Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daughter of Destiny

So who does our romantic female lead work for? There are a lot of options here, but if everyone else is going to cheat, it strikes me that Sa is going to have a hand in things, plus it technically isn't cheating for her, since its just as much her game as it is Fa's.

Which would make DoDe (name subject to change at my whim) the only person who really has Ful's interest at heart except maybe Pickle. Except Pickle is a bit too much of a trickster or sleeze to really be willing to sacrifice his agenda for Ful's sake. Dode's agenda *IS* to help Ful reach his full (no pun intended) potential and meet his destiny, because he's going to need it. His whole life is a lie, and as such, all the training and preparation that went into him is a lot like the preparation that went into....other things....that are entirely a lie.

Which is to say...Wonderbread.

DoDe is nominally there to pick up the pieces, but like so many other things, I must wonder if it will go according to plan. She hadn't counted on our real hero showing up and neither had Sa.

The real question do we transfer things to our hero without completely leaving the sympathy with Ful, who suddenly has his whole world turned upside down and nothing to show for it.

That could be challenging.

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