Monday, November 30, 2015

And so here we are....

A month later.  The earworm of "Greensleeves" pounding through my head after TC amused himself "Triple Dent Gumming" many people over the weekend.  I volunteered for this duty at the beginning of May when a portion of TC's soul literally died.  It's been an exhilerating and exhausting series of events.

I was so burned out myself after a few failures in late October that it was only at the urging of the remaining shards of TC's soul that I wrote Heliotrope with TC's flesh and willpower channeled from the after life.  If that sounds like a convoluted mental exercize to be able to write something, you're not kidding.  Though I am mixed on the results.

Word count, under the right circumstances, is easy.  Yesterday, flying back from San Francisco, I considered how much we could do if we only wrote consistently at half that rate, multiple blog posts, multiple short stories and novelas.  But there are some restrictions.  Our material is always rough, too rough for utility.  We can submit it to gatekeepers, but without paid editing, it is an abomination.  But that much capital for everything we could write is simply beyond us.  And what about paid advertising?

The other conundrum is that I really enjoy this when I'm not burned out by the repeated failures.  The realization that the book tour indiegogo was not happening and would never happen.  The understanding that this was a years long commitment and that if we wanted to do this professionally, unlike most it would take a considerable investment.  Was it even worth it?

The year has had some amazing successes and failures, but they are to be expected.  Heliotrope at this stage of raw words seems about the third best of the six...GMVZ and Forever West are better.  Heliotrope has too many in jokes and personal truisms, but is still worth salvaging.  Indeed, any novel except likely Precyber will be paid, illustrated, edited and made into physical form for our own library at least.

The question remains on the podcast and paid advertizing.  Credit card debt and children are expensive propositions, and while TC wisely chose the better choices of moving to Miami and setting up the Ricks household there, it has been expensive and will severely limit funds.  Funds in this sphere remain entirely speculative.

So what does that mean? Well, at the moment we're not sure.  But Heliotrope does open up a whole new world of fleshing out.  Not a game, but maybe a very expanded edition with notes and other short stories associated with the core novel.  The blog has the advantage of being free without the expectation of editing.  And I wrote 50,000 words in one month for a fairly good novel.  With enough editing, it can potentially become a very good one.

The podcast has been going for two years now, mostly of apparantly crappy sound editing on my part; but I am learning and Grayson isn't THAT expensive.  So I will likely continue that at least until GMVZ is finished.  Do I make it biweekly after that? Something else? I have vague ideas of it as a platform but I lack the standing to attract folks for it very easily.  It is a vanity project, but one I take very seriously and it has resulted in some awesome things for those who can deal with the sound quality.

The future of my writing is unclear, save that I shall continue doing it and that I have high hopes to put out a great deal of content on this blog.  Beyond that, it will depend on funds that can, to be blunt gentle reader, wasted.  Which for several months won't happen but employement is likely in the future and the backup material on the podcast is nearly dead so that will likely continue for at least a while.

Still, I have seen amazing things happen, including my personal enjoyment of the audiobook of I, Odysseus even if others...don't share my agreement or enjoyment thereof. ;)  Regardless gentle reader, interesting times are ahead, and I shall continue to refine my limited gift, since consistent application over time often yields interesting results.

I shall likely provide a new sechedule of content or attempted agenda tomorrow or more likely Wed.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

GMVZ Chapter 14

Grenademan vs the Zombies Chapter 14

Check out this episode!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 42

CONTINUED: 42. TECH 1 Well...I mean... TECH 2 Maybe one of the inmates played some kind of a practical joke. LEADER Maybe. (beat) Maybe. LEADER Wow, what a mess. The team breaks out shovels and a body bag. TECH 1 Shame too. Guy was clever, doing that with the sensors, especially on this ship. TECH 2 Yeah. Well, not quite clever enough. LEADER Alright, we done here? TECH 1 Just about. TECH 2 Wow. If I’m reading this right, he nearly made it. Just two more hours and we coulda saved him. LEADER Well, you know what they say, life’s a bitch. All three laugh and put the body onto a cart. They then proceed to leave. SCENE – AIRLOCK – INT – DAY The three of them go through the air lock. Bob follows.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 41

