Monday, December 23, 2019

11 Fixes for a Broken Everything - A League of their Own

State governments bully local governments and it is high time the Federal Government sided with them against regressive policies meant to enslave the majority of the country to lies.

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

A Christmas Spirit of Their Own

We were watching the Muppet Christmas Carol when I was hit by an interesting and important insight.

Dickenson did indeed 'invent' our modern concept of christmas, not Coca Cola.  Nostalgia in Christmas Past and "Cheer" in Christmas Present.

But there is a dark undercurrent of depression and despair; it doesn't have to be blood curdling murder, it is among other things the difference between what we expect Christmas to be and what it actually is...and that is the Ghost of Christmas Future. 

Scrooge is legitimately evil and betrays his own culture; but many others are caught up in a theology or holiday they never signed up for or believe is easy to like the nostalgia or the cheer, but many folks never felt connected to it at all, terrible memories or simply an enhancement of depression 

But the hooded figure that serves as the linchpin to scrooge people isnt just for looming silently and pointing; he is a subtle undertone that Dickenson reminds us that without our action; Christmas is darkness.  That is not a chain of obligation around the neck of the depressed to smile and lie that they are having a good time, rather a challenge to those of us who are able to look out for others and include them, that it is a celebration we must collectively as a community seek to embrace.  It is the reminder that the future is always a shadow unless we choose to make it more in the present.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

11 Fixes For a Broken Everything - System Failure

Want total cultural collapse? Because this is how you get total system collapse.

One psychopath hidden as a leader in your organization is bad.  A HEIRARCHY of them as they protect and recruit their own causes your institution to fail.

How do you stop it?

Out them.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Radical Ozzification

Radical Realignment of the Wizard of Oz

Jay asked me to do this; I am assuming its to film but I'm happy to do so for my own warped creativity.

So let's start with the fundamental question...aside from dust of reanimation, why are there so many animate living things in Oz?  And how exactly does magic REALLY work in the hands of a few?

The Truth:

Oz is a dark mirror of our reality created when Tesla began his experiments in Colorado in 1899 (Look up the Tesla Experimental Station) which later manifest as psychic distress calls to L Frank Baum who wrote his famous work.

Unknown to Tesla, this disrupted the natural 'first chamber' of the beating heart of the afterlife causing it to sync up to our own blending ghosts, the dead, the reincarnated and the animate in ways never anticipated.

Oz is a construct that is made up of the ghosts of the dead but also dead objects; the animistic theory that belief can make an object personified is all too real, and as such the Tin Man in this case is a fusion of human and inaminate souls as is the Scarecrow.

Dorothy was physically transported to this realm when a freak combination of a tornado and heat lightning caused a dimensional shift making sure she transitioned between the two.

Magic in this realm are people who are in tune with the afterlife, Mediums, who are either reborn and reanimate or those who are physically transferred to this place, the most powerful of which is Ozma, after whom the realm is named.

Initially, the world managed to resume some balance after Dorothy completed a Heroes Journey of symbolic importance to confront each of the three remaining witches who had caused such pain and dis-balance to the afterlife allowing many souls to live on.

The Philadelphia experiment in WWII changed all of that, causing a huge influx of vehicles and live humans creating a pocket dimension in which live humans reproduced and created settlements; along with Dorothy's companions who slowly became warped in maddening ways; each claiming a sector for themselves; the Tinman (the South), the Scarecrow (The North), the Lion (The South) with the West being controlled by the reanimated Wicked Witch of the West with a kind of 'safe harbor' in the eye of the storm in the Emerald city in the middle of it all.

In 2019, in an attempt to recreate the experiment, a private corporation began recreating Tesla's early experiments only to find a reliable way to move people in and out; and as such it was declared a national security matter by the NSA and Pentagon who has sent a small corporate and military unit through the gate to see if it has exploitable resources; which it has in abundance for magical materials which can create wonder drugs and weapons for the United States, however in the process they also find out that the existence of Oz is multiplying bad effects from climate change rapidly and freak heat lightning will begin making more and more elements of Earth slip into Oz unless our heroes stop the bad guys on the other side of the veil. 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Sunday, February 24, 2019

3 Book Reviews

This is a review of "Anchor" by Scott Gurney, "High Midnight" by Rob Mosca, "The Shadow Path" by William Maxwell and a plug for "The Bed Springs Guy" at the end bumper by Gary C McAuley.


There is no graphic for this podcast BECAUSE LIBSYN CHANGED THEIR REQUIREMENTS WITH NO NOTICE WHATSOEVER.  As a result, I will be finding a new podcast hoster and CANNOT post a graphic.  Thanks Libsyn.  

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Writing For Jay

My friend Jay Weilin has recently begun working on his "Green Winter" project about a futuristic version of his Sentinel Chronicle's universe branded as 'Game of Thrones meets Firefly' which is a lot to live up to by the sound of it but we're off to a kick ass start.

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

11 Fixes to a Broken Everything - Heathers, Sealions and Legitimacy

The most popular tweet I ever made went "Centrists, Civility Democrats and Semantics Democrats were responsible for Hitler's Rise to Power" and the hackneyed and hysterical responses I got to that taught me a lot about how our dialog is controlled and how we can take it back.  This podcast focuses on the tools of legitimacy and engagement as tools to shift back the Overton Window.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Badge of Honor

On this day, the year of our lord 2019, on the 15th day of the 1rst Month known as January, I did piss off ConcernTroll CEO of Twitter "Jack" for pointing out his scary and odd relationship with worthless and non talented "Piers Morgan" and Jack did block me on Twitter and I did laugh and mark it on my twitter page and am marking it here too.

Piers was having a hissy fit over an article by Gilette.

He is a sad human being as is Jack.

Monday, January 14, 2019

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