Thursday, December 24, 2020

Is this really a good idea?

 by Emmit Other

I see a future

A thousand thousand years from now

When we are but a myth

Our seeds are scattered to the stars

Panhuman missives zeal from one colony to another

In the blink of an eye by quantum entanglement

The line between flesh and steel blurs

And Earth is lost

Only to be found again

Earth herself

Our cradle, reduced to a rancid Venus hothouse

Our reexplorers are saddened

But their sorrow turns to horror

As the only life in the Sol system

Is a never ending cave complex

Deep beneath the surface of Mars

Bat eyed mole men

Slink and slime around 

Living on roaches and spiders and centipedes

Sapient enough to know horror

But with no record of how they came to be

Leon Stink has cursed the Martians 

To a million years of evolutionary horror

Just so he could die with a feather in his cap

His grinning skeleton beaming down on the ruin of his colony

Orbiting in his car with his hand on the wheel

Stellar wind in the final strand of its vacuum preserved hair

Lord of the empire of Morlock horror 

That panhumanity leaves

And never visits again

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