Saturday, April 30, 2016

[Poem] Whither the Wind Blows Not

Whither the Wind Blows Not
by Emmit Other
I am of a mind to sail against the current
The stars above me fixed 
In my gnat's view of time
Though swirling in chaos
Relative to themselves.
When a thing is right
You sail to that star
To be who you choose to be
Not because it is convenient
Not because it makes you popular
But because to do otherwise
Makes you less of what you choose to be in life
You are alone on this journey
Locked in your starmeat skull
Shared hearts, shared minds
At till the now, not shared thoughts
Save those pale words we jabber
With flapping jaws and unreliable imperfect ears
I remember standing on the mountain
Waving the flag of summons like the fool I was
Only to be justifiably ignored by thousands
I am not what I was
Naive in different ways
The past left by a much needed slap
By our lady of endearing pragmatism
Lead ingot dropped in silken glove
But in an upside down entropic world
We must fix on something
To find any degree of Truth worth finding
And I believe in it
And work for it
And thus sail counter to the waves
I know the folly
But I do so of choice
Of who I choose to be
Not of fear
But of love
And there can be no better reason for anything than this
This is why we live
If we choose to embrace it as such.

Friday, April 29, 2016

[Writing] Brainstorming Story ideas by Blog

Going to do 5 of the 8 remaining ten commandments...note that these are flash fiction ideas, so its got to fit into a 1000 words or so....

So far I have done three, thou shalt not kill, and honor father/mother (got me 3)

Keep the Sabbath Day Holy - Orbital Microwave satilite fries people who don't stay in their houses.  A man really wants his most recent magazine issue B+

Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness - Nature starts killing climate deniers.  The world is a better place.  Man tries to murder via getting his neighboor to deny climate change. B+

That Shalt Not Covet: A vain woman starts to use magic to steal body parts from other women and graft them onto herself A-

Thou Shalt Have No God Before Me - A man has folded himself ala time (been done) but he is super narcisistic and permits none of 'him' to fall in love, but one does and he tries to keep it secret. C+

Thou Shalt Not Steal - Robin Hood of Dreams.  A man steals from the creatively rich in a future where creativity is everything and wealth and stupid boring meth people live like paupers....until he gives them stolen dreams. A+

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Idols - Bobble Heads with Laser Eyes. B

Don't take the name of the Lord in Vain: Woman having sex gets an answer from God, who is annoyed.  Woman asks uncomfortable questions. B+

Don't Do Adultry: Debbie Does Dunkin Donuts.  Sex through donuts.  C-

Yeah looks like I got my five.

Listening to this while I think

Thursday, April 28, 2016

[Script] Peter Pan vs Frankenstein vs Superman - Page 4

Scene: Denny goes downstairs.  Preferably a spiral staircase in a large house or fancy studio apartment.

A scream comes from the basement.

Scene: Denny's face is equally torn between giving a damn and then looks to the side.

Scene: The fridge looks awfully inviting.

Scene: Denny considers.

Scene: Close up up the fridge.

Scene: A scream comes from downstairs, showing stairs going down (besides the ones she came down in the first place.)

Scene: Denny frowns.

Scene: Denny in front of the fridge, making a sandwich.

Voice Over: Deliberalely muffled shouting that allows every few words to be understood, likely muffled by screaming.

Dr. Frankenstein: daughter....behold....glorious creation...fairy rat.....out of my face....

Scene: Stairs with most of the voice over continuing.

Dr Frankenstein: (Rising hystical laughter) Ensure...never much to do...will regret

There is a sound of a wall crashing.

Different Voice Over: ....Great Scott! ....Young Boy Down....Unhand!

Close Up: Denny looks up from her sandwich, suddenly looking concerned.

Wider shot: She puts the mayo knife down.

Scene: Stairs - Denny goes down them, quickly.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

[Heliotrope] The Phantom Ranger

Far out west in the edges of civilization in the Western United States, the half breed descendant of a lord of the Outer Fae and a human from Terra.  Very often such half breeds have magic talents that are well outside that of the nobility or the occasional mage who is pure Terran.  In this case, their only talent was toughness and long live.  Inspired by heroic tales of times passed, this man dressed in a mask and rode the West fighting evil.

He also got the crap kicked out of him a lot.

A lot.

But he learned and now does good in subtle ways.  Sometimes he still rides a horse.  Sometimes an SUV with bullet proof glass.  The Phantom Ranger keeps a low profile, but he still does good when needed and called.

If you have a problem under the starry skies of the west, maybe he might help you.

Or you might the crap kicked out of you.

