Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tastes Like Chicken

It is a known, but highly distrubing fact that to the Humans of Terra and Inner Fairy, talking animals tastes better than their non talking counter part.  The infamous Rue de Chair is a street of corrals, pens, farms and restaurants in Inner Fairy which caters to breeding, raising and butchering talking animals.  While cows, chickens and pigs were the most popular attractions, they also included the occasional dog, horse, seal, cat, mouse or fruitbat.  This phenemonea seems entirely restricted to talking mammals; talking birds are largely the same.  Why then did the Rue de Chair raise talking chickens in addition?

Because everyone wanted to try talking chicken as a comparison to everything else.  As an interesting side note, inhabitants of Earth find talking animals to taste like ink or film or air depending on what form of story medium they most prefer.  Indeed, it was extensive expirmentation on the chemical residue of talking animals compared to animals from Terra, Mana, Gaia and Earth that led to a discovery of the infusion of not just magic but also story that caused them to have a dash of reality.

The inhabitants of Gaia, curiously enough, find the taste of talking animals vile and toxic.  Too much blood or flesh of a talking animal causes them to begin to have traits of the very animals they are consuming which leads many to believe the creation of fish men, pig men or goat men might actually do to the over consumption of such flesh by inhabitants at one time.  The less said about the inhabitants of Mana and their consumption of such flesh the better.

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