Friday, March 29, 2024

[Poem] A dying light on a short hill

 By Emmit Other

If you are willing to imagine

A god that loves us all as children

And has nazi like requirements of suffering to save you

Who has one chosen people

Who he finally gives up on

And waits 1700 years

Before bothering again

Who warns again and again of an Antichrist

and that the do nothing profit of the LDS church

has a direct line to this nasty God 

That loves you

And the nasty god

Has no problem with the "elites"

Not just in this world or time

But elite among all the stars in the sky

one floating orb

The final battle

where most of the antichrist fans

believe in and will vote for

the constitution hating lying adulterer

Then I would say

Any god who lets "his people"

Worship the Golden Orange Calf

Is a faint pathetic simp

That I would punch in the face on resurrection

I will not be judged

By a filth god who allows an antichrist

Neither in this life 

By his limp dick lying hypocrite fans

Or in any life to come

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