That too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

[Script] Peter Pan vs Frankenstein vs Superman - Page 3

Wide shot - Camera panning back and outward centered on the monstrous fist that pulls Peter through like Shlurping a straw.  An annoyed Twinkerbell zwatting in and out trying to sting him and is ignored.

Scene: Doctor Frankenstein looks at Peter and scowls.  A hulking Frankenstine holds Peter by the neck.  Twinkerbells frits around and is ignored.

Scene: Panning shot showing a laboratory with a mix of high tech and steam punk style equipment.  There is a large slab like table in the room so that there is no doubt as to where Frankenstein came from.

Scene: Peter smiles mischeviously and shrugs.

Dr Frankenstein scowls more and snaps his fingers.

Scene: Frankenstein squeezes tighter.

Peter begins to turn purple.

Twinkerbell screams in horror.

Scene: Denny finally finishes getting dressed and comes downstairs, looking concerned as she hears the scream from downstairs.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Things are slowly moving forward

TC has a room to use as his office but it is filled with boxes and cluster and clutter.  It needs to be cleansed and organized and the right tools for the right job set up slowly and carefully.

Watch this space.

More to come.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

[Script] Peter Pan vs Frankenstein vs Superman - Page 2

Scene: Peter Pan is peeping through a window with a drooling Twinkerbell, who inadvertintly flies into a nearby bug zapper.

Scene: Close up image of Twinkerbell lightup like a Christmas tree and falling to the ground like the cartoon bitch she is.

Scene: Wide scene of Peter not caring, just peeping through the window.

Scene: Denny is getting dressed for school and puts on her bra.

Scene: Peter Pan licks the glass.

Scene: A charcoaled Twinkerbell floats up and jingles her annoyance.

Peter: You're right Tink, the boys do need a mother.  Badly.

Scene: Twinkerbell looks incredulous as that totally isn't what she said.

Small words appear as subtiles under the screen.

Twinkerbell (subtitles): Are you even listening to me? I said this one isn't like the others.

Scene: Peter just looks at the glass again and reaches below where we can see on the glass and smiles slightly.

Scene: Close up of Twinkerbell.

Twinkerbell (subtitles): I know you can understand me. Its magic.

Scene: A large fist reaches through the wall, causing stone and plaster and glass to burst everywhere and grabs Peter by the neck.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

[Heliotrope] The Moulin Rouge

The accords of the royal families of Outer Fairy forbid interaction with Terra without direct consent from the High King.  Goblins of course, routinely ignore this rule and there are many fae from Middle or Inner fairy who do as they please.  But there are exceptions.  The primary method that they get away with this is by prior exceptions.   The Red Windmill had existed for hundreds of years before the mortal equivalent made itself manifest, a way station in the middle of France for those who knew how to find it.

As mortal technology and population increased, it became harder and harder for people to glamour a place of such size to keep it hidden.  So the royal house behind it decided to make it a theater.  There was great conflict within the house as to whether they should do so, since House Silvestrebel tends to be socially conservative compared to some of the other houses; even if the fashionable wing therein pushes the boundaries as far as they can.  Visiting a House Silvestrebel ball is either the dullest affair imaginable or more fun than a barrel of howler monkeys.

The kind that dance.

Over the years, the prestige of the place has grown to the point that the current extremely long "Fairy" story line attracts VIPS from all over Outer Fairy who like to slum with Terrans.  Indeed, at any given point, half the audience might not be Terran human at all.  It is filled with beings from across creation and is one of Terra's most popular stops.  Even those who use humans as a food source see the artistry of the place (if they are capable of recognizing the concept of art)

The very nature of the show is enough to repel the smaller minded nature of Terrans, especially the more mundane sort.  Call them what you will, every country has them, but the nexus has helped them be vastly reduced in Paris as well as France.  This is also why so many in America hate France, given the large number that were expelled from Europe in exile.  This fact is not lost on the inhabitants of Fairy.  While magic is a tremendous advantage, no one, not even Inner Fairy, relishes the idea of apes traipsing through Fairy Rings or Fairy Doors with suitcase nukes.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

[Script] Peter Pan vs Frankenstein vs Superman - Page 1

The following is fan fiction.  While Peter Pan and Frankenstein are now public domain characters in the United States, Superman most definitely is not, and unlike my other scripts, I claim no copyright of any kind.  This is an homage to the characters, Queen and the Ridiculous.


Peter Pan: The boy who never grew up,  He has been haunting the Darling family for 7 generations, trying to get them to come away with him to Never Land to become the mother of the Lost Boys.  He has succeeded 4 out of 6 times.

