Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Writing Status

Santa: 2992
Telesmirk: 512
Memrobbery: 412
Catgirl in Boots: 510
Direspace: 567
Blogs: 3055
Scene: 1000
Desc: 500

Total Since Last Post: 9548

Previous: 8783

Word Debt=669

I can make that up later today. The Santa Vampire Story is coming along well. I have started three more sci fi stories from the idea list. Once I finish those, I'm starting a short script and then the feature script. They are coming out well though Cat Girl in Boots and the Chesire Smirk are coming along better than the memory theft story but all three are better than the turdlet that direspace ended up being. I quite while I was ahead and shot that story in the head. I think sometimes just ending a story is a good idea. I might come back to it at some point. The blogs go well. Though I am behind in my personal blog but I'm not counting that on my writing quota.

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