41. Cut to the sensors flickering on and off. FREIGHT The sensors.....they can detect the sensors. The cutters start their work. FREIGHT Wait! Stop! Abort! I know how to send a signal. The cutters continue. Freight struggles in his bonds. The cutters move deeper, blood spurts. FREIGHT WAIT GOD DAMN IT! WAIT. STOP. I CAN STILL FEEL IT. The cutters stop and in that moment he breaks free but the injection arm hits him with a third dose of anesthetic. He crawls down off of the table, but wobbles back and forth. He is clearly bleeding. He moves back and forth and lands in a hall way. Freight leaves a trail of blood behind him. INT – SENSOR ROOM – DAY Freight taps into the computer rapidly. He just sets it up to say S.O.S. FREIGHT S.O.S. God damn it! SOS. The screen blips and seems to acknowledge the command. Freight slowly slides backward in the chair, unconscious. SCENE – DAY – AIR LOCK – INT A clean up crew comes on to the ship. TECH 1 So do you think that this was just a bug? LEADER A bug that says SOS? (CONTINUED)

Friday, November 20, 2015

No Podcast Today

Have one more in the can and then likely repeat of I odysseus for the rest of the year.

38000 words on awfulness

But hey...maybe we'll keep it up in 2016.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 40

CONTINUED: 40. FREIGHT Alright. That’s it. Bob, I want you to go away and don’t come back. Even if I tell you otherwise. Bob slowly moves away. He stops once. FREIGHT Go Bob. That’s an order. And don’t come back even if I scream for it. Bob moves away out of sight. A pair of arms with cutters on them emerge from the ceiling. They are very sharp. Another arm comes down and injects Freight with Anesthetic. FREIGHT Wow. That’s some pretty strong stuff. Beat. The cutters start. FREIGHT Oh god. There has to be some other way. The cutters begin to cut and just breach a little bit of skin. FREIGHT Wait! I can still feel that. The cutters stop and the arm with the anesthetic moves up and takes another injection. FREIGHT Wow. That is good stuff. I think I can see new colors. I wonder if I can telepathically communicate with Kendra and Aaron. At least they’re not starving to death, knock on wood. Freight knocks his hand on the table and gets an expression of comprehension on his face. The cutters start again.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 39

CONTINUED: 39. FREIGHT Think we can make it? BOB (Clicks) FREIGHT Well, let’s give it a try. BOB (Clicks) SCENE - INT - DAY Montage of both of them working on creating the harness and trying it out. Freight starts to strap himself into the chair. He has one leg done up before he seems to have second thoughts. Bob ’watches’. Freight unstraps himself. Freight goes through the rich people’s quarters and has Bob scan them. A monetary amount appears on an account, which goes up (Bob is carrying it) that goes up a bit each time they enter a room. Finally, the number approaches one million and Freight is resigned. FREIGHT That’s it. That’s will be enough. Wide shot of Freight again approaching the med bay. SCENE – INT – DAY – MED BAY Freight begins to strap himself into the Apparatus. He has some difficulty with this. FREIGHT Bob, you mind helping? BOB (Clicks twice.) FREIGHT Please Bob? This is the only way. BOB (Beat) (Clicks.) They resume strapping him in to the chair. Finally once he is secured, he talks again to Bob. (CONTINUED)

Sunday, November 15, 2015



Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 38

38. SHOT – MED BAY – DAY – INT FREIGHT How many calories did I lose? SHIP’S COMPUTER 2400. FREIGHT WHAT? SHIP’S COMPUTER 2400. FREIGHT That’s more than was in the Shitbucket Pie. Beat as the ship doesn’t say anything. FREIGHT Are you sure? SHIP’S COMPUTER 2400. FREIGHT Shut up. Freight slides with his back down against the wall, muttering to himself. SCENE – MED BAY - INT – DAY Freight turns his head at Bob. Bob ’looks’ back. FREIGHT Well. (beat) I guess there really isn’t any other choice then. Freight walks over to a table, takes out a sheet of paper and draws on it. He takes the piece of paper, tears it off, and crumples it and then throws it away. He does this a second time and throws it away. A close up of the blue print reveals a set of elaborate straps designed to put him into the Medical chair. He stares at Bob. (CONTINUED)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 37

