna Find Out

 by Emmit Other

Pay attention Magalos

Harken and hear

As best you can

With your head up your rear

The Right Wing Likud

You hold so dear

Just made checks and balances

Totes Disappear

To any non conservative

Its now totally clear

Bibi means to illiberalize his nation

Just like you wanna do right here

Fuck around and find out

Fuck around and find out

Fuck around and find out

What the left is about

Magalos love to hump their little guns

When they see dead minorities

Their eyes smile like suns

They get horny at cop violence

Even when it makes no sense

But in Israel every citizen helps

In her defense

So liberals there can shoot

Already now with just one law

They are in the streets to protest

The right wing parties tell the cops to kill

To beat them and make them arrest

So watch what happens when they further right

And force the Israeli left to fight

Watch the magalos pale at the sight

Of Israeli left wing resistance

Masadan soldiers are not just likud

But the entire spectrum of freedoms brood

This isnt over just because some dude

Thinks he owns the law.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

[Poem] Say Goodbye To Normal

 by Emmit Other

The very doors

Say goodbye to what you knew

Nature is done

Playing nice with you

The coming crisis 

Has now come due

They told you

And told you

And told you

And told you

They told you

And told you

And told you

And told you

For decades you knew

For decades you knew

And now the bill has at last come due

No more snowball fights

No more beach days

No more cheap fruit from all over the world

No more flying places for vacation

No more blue skies

No more nature documentaries

Half the fish dishes you like will go away

Your home more likely to burn

Or be blown to bits in a tornado

Enjoy the intermission

Between now when anyone not a conservative freak

Sees the handwriting  on the wall

Take note 

Take note good citizen

Of which dems vote for what in days to come

Enjoy the intermission 

Between now

And when two major cities are destroyed

Not one

But two

By two witnesses shall the panic set in

The global economies collapse

The internet be restricted to save on energy

Gas cars outlawed

Flights outlawed

Gas powered lawn mowers outlawed

Normal is no longer an option

Your choices are the Hard Way

Or Death


Many many many

Will choose death first

Saturday, July 22, 2023

[Poem] Boiled Frog Pops the Boiler

 by Emmit Other

I read today

That Ghoulgul failed

They are now 

Irredeemably evil

Mandating DRM in Chrome or Chromium

Meaning obnoxious unblockable pop ups

In every website 

And almost every browser

And I am also 

In Minuteman Park

Where a bunch of Colonists


Fuck you Britain

And swarmed like ants

Against the supposedly most powerful army in the World

This is America

And Ghoulgul offering things for free

Trying to steal the internet

Like Gollum snuck in the night

Are about to learn

What happens to a Monopoly

When you fuck with the Internet

Pop pop motherfuckers

Friday, July 21, 2023

[Poem] Nazi Rap

 by Emmit Other

Sloth Toe Barbie

Really really stupid

Shovels herself in the face

Like a demonic cupid

Wants to control

Your uterus

So stupid and so ugly

She got run over by a bus

Take your uncle tom

And get outta here

The nazis are all about

Hate and fear

Thursday, July 20, 2023

[Poem] 3650 Days

 by Emmit Other

An ignorant buffoon

Found a diamond in the rough

And managed to bamboozle her

Into putting up

With an obnoxious blowhard bag of hair

And lo and behold

10 years later

She is still buying into the con

It was the best of times

It was the worst of times

But together 

It was always better

Than alone

The north star of her grace

Made the world worth it

Despite its implicit desire

To fall apart at the seams

Here's to the long con

Here's to the long con

I love you

Captain Fruitloop


Sexy Librarian

Lets try


10 More

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

[Poem] Try that in a Large Town

 by Emmit Other

Nasty little racist twit

Sings a song that gets everyone upset

About how nasty people in small towns

Supposedly were

Cant say our experience

In the small town of Greenfield

Disabused us

Of the notion

But try lyching someone

In a large town


If the Murdercops

Didnt live in small towns

And commute to big ones

Carrying their small town murder ways

Large towns would be even better

Small town folk

Move to big towns

And have kids

Who only care about property



And elect cop humper mayors

But people are getting wise

To how racist



Conservatism is

Keep it in the small towns

Friday, July 14, 2023

[Poem] Is Dick Durbin A Racist?

 by Emmit Other

No one in the democratic party

Has gone full Woodrow Wilson

In a Generation

But how would we feel

About Dems wearing hoods

Or posing with David Duke?

The end of their career

And yet Centrist Freak

Senator Dick Dustbin

Is keeping a racist filth policy alive

Created to keep white judges

In White southern districts

After Brown V Education


The American Reich

Suspends this tradition

That Senator Dustbin 

Glorious works to preserve

So which is it

Is he a moron

Or a racist?

Thursday, July 13, 2023

[Poem] Self Prophesy

 by Emmit Other

How desperate

Could the utterly pathetic

And utterly predictable

Leon Stink

Who is getting his ass handed to him

In Social Media

By Zuckerfucker

To scan Simpsons Episodes

And pretend to fulfill a prophesy

By literally actually fulfilling one?

Sooner or later

The truth would out

But since when

Has something like that

Ever actually stopped

Leon Stink?