Tinkerbell: A rat with wings.  In fairy form. Murderous.  Jealous.  Psychopathic.

Hector von Frankenstein: Step Father to Denny Darling, married in to the Darling clan and determined to keep Peter from stealing her away.  He has taken drastic measures to make this happen.

Frankenstein ('s Monster): Created by assembling pieces of corpes and brought to lift using lightning and an ancient family formula, he has but one goal in life; Protect Denny Darling.

Superman: Last son of Krypton, Boyscout, and All Around Good Guy. Stands for Truth, Justice and the ***ican way.

Denny Darling: Feisty, Accident Prone, also really really not what Peter is looking for.

Monday, April 18, 2016

[Naked City] Creation delayed

This is two weeks delayed from the word of the month Naked City Atlanta 5 minute verbal extravaganza, but time is weird and the insanity swirling around the mill incident caused me to be separated from everything for quite some time.  I haven't even been able to return to Terra and my body long have I been disconnected? Did someone find me? I don't know.  Here is the piece.

In the beginning, there was pain.  In a universe in which everything is infused with life; even that which does not move or reproduce has life and meaning; spirit and anima, this then how could it be otherwise thus? All that is, that was, and that will be in the panorama of stars that skirt the sky was at one point compressed into a ball smaller than the smallest particle man has discovered.  Time wrapped up in tiny amber bands woven and sandwiched between space and matter, and it was so much pressure, so much pain.

It was alive, and it knew.

No, not every universe is the same.  But this universe, this universe? This universe knew.  And knows.  It is aware but you are less than a cell, less than even a single gene in its vast cosmic body.  And still it knows and sometimes it cares.

It is irrelevant to this story, and you are irrevelant to it.  Except that you exist.  And that is because the pain ended.

But like so much pain it began and ended with something new; new pain.  Fire and molten glory spanning at speeds that make the mind dew with gelled beads of madness and phantasmagoria; stars before they were stars, worlds but fire and fury.  Time harmonized and trumpeted with triumph galloping as fast as the concept itself would let it thundering forth across the universe with space right behind it.  Creation was! And it was magnificent.

There was purity in the moment, before there was a moment; the spirits of so many astral projections of those who witness this magnificence, this symphony of stars; chaos and order dancing beneath the surface as laws and mathematics are established, constants that determine the clockwork of everything that is to come and though there is violence conflict this superstring violin reaches its crescendo and an accord is reached, consensus by proxy.

This will be a universe where LIFE is possible, though aeons must pass before it happens, the meaning of all this matter and spirit and glory becomes so much more remarkable since it is witnessed not only in the mind but with naked flesh.  Can you hear it? Can you hear that roar of the heavens through light and warped space that still hasn't stopped and never will; long after the longest star is but a faded memory in heat? But that edge shall scream forth forever.

Nothing can stop it.  The visceral claws of gamma radiation slouching back toward that purity, the memory of what they were at the beginning, screaming a note like their cosmic brethren, beaming on though knowing they will die before them.  For where there is life, there must be death, and all that which is pain in birth and life and being will also come to the dying.

Nothing accepts it.  And matter does not lie like the fully living.  All it knows is how to be, and it is in so many different varieties.  Time is a series of moments, so many moments; the life of time is something alien to many that they care not to dwell on it.  But the living all dwell on it on those final moments, courting time, seducing it for every succulent moment that they can elicit one more breath, blink or heartbeat.

For what is created must die.  But what has been always is.  This moment of creation is eternal and beyond time.  And it will be with you as well.  Always.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Not sure what to do with the podcast to be honest

Originally it was publicity, and I have all the mechanisms in place to do it.  I've had fun with some of the nonsensical posts, but its hardly the flagship of the blog.  I find myself leaning more toward skipping the forever west book finishing and instead looking straight at spiders in the sugar factory.  In fact, in retrospect that's what I'm going to do.

One of the things I learned in France was there was something interesting.  There was this one movie in the modern art section that was fascinating.  It was like the first awful awful visual poetry experiment I started but well done and they had done the whole thing on film.  I had originally planned on doing a filmed scripted movie with actors later this year; but I think this year I am going to combine my desire to sculpt with my desire to experiment and see what I can do with esoteric visual poetry.  Maybe something simple like a web cam as well.

Time to stretch myself creatively.

Forever West can wait.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

[Script] Rock: The musical

Scene: A large rock sits on the ground.  Rain begins to pour around it.

It sort of sounds like music.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Deflating Bagpipe Sound




No desire to do much really.



Saturday, April 2, 2016