Monday, February 27, 2017

The Candy King Can

I have already mentioned that what happens in Earth is reflected in Terra.  So much so, that to fight President Polyester, EP Blingermeyer has begun to recruit some individuals to go to Earth to deal with President Tinkle...simply to help us.  (Terra is kind of incredulous that Earth could vote for something like that without the Toxic Waste dumps used by Polyester, and TC's jokes about Meth aside, these people  But there are other ways that it manifests.

One of them is the Candy King, once absconded to Outer Fairy and changed in all kinds of interesting ways, given knowledge and secrets about how to make sugar and confections that defied imagining.  He rescued a tribe of Orange Dwarves from a hidden island in the North Sea and had them build a most magical Factory.  He's known throughout the world and at one point opened his reclusive compound to a select group of seven children.  Those that weren't eaten were given a life time get the idea.

What's fascinating is how much Emmit has begun looking at this story lately.  I think he's planning on some kind of poem like he did with Odysseus and Fenris.  Lovely subject matter but the Candy King is not quite as...whimsical as his Terran counter part.  I'm not sure people will appreciate all the blood and a graphic description of what really happened to those children that failed the test.

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