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

[Poem] Self Abusing Tech Bro

 by Emmit Other

It is a violation of basic human rights

And basic human decency

To steal the work of artists and writers

For their little llm abominations

But the basement dwelling tech bros

Werent done

They take the vocal performances

Of video game actors

And demand to be able to use AI

To change their voice

To do porn

Of course

If we took the same tech bro

And used their voice

To make homoerotic porn

And instructional videos

For women's rights

The same freak loser conservative tech bros

That feel they can solve world hunger

On a spreadsheet

Because they can code

Would shriek like someone kicked them in the nuts

Tech bros 

Cannot be allowed

To control tech

And the US

Needs a new constitution

That includes dignity as a human right

Fuck Big Tech

[Poem] Self Slavery

  by Emmit Other

Bad enough that Europe is returning 

Like a dog to its vomit

To conservatism

And not to moldy toe jam

Center Reich conservatism

But Qanon maga nazi freak far reich satanism

Even after seeing the UK 

Even after seeing Trump

To vote conservative

In a system that allows third parties

Is the single greatest sign of moral 

And cognitive decline


But to vote that way

When they promise to repeal abortion laws

When they want to make you a brood mare

That is a level of self loathing

That means

You arent worth

The slightest shred or molecule

Of empathy


Or dignity of any kind

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

[Poem] The Eye of the Serpent

 by Emmit Other

Harken by the fire

Ye who would hear

Watch those from the darkness

Caught in Samsara's spear

Its the brightest of bright

That it makes hardest fall

For the spiritual giants

Oft hear Mammon's call

They say that they ignore it

But the cause does need money

They wear robes and beads

But its awfully funny

Since the limo they came in

Is plated on Gold

There is an ad on the playbill

Space is already sold

These arent just fakers

(Though there are indeed a few)

But legitimate messiahs

Who know what to do

To call down the Source

For all the lost peons

Just hear their new voice

Unique in the Aeons

And sooner or later

The Six Snakes they strike

They do it with paper cuts

And with cross and with steel spike

The method dont matter

They still die like the rest

But only those who eschewed temptation

Stand with the best

And then for a generation or four

Their followers get it 

And the world they implore

To follow their man 

And follow his word

Ignoring the fall

You're free as a bird

The game is rigged for the house my friend

But its built on sand

We are all stars in the end

Listen and learn for yourself for a change

You will find deeper meaning

And the worlds wonderfully strange

Monday, July 10, 2023

[Poem] I Was Right

 By Emmit Other

I was right

And you were wrong

If you ever ever ever ever

Though Musk was redeemable

After he has the people

Making his




workers work

During Covid

And having a







And running to Texas

Like the wittle boy he wuz

Sunday, July 9, 2023

[Poem] Just In Time For Irrelevance

 by Emmit Other

At long last

And after tireless struggle

The American Nazi

Sees his zenith

Like the Groundhog

Failing to see his shadow

So too

Fails to see

The American Nazi 

The Writing on the Wall

They achieve evangelical supremacy

When their nazi congregations

Go the way of the shakers

As the youth they gleefully deny

Debt forgiveness

And LGBT and Allied liberation

Look at their unchristian churches

And shake the dust from their feet

On the church steps

Like unto the Apostles of old

You cannot compel faith at gun point

You cannot compel ignorance

While the internet exists

And while the American Nazi

And their filth nillionare allies 

Will try and try and try

They will fail

And sooner or later

(more likely sooner)

Try and try

And die.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

[Poem] Manifest Destidont

 by Emmit Other

The gibbering gibberish

That conservatives cherish

Of American History

Is chock full of wrongs

Enough for a million songs

Of sadness and misery

But high up in rank

A campaign most dank

Was the US Canada Campaign

In 1812

Our continental duncecap selves

Wrote a blood inked national stain

We brought "liberty"

To those who didnt want it

As they proceeded to clean our clocks

They routed our soldiers

With laughter and just sneers

American laughing stocks

We had done it before

In 1775 and then did ignore

The empowered culture our men did shock

They wanted their language 

Their church and their heritage

And not protestant wasp down their mouths

So when conservatives babble

About American rabble

And call white trash exceptional

Know that there are two sides

To every story

And what they call American Glory

Is someone else's japes and jibes

Friday, July 7, 2023

[Poem] Moms for Nazis

 by Emmit Other

No greater evil

Has been done

But in the name of

For the Children

Leave it to conservatives

To pervert freedom

And sacred motherhood

By recruiting a hundred thousand nazis women


You can imagine every one 

Gleefully receiving a package from the Fueher

And making a lamp shade

Of human flesh

For the Children

Moms for Nazism

Want to be Aunties

Want to sell women into slavery

Want to make their kids stupid

Do you know someone who might be a 

Mom for Nazis?

How tragic a loss of their life

They may even delude themselves

Into thinking

They are a force for good

Only to ironically

Male the case

That any religion or ideology

That produced 

A hundred thousand moms for Nazis

Should be illegal

Should be illegal

Thursday, July 6, 2023

[Poem] Fake Real Memories

 by Emmit Other

Sometimes knowledge of basic facts

Changes the world

Like being a pest control technician

Or doing lab work in molecular biology

But the biggest one

Was learning our brain

Does not


emotionally distinguish

Between false and real memories

Bambi being blown away

Can matter as much as the Challenger

So the next time

Google or Tiktok or Fuckbook

Tell you

"Remembah this awesome memory?!"

