Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unseen Character: The Prophesy

For a being as powerful and complex as Sa, even their afterthoughts have a tendency to take on a life of their own.

While it won't be seen in the Novel itself, the Last Prophesy is working with Ful. And he isn't happy. He has nothing personal against Ful. That's one of the things that keeps Ful alive through all of the crap that is going to happen to him. In fact, it will become blatantly ridiculously apparent how biased the prophesy works out in his favor in the book. And one will wonder why anyone would stick around someone who generates so much dire straights.

And that will also be a subtle undercurrent to things; because our Real hero stays at first because he must and later because its the right thing to do.

Everyone else there has an agenda of one kind or another that we'll learn about as time goes on. The prophesy will see to that.

And the real reason that this is the Last Prophesy? Because people are cheating. If Pickle's intention was to make the whole thing a game for the gods to enjoy to keep their interest, his failure to prevent humanity from cheating and tilting the results is the very thing that earned their eventual disgust and disinterest.

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