CONTINUED: 37. FREIGHT There is no way in hell I am going to be able to eat this.... Freight picks up the bucket and puts it into the vent. FREIGHT Bob...take this to the mess hall. BOB (clicks twice) FREIGHT Just do it. BOB (Clicks) Freight then climbs into the vent after him. SHOT – INT – MED BAY – DAY Freight puts the bucket under a microwave sterilizer just to be sure. He then pours it into the creator. He then types in the settings for a Shepard’s pie. It makes a Shepard’s pie. FREIGHT looks OK. Freight tries to it it. He puts the fork down. Freight picks the fork up and tries again. He puts the fork down. Freight goes and picks up a bottle of ’Space Whiskey’ and gets roaring drunk. He picks up the fork and manages to eat the Shepard’s pie. SCENE – RESTROOM – DAY – INT Freight ralphs into a sink. He throws up a rather large amount. Then he stops, starting to recover, and slowly walks away from the sink. Then he gets sick a second time and walks back to the sink and starts to throw up again. He stays there for a good thirty seconds, near throwing up but with nothing happens. Finally, he moves to another sink and washes his face. He shakes his head weakly and starts to walk away, then getting a sick pallor on his face, running back a third time and throws up. He slowly crawls out of the room.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 36

CONTINUED: 36. FREIGHT So...its calories? SHIP’S COMPUTER Yes. FREIGHT gets up and crawls through and access shaft. SCENE 4 - INT – RECYCLING CENTER – DAY Freight goes to the recycling center. It is a large room which is hard to enter. CLOSE UP – GRATE – DAY – INT Freight puts his fingers into the grate, trying to get it to move. This does not work very well. CLOSE UP – VENT – DAY – INT Freight is all bunched up in the vent and can’t reach his arm back far enough to hit the vent. Freight slowly moves backwards. CLOSE UP – VENT – DIFFERENT ANGLE – DAY – INT Freight is forced to reverse course and and approaches the vent backwards. He then tries to kick the vent, but isn’t tremendously successful. He slides forward every time he tries this. Finally, he signals Bob. Bob wheels up to the vent and drills tiny holes in the floor. Freight pushes off of Bob and kicks back on to the Vent, knocking it out of its socket. WIDE SHOT – RECYCLING CENTER – DAY – INT He slowly moves down into the room. FREIGHT Good God! He reacts to the smell and moves slowly back covering his mouth and nose. He rotates his head around. Freight spots a bucket and walks over towards it. He picks it up and then moves towards the main vat which is full of ’recycled’ material which appears and smells like shit. He nearly gags a few times but then lowers the bucket into the pool and pulls it out. (CONTINUED)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

[Script] Unfood - Page 35

CONTINUED: 35. FREIGHT What are my chances of survival? SHIP’S COMPUTER 35% FREIGHT Not the best odds, but how many calories would it generate if I ate that? An amount shows up on the screen. Freight’s eyes bulge out. FREIGHT Could that be undone later? SHIP’S COMPUTER Yes. But the procedure would be very expensive. Freight considers, and then sighs. FREIGHT Let’s look at other options for now. He gets up and leaves. SCENE 3 - INT – SENSORS – DAY Freight reads the ship’s sensors and notices that there are areas that are ’gray’. He fiddles with the buttons. He smiles triumphantly as it shows a calorie reading. He performs navigation using the map and sees that he has to go through some tunnels. FREIGHT What the hell is that? SHIP’S COMPUTER Ship’s recycling center. FREIGHT But there is no ship’s garden. I wouldn’t think you’d reuse stuff. SHIP’S COMPUTER It is still processed. (CONTINUED)