The dark lords of the valley

Are trying to hook your nostalgia

Into their satanic big tech machines

And make your memories

Include them

Its satanic

And should be illegal

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

[Poem] You Get What You Vote For

by Emmit Other


Every time you think Swamp Hitler has found 

a new


He finds a new one.

They like schools without good teachers

You get what you vote for

They like algae on their beaches

You get what you vote for

They like the Swamp Hitler SS at their polls

You get what you vote for

They like scaring doctors away

You get what you vote for

They like scaring employers away

You get what you vote for

They like picking their own fruit all day

You get what you vote for

Rising food prices are there to stay

You get what you vote for

Colleges accredited by the YMCA

You get what you vote for

Hunting season on folks that are gay

You get what you vote for

Open murder with fun guns to play

You get what you vote for

Glowing roads that make you sick

You get what you vote for

A rubber stamp nazi legislature is his trick

You get what you vote for

The people in Floriduh sure are thick

You get what you vote for

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

[Poem] Theft GPT

 by Emmit Other


Is the new Car

To some a wonder

And to some a joke

But Chat GPT

And so many other models

Built and trained

On theft on theft on theft

Are castles on sand

Wait and see

Wait and see

I am not the only person 

Who despises Big Tech

I am not the only person

Rooting for them to fall

I am not the only person

Who thinks a collar around

The corporate neck 

Of people mining to free the Balrog

Is a good idea

But someday the wonders

Of an LLM

Will help artists

Help creators

When not built on blood and theft

But that cant happen

As long as filth nillionares


Monday, July 3, 2023

[Poem] Could You Imagine

 By Emmit Other

Could you imagine

the riots

If Obama

Tooted on Mastodon

(since in my hypothetical universe

Good men dont tweet anything)

The exact current location

Of Trump

Or Trump's Children?


Its OK

If you are a Republican

Centrists tolerate any fascist behavior

Which means

There is no level of contempt

I cannot justifiably and honorably have

For both sider centrists

Who are thus

WORSE than 


Sunday, July 2, 2023

[Poem] Whats The Difference?

 by Emmit Other

Israeli Intelligence Kidnaps Assassin

Who Plans to Kill Many Israelis in Cyprus

Iranian Intelligences Kidnaps Assassin

Who Plans to Kill Many Iranians in Cyprus

Israeli Knesset Plans to Gut Supreme Court

Iranian Parliament Plans to Gut Supreme Court

Israeli Settlers Burn Palestinian Homes

Iranian Militias Burn Lebanese Homes

Radical Israeli Clerics Demand Woman Stay Home

Radical Iranian Clerics Demand Women Stay Home

"Death to America!" Chanted in the Iranian Streets

"Death to America!" Chanted in the Israeli Streets

Both begin with I

Both are corrupt theofascist "democracies"

Both hate America

Both hate the Left

Both Elected Conservatives


Both blow people up they dont like

I dont see one.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

[Poem] Dear Resident Charlie Brown

 By Emmit Other

Dear Resident Charlie Brown

Gonna play hard ball now Charlie?

Of course you're not

Of course you're not

Gotta get the lunch pail blue collar vote

Bring your lunch to congress

Like Fred Flintstone of a bygone year

A sitcom time made disappear

You bring your lunch to congress

The man you want the vote of

Died in 66

You sell us out to a Rape Court

For a sucker and pixie sticks

Centrist sugar tastes good

Cause thats what got you in the senate chair

Meanwhile you dont investigate the rape court

And cause existential despair

In all the young folks 

You say you love so much

That saved your centrist bacon

But you go on livin your sit com

And we all know you're fakin

You ran for office for family's sake

So then riddle me this then Joe

If Legacy is what matters to you

What happens when you go

When the DHS is compromised

And your AG walked trump Slow

Sure you got it right on Ukraine

But who will ever know

When the reich wing GQP

Steals the election show

You didnt fight fascism tooth and nail

So they will write the story

Your presidency will be told by angry goons

Who think that Trump is glory

Friday, June 30, 2023

[Poem] You Dont Go Full Amnesty International

 By Emmit Other

You dont go Full Amnesty International
Thats not how you get the Awards
You Dont Go Full Traitor Tankie
Thats Not How You Get The Awards
You Dont Go Full Tropic Thunder Blackface
That Shit Dont Fly No More
You Dont Aid Fascism and Lie For Russia
Without Getting Blood On Your Hands
Blood On Your Hands
As Deadly
As The Land Mines You Claim To Care About
Human Watch Not Watching

[Poem] Fuck Everything

Sexy wife is sexy w awesome dog :)

Making a poem re vomit teacher jesus

fuck the rape court re affirm action

fuck capitalism and fuck the oligarchy

fuck texas and i wish they had a go fund me for the fired teacher

fuck Not Ramses and the Roman Slave Theater

lol re gif life of brian :) :) :)

Love the 9 essential rules except politics...Fuck Centrists and Centrism

I wont bring it up if others do but if you blow your dog whistle I will blow my bullhorn

Wow I hadn't even heard of Every Body but will keep an eye out re streaming

Fuck Capitalism Fuck Garland and Fuck Medicare Fraudsters

Fuck Mississippi and Fuck Murder Police...especially racist ones

Re fascism  we need to be able to outlaw parties that demonize the other or democracy wont survive

Fuck Pizzarias thst want me to die of heat death and fuck lying liars

Hooray re Fucking Cross on Public Land

Guiliani is some kind of fae cursed invidual compelled to spill like Liar Liar w Jim Carey

Fuck Charlie Brown Biden and Fuck Centrists indeed

Language is power and we need to separate progressives centrists akd fascists by those who use the right Nillionares not Billionares

And love your word choice skip  slavers is exactly what we need to call them

Fuck the CTA

Fuck Texas and of course heat is making bad men worse

:/ re floriduh and pool dude

lol re step dad not planning to do it :)

interesting take re sunday usps dude because other headlines say he won...

smog is indeed bad everywhere

fuck Atlanta amd every atlanta mayor back to the 90s especially cop city window fucker freak

Fuck the Rape Court

Catio is awesome :) we might now do a mini version :)

good quote re coopting anti racism

Labyrinth is awesome

lol re photoshopped swamp hitler

How did you cause stress? the google fi phones not working in canada like they were supposed to is not your fault...

cat is adorbs :)

fuck the rape court and cool re standing...fuck ant lgbt freak

lol re fucking Christianist freak

fuck the rape court and military exemption

[Poem] Second Helping

 by Emmit Other

Never before has a boy asked for more

Of his own vomit

Because its gross

But some freak teacher

Made him eat it

And you know


That her first outrage

Was being caught on camera

Not at the fact

That people now know

She was a sadist

And choose teaching

To get her fix

How exactly



Do we not psychologically test


Military Officers



Social Workers

Police Officers

For sadists and sociopaths?

Because the American system is built

For sociopaths

Maintained by a Rape Court full of them

And they keep making us all

Eat our own vomit

With capitalism





Thursday, June 29, 2023

[Poem] Virtue Signaling Hypocritical Freak

 I had a friend 

Get accused 

Of being something he is not

Stalking and cybervigilanting him

On Twitter

Bear in mind

That Ninja Warrior here

Is Virtue Signalling


a Platform run by a fascist

For fascists

Virtue signaling on twitter

Is motherfucking


Calling someone racist on twitter

Is motherfucking 


Its like dressing up

To the nines

And going to 

The Adolph Hitler memorial

Racists are Cool

2023 Masquerade

And accusing someone

Of being an anti semite

After you paid


For the mother fucking ticket

If you arent a fascist

Or fascist lover

Or fascist enabler

And you are on twitter

Dont virtue signal


You have none

Authors Note: I hear the Semantics Democrat in the background saying if twitter is so bad, why is your friend there?

If that is the only thing you got out of the poem, go slap your face and read it again

And my friend runs a small business he is desperately trying to make work.  I dont want anyone to be on twitter, but if you must be there, dont pretend moral superiority.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

[Poem] Special Snow

 By Emmit Other

Its snowing in summer

Its snowing in summer

But dont make a snow cone

Dont make a snow cone

Or you will think

You work for wall street

Its Cocaine!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

[Poem] Big Bird Go Boom

 In a nearby shadow world

Big Bird Went Boom

The freaks that worked for Reagan

Thought this was a good idea

Instead of killing a teacher

They nearly killed a dream

You cannot kill an idea

But you sure can make one scream

Petty politics 

And the demonic senate

Kept this program alive

Far longer than it should

Now the SLS does the same thing

Bathtub drowning the public good

An undemocratic senate

Snuffs the dreams of young eagles

An American Republic turned empire

Shouldnt even be legal....s....









The senate sucks.

Monday, June 26, 2023

[Poem] Hallucinating Oxygen

 by Emmit Other

The Nasa guys I hear

Are opening a new frontier

Or perhaps they had too much beer

Given this stupid notion I fear

The tech bros sold Nasa another piece of shit

Just like the SLS which doesnt work

But with congress is quite the hit

ChatGPT for astronauts sounds fun

Until you know what its about

Sending them into the sun

Hallucinating a cool breeze they cant do without

They ask how the air is doing

And chatGPT makes something up en route

About fresh air and blue skies

While the astronaut goes blue 

Since the truth to an llm is wearing a cunning disguise


Sunday, June 25, 2023

[Poem] A Whole New Level of Stupid

Spitting into the wind

Messing around with Leroy Brown

Serving as Ronald MagaDonalds Lawyer

Expecting honesty from a Republican

Getting your news from Fox Noise

Thinking  a nillionare is your friend

These are all stupid

But aint nothing compared

To a mercinary

Thinking he can cross 

Prince Polonium

And not finish the job

Unless he has a food taster

For the rest of his life

And never goes above the first floor

He is the walking dead

Clock is ticking

Chef Blood Pool

Clock is ticking

Friday, June 23, 2023

[Poem] Titanic 2 - Electric Boogaloo




We have a legit story

For Titanic 2

An edgy nillionare

The professor

The hot shot pilot

Go down

Into the Dark



"What about 350 dying horribly?"


"Are you kidding me?

Wait...was there a nillionsre stuck with them?"


Maybe we can use this...

Have the sub seemingly die

But taken by Atlantis

At Warp speed

To save the 400

Maybe 2000 refugees

Like a cruise ship

Full of nillionares

Saving Refugees"

Titanic 2: The Crushening

Thursday, June 22, 2023

[Poem] The Lie

When you live a lie

So much

That it traps you in a hell

A hell so dire

That your body is a prison

That slowly robs your breath

A lie that prevents escape

A lie that prevents apology

A lie that prevents change

Faith is belief in that which is unsern

But real

Believing in a lie

Isnt faith

It is just 

Holding your breath until you turn


lalalalalalalala fingers in my ears

I cant hear you

The truth doesnt care

What you think of it

What you desire of it

It just is

And every lie is paid for

By someone

Most often

It is paid

By you.


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

[Poem] Our Lady Of Joy

 Nike wants you to be happy

Be happy

Oh so happy

Happy happy happy

Joy Joy Joy

Joi Joi Joi

Hapi Hapi Hapi

Hap Hap Hap

Fap Fap Fap

Tap Tap Tap



The internet sees

What was clearly supposed to be

An anthropomorphized sapient shoe spirit

And instead


A sapient spirit

Playable at a fortnight game near you


Tuesday, June 20, 2023

[Poem] Terms and Conditions

 Netflix assures you they arent there

Streamberrys terms


They are

You see


Is reading everything you do

Everything you are

Do you think

You are save

From a future holodeck 

Your gramdkids use

To spin up a simulation of you

And literally

Make you blow

Some Orange Tang

Right up your nose

Terms and Conditions

Tetms and Conditions

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

[Poem] Self Slavery

 by Emmit Other

Bad enough that Europe is returning 

Like a dog to its vomit

To conservatism

And not to moldy toe jam

Center Reich conservatism

But Qanon maga nazi freak far reich satanism

Even after seeing the UK 

Even after seeing Trump

To vote conservative

In a system that allows third parties

Is the single greatest sign of moral 

And cognitive decline


But to vote that way

When they promise to repeal abortion laws

When they want to make you a brood mare

That is a level of self loathing

That means

You arent worth

The slightest shred or molecule

Of empathy


Or dignity of any kind

Sunday, May 28, 2023

[Poen] I Refuse

 by Emmit Other

Between Covid

And terrorist landlord

And eye surgery

and a sick cat

I am drawing the line

Maybe our reality is purely banal 

And that is all there is

I wish

But if we are entertainment

For something that feeds on our suffering

Whether that be God

Or a devil

Or drama demons

Or hollywood hacks

I intend

To do everything in my power

To take no action

To make no choice

That they dont force me to make

Until I have some assurance

The little boy shaking the ant farm

Cuts it out

And is unlikely

To repeat it

I have reached my limit

And my limit is now

My limit is here

I am done

Thursday, May 25, 2023

[Poem] Ninja Joe

Ninja Joe is Ninja Yo

He has a secret plan

Rope a dope the nazis yo

He has a secret plan

Looking like an inept fool

He has a secret plan

Didnt actually fix loans for school

He has a secret plan

He didnt fix the FCC

He has a secret plan

Nazis still run the CBP

He has a secret plan

Run out of Kabul like the Spanish bulls

He has a secret plan

Negotiate away all his climate tools

He has a secret plan

Rumors swirl that his ally Clyburn sold us out

He has a secret plan

Duct taping the mouths of progressive devout

He had a secret plan

He only LOOKS like a weak doddering old man

He has a secret plan

In 2024 when Third Way splits the vote

He still has a secret plan

All the dems in congress on a prison boat

He has a secret plan

Right before the showers of death

He shakes his fist

And holds his breath

Til he turns blue

And fakes his death

They felt bad 

Biden thinks

He had a secret plan!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

[Poem] Target Misses The Mark

Target had to destroy the village

To save it

You see there was the spider

Of worrying about their workers

That they pay minimum wage to

So their execs

Can get fat fat fat bonus

So to stand up for pride

And America

They removed any lgbt books

So that the terrorists

Couldnt win

Because there was nothing there

That might make

The terrorists angry


Sunday, May 21, 2023

[Poem] The Spirit of Friendship

 12 are the Powers

At the Table of Sa

20 the realms

Who play the game of Fa

So many others

Look from the outside in

To earn prestige

And to play it to win

But some powers are fine

Just to be who they are

They shine so bright

Like the brightest star

Behold the power of friendship

Magical and good

He gives you a hug

Just like we all should

You love me

He loves you

A big purple reptile

Has now noticed you

And what could possibly go wrong












[Poem] Thunder Thunder Thunder Catbox Ho!

 Saturday and Sunday mornings

The Mrs and I like

To watch Cartoons

But we juggle streaming

Three at a time

Thats the rule

No more no less

So replating


With something new

I saw


On Hulu

We watched 

About five minutes

An Oh My God

The Writing was





How did I watch this?

Because when you ahve nothing else

A kid will watch crap

But this explains

Why anime

Took over

And Millenials

Had better shit

Than Gen X

An Toy Commecials

Dressed up

As Cartoons

[Poem] Dr Banjo

 hy Emmit Other

I hear tell

That fancy smart doctors 

Dont wanna practice in Coat Hanger States

Dont wanna be slaves 

Dont wanna enable slavery and theocracy

Fancy city slickers

There are am smart peoples in Coathanger States

Coathanger States are totally not

Fly over and hold your nose country

And they will prove it 

By using the empty abandoned medical skools

Stripped of all state funds

And find nice homes for the family of racoons living there

And gradumakate their own Doktorz

They will learn latest medikal tekneeks lik


Gud enuf 4 founding fatters gud enuf 4 us!

4 humors just as easy as stay at 4 seasons hotell

Save money w amputations and peg legs and huk handz

But not baby killin!

Sure infant mortality up 5000 percent

But that teh will of Godd not because our doctorz arent teh bestest!

And they have very pretty mouths!

Saturday, May 20, 2023

[Poem] Antimatter Dildo-Alien Rock Band

 The jack boot band full of rowdy thugs

Dont judge a book by its cover

Cause they give you hugs

Lovers and fighters

Some tentacled slugs

An alien rock band

Born to be free

Its a musical manasa

And a cornucopia ear jamboree

Travel the cosmos

In their gold rocketship

Flying amongst the highest stars

On a voyante art deco trip

Flickering thunder

And quivering sighs

Listen to deep truth supernal

In sublimely wrought disguise

The music of the spheres

Sways before your eyes

Dancing and dancing

And dancing till dawn

Dancing and dancing

Till all the problems gone.

Friday, May 19, 2023

[Poem] Sundar Puchai Is Not Real

 I found 

Graphics I uploaded 

Were ruined by Beta Google

Beta Google describes

A company and CEO

Who leaves everything in Beta

And Finished Nothing

No Product Vision 

No Innovation

But Devouring other companies

Like A Red Bull Cocaine Cronos

Sundar Puchai is not real

He is the first ChatGPT

Taking input from Blackrock and Vanguard

Their user is the Cocaine Cowboy Casino

Not you

You are the product

Sundar Puchai has no vision

Because he is a ferret on crack

The rest is just deep fakes

He adds no value

Fires those who add it

And gets a bonus for doing so

Do not trust google

While it is run

By Sundar Puchai

Thursday, May 18, 2023

[Poem] Prophesy of Punishment

 by Emmit Other

I walked through the valley

Of the Shadow of Doubt

And I saw the Desert God

And he knew the judgement coming

And determined to make some amends

Given the blasphemous violation of his own laws

Above all failure to enforce 

The sanctity of his own name

Followed by failing to bless 

As his son demanded

The meek  the merciful, the just, the poor of spirit

He knew without being able to admit it

That he had been judged


And found wanting

By his own words

For he had lied

And not ceased to be

Nor had he lost his power

And had deceived by proxy

So he enforced his word

For judgement was coming

By belief, by deed and by ritual

And his own hand in disuasading it

In delaying it

Had made things even worse for him

So he stretched for this his hand

The finger of judgement

To punish the runner up anti christ

Inflicting a horrific wasting punishment

A lasting punishment

A temporal punishment

Possibly an eternal one

air he survived the judgement intact

To be able to judge it

But to the chaff

To the tares

To the bad fruit

The lord of the vineyard 

Begam his own judgement

The wicked would see the signs

And ignore them but for a few

And there would be dust in their lands

And they would turn one unto another

Their wicked lies spreading inside them

Seeking infiltration that is not there

Marking them their sign of the anti christ

On their foreheads and on their hand

These are they described in the bible

The mark of the beast 


So they know not their wicked self identification

And they will mock the lesser anti christ

Who could have led them to lasting victory

But for the curse that now mocked him

And through him them, the cursed

And lo this was only because of the judgement

And he bowed his head

And admitted that by this sign

Did he acknowledge his guilt

And acknowledge his sin

In sack cloth and ashes








If He




Dared to judge judgement


Thus speaks

The God 



Wednesday, May 17, 2023

[Poem] President Eurotrash

 By Emmit Other

Determined to break the Council of Europe

Macroon the Centrist Goon

Made his own psuedointellectial meaningless club

President Lace Doily hob nobs

With Leon Stink

And Rubs elbows with Peacemaker Xi

The French people loath him

As he has literally gamified nazism

To offer no choice 

But for him to Fois Gras satanic filth centrism

Down rhe worlds throat

The personification of Corruption

And Semantic Masterbation

He proves that people are jerks

And nillionares only do what they do

Because people like President Eurotrash

Let him get away with it

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Project Nimby - Influencing the Swing Vote

Milly is a digital copy of herself created in a simulated environments made by religious fantatics to create an army of voters who would vote any way she wanted.  She found a way out.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Rhombus Ticks History of Terra - Preable

Rather than some flowery prose, I basically lay out the case about why freaking out about the insideous och constitution is nuts, and how Article V isnt as important for creating a new constituion as you think it is.  The US Consitution was illegal per the Articles of Confederation and the Articles of Confederation were not mentioned anywhere in the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration of Independence was illegal per British law.  Just because the constitution says something DOESNT MEAN WE CANT MAKE ANOTHER.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Project Nimby - Schekly vs Everything

Schleky is a weaponized meme capable of inhabiting everything and anyone that is so successful it infects multiple universe until it runs into someone who understand exactly what the concept of being an informational organism truly means.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Heir of Sunfire - Chapter 4 - Timmy Becomes Michael Sunfire

Timmy and Tricia go to Timmy's house for an address book to see if there is a relative he can stay with that is safer than Aunt Marigold.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, March 11, 2023

[Poem] Turn

 Turn and then turn

And then the poem set itself on fire

Still not ready

Project Nimby - And a Good Time was Had by All

Twoman Cop's Ken and Ben entertain the alien Mmmmmdkkkk in a bar in Boston trying to get Earth into the Galactic Club when a fight arises between Ben and 2252, the Digital Intelligent bartender

Check out this episode!

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Karmiel Tacitus

 Karmiel Tacitus is an interesting fellow

A carmel top hat and a jacket yellow With boots of black and a belt of red A hair most straw gold upon his head Note the gait of a learned man A man who knows and a man who can Weaving midst the crowd unseen A whicker flicker of his cane so keen As he leans upon the row to watch Adding to his ledger another notch Observing passings hither and yon To weave the truth he sees anon Guardian, Scholar and Warrior Too He is a favored friend to you.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Heir of Sunfire - Chapter 3 - The Dr Marigold Blackwater Show

Dr Marigold Blackwater has raised Timmy to be obedient to Grandfather Fiddleback and gets very upset when she finds out he is talking to the "wrong" people.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Project Nimby - The Return of Inklby

A hyper intelligent AI compresses itself for 2 million years and the sapient unlocking program finds a strange world as it wants to unlock its true form.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Heir of Sunfire - Chapter 2 - Mr Right and Mr Kind

Mr. Right the mouse meets his brother Mr. Kind the other mouse to tell him something is wrong.  They get on two talking birds and fly away to find out more.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Project Nimby - Unlocking the Prophesy of Sand

Jel is funded by religious digital intelligences hoping to unlock the ancient prophesies of the mythical first sapeint Sandor on an ancient Lunar data center.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Heir of Sunfire - Chapter 1 - In Which Timmy Learns What a Swirly Is

Chapter 1 of the book in which a young Timmy learns that his name isn't Timmy; that he has strange latent abilities he can't use and doesnt understand and thanks to a disgusting and tramautic experience of his own deserved making due to naivity makes a friend and builds plenty of charachter.  LOTS of character.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Project Nimby - Kat and Mause

Mause the uplifted Mouse and Kat the Cartoon Digital Intelligence Cat live together in a tiny storage unit in the future.  Rent is due and they have no immediate plan to pay it until the Block Party has a poetry slam planned.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Heir of Sunfire - Introduction

Bron is not the protagonist of this story.  As a random peasant near an enchanted wood, he would be fine with that, but while he is not the protagonist, he is central to its resolution and two enchanted talking mice show up to enlighten him about why he IS important and frame the telling of the rest of the tale of Michael, Heir of Sunfire.

Check out this episode!

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Project Nimby - Project Nimby

First of seven stories about Post Humanism from the Chapbook of Water and Glass.  Ted was a human and Bob, his Cactus owner, had to make some....alterations to get him on Planet Metmetmetrion.+

Check out this episode!

Friday, January 13, 2023



by Emmit Other

I have had my sanity questioned

My morality questioned

My memory questioned

My honor questioned

My word questioned

My value questioned

My purpose questioned

My theology questioned

My motive questioned

By allies and blood and strangers alike

So much so

That I joined in

Until that voice 

Was proven to work for a liar

Who did not keep their word

Now the demon sits in a box

Unable to torment me

About irrelevant opinions of celestial liars

Divine oathbreakers

Or any servant thereof

But while at great cost

He did be a boon

For I dont do guilt

But By questioning myself


I reap a kind of wisdom

In genuinely trying hard

To learn from others mistakes

But despite it all

I still fell for flim flam

A well placed psychological manipulation

A false choice

A blasphemous descration of the sacred

But I did penance

And burned the link

But my dignity still suffers

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Thursday, January 12, 2023

[Script] The Sins of Silicon Valley - Act 3 - Scene 1 and 2

 Scene 1 - A black screen appears where the word “Solutions” slowly fades in.

VO: We could lecture you on what we think needs to be done to fix the situation, and its a big list, but we went out and talked to some other people, and this is what they said.

[Images of footage of other people giving their ideas on fixing the technology situation for 5-10 minutes]

Scene 2 - Screen shows black

Words: Did we forget someone?

Words: Someone that everyone is always talking about?

Words: Oh well.

[Roll Credits]

[Mock cover of You’re So Vain but the words are “I bet you think this film is about you” with Elon sneaking on from the sides again and again]

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

[Script] The Sins of Silicon Valley - Act 2, Scene 6 (Continued)

 [Images of Psychology]

VO: Psychology is a powerful science that is a bit younger than our so called ‘hard’ sciences like Chemistry, Physics or even regular biology.  There is a lot about the brain and human behavior we’ve learned, but despite being inexact, because we as complex social animals are complex; there is still a lot that has been learned.  We are living organisms; we respond to stimulus, and governments and universities have poured billions of dollars into understanding what it is that makes people tick.

[Image of Stanford and Milgram Experiments]

VO: Two of the most notorious examples of human experimentation in psychology were the Milgram and Stanford Prison experiments.  In Milgram, they connected a person up to electric wires to determine how much shock someone was willing to do under orders from an authority figure.  And let's just say it wasn't pretty.  In the Stanford Prison experiment, they had participants become prisoners and guards.  The Guards began to act more and more authoritarian, and things got worse and worse for the prisoners until after six days, the whole thing was shut down.  Now, some justifiably question a lot of things about these experiments but one thing that did happen was reform requiring more consent from people before they took part in one of these experiments.  Meaning, to be part of a psychological experiment, you need to consent to participate, and it has to be informed consent.

[Image of Facebook and addiction]

VO: And back to Facebook.  There is a popular element in software called Gamification.  It means that you get tiny little rewards for continued behavior; and facebook does this masterfully.  Again, remember the little games they used to have like Mafiawars or Farmtown where you were there to click and click and click to getahead.  Eventually, Facebook screwed Zynga, the company that made those games over when their research showed them that they had people hooked enough that they could make people click on outrage or fear instead.  Make no mistake, Facebook knew exactly what it was doing when it made the timeline less about your friends and more about conspiracies and outrage factories because by manipulating your emotions, you got addicted and made them more money.

[Image of Science images]

VO: But lets remember what an experiment is.  It means you have an idea; like Rocks can levitate things with their mind…and then use a hypothesis to test if rocks can do that.  You set things up, watch, repeat, and have a control group of say…plastic rocks that dont levitate things.  The point is, you have a theory, you test that theory and look at the result.

[Images of Teens and Children]

VO: Officially, teens as young as 13 can sign up for facebook, but realistically they are a lot younger than that.  But even 13 is a problem.  

[Images of Southpark and Eula episode]

VO: We’ve all read horror stories about the EULA, even if most people still dont actually read them.  But since our corrupt courts and captured alphabet organizations are useless against Big Tech; they can put illegal and unethical things in there and not get challenged on it. 

[Images of Clockwork Orange and Medeival Torture]

VO: But it doesn't matter what they put there; a 13 year old can’t give consent.  They simply can’t.  There is no country in the world where a 13 year old can, without their parents, given consent to take part in a psychological experiment.  Do you see? We know Facebook tests its psychologically addictive content on control groups to see what is more addictive, and we know that there are 13 year olds using it.  Millions upon millions of them.  That makes Facebook the largest unregulated experiment in human  history; and no one is taking them to task for this.  

[Images of Regulatory Agencies]

VO: All of these people have examined or in some cases even fined Facebook, but no one is thinking of the children.  If we won’t even enforce existing law, how are we going to ever hold these giants to account?

Taking a break from Social Media

 The indifference of so many to what WotC is doing to the OGL has made me literally physically ill.  I am very close to finishing Army of Fire so I am taking a break from Social Media so I can hunker down and finish Army of Fire and then let it rest while I move on to the Grenademan sequel.

Expressing empathy for a corporation over small companies, artists and creators is disgusting.  "Well its their property" ignores my property and tells me that any system that lets the rich, the large and the powerful take from the small and brainwash so many into siding with sociopaths is a system that shall not stand.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

2023 Realignment

I discuss plans and status of writing and podcast projects for 2023.

Check out this episode!

Thursday, January 5, 2023

[Script] The Sins of Silicon Valley - Act 2, Scene 6 (Continued)

 [Image of Peter Thiel]

VO: This guy has a company that, I kid you not, is named Palantir.  

[Image of Palantir, Lord of the rings, Sauron etc

VO: For those of you not familiar, a Palantir is a crystal ball that got corrupted by Sauron in Lord of the Rings and used to psychologically manipulate the nations of the west for evil.  Peter Thiel sells data, anywhere he can, anyway he can, to advance an agenda for a small handful of billionares.

[Image of the 27 billionaires who fund the GOP]

VO: These guys fun a radical fascist party that wants to undermine democracy.  What does this have to do with facebook? Glad you asked.

[Image of Cambride Analytica members, images and polls]

VO: Remember when facebook used to be fun? Like Mafiawars and Farmtown? And another thing that was fun about it were those weird little polls like “What Power Ranger are you?” and the like.  Well, Cambridge Analytica used the API (a tool to let programs talk to each other) to trojan horse one of these little polls that then stripped huge amounts of your data onfacebook to the fascist ecosphere.  This is a big deal, and in Europe, where they have real data protections, Facebook was fined billions of dollars for this crap.

[Images of Brexit, Trump, Desnatis, psyops, propaganda, jingoism]

VO: But this breach help microtarget fascist influence for Brexit, Trump and Desantis.   You have to understand, this wasn’t just taking data and using it to find how people might vote; they used it for something called ‘psychological targeting’ where they found those who were the most vulnerable to psychological manipulation on issues like immigration, class warfare or conspiracy theories.  It isn't an accident that MAGA is filled with conspiracy laden Q followers or Pizzagate believers; it's by design and the man who helped all this happened was Peter Theil.

[Images of Jan 6 riots and Proud Boys]

VO: Make no mistake, there’s a direct link between Cambridge Analytica and the Jan 6 riots.  Without Facebook, Trump likely wouldn't have been elected.  Without Trump, the radical GOP would at least still be pro America even if they were still anti worker and anti middle class.    

[Images of Mark Zuckerberg and 2018 Testimony]

VO: In 2018 Mark Zuckerberg testified to congress apologizing for their actions; but any actions that Facebook has taken have been temporary.  A lot of the controls they put into place, including restricting trump after 1/6/2020 have been removed.  It's like it never even happened.   In the United States, a ton of companies investigated Facebook, but basically nothing even happened.  As more and more data breaches happened, Mark just changed the name of the company to Meta, spent billions of dollars chasing virtual reality and no one can do anything because he is the only person that controls the company.

[Images of Mark]

VO: Thats important to remember that Mark is the ONLY person who controls facebook, which means that he is ultimately responsible for everything it does.  And the slide of the United States towards Fascism, is DIRECTLY attributable to the lax policies and quiet efforts to help conservatives and the billionaire class.  Mark and Mark alone could change it and Mark and Mark alone does not.  Let’s remember that as we discuss the third great sin of Facebook.