Monday, June 24, 2024

Update on the Podcast

 The Last Year has been chaos as Stewie, the Boomer Landlord from hell upended our lives as we bought a house, had the house from Hell, and then Julia got an opportunity for her dream job, we took it and moved to Salem, MA (ie Halloweenland).  Our lives are just starting to stabilize, and now that the podcast is 10 years old I want to do the series on the Constitution I have been promising to do for years; but I'm not going to.

Our culture simply isn't ready for and doesnt deserve a functional constitution.  I could tell you how to make one, but it is just exercises in common sense that our descendants will figure out.  No, the recent oppression of student activists against genocide across the country has made me realize that we need something else instead.

Due to being trained on stolen material, I have been a late bloomer to the Clockwork Parrot phenomena, but as a secondary user I am definitely a power user and I believe I have found a good use for them.  People say that Anarchism is impractical but as I look around at the people doing the shittiest things, I see that what terrorizes them most is anarchism.  And I look at the people doing the things that are doing the best things to protest genocide and they are anarchists. 

I am not an anarchist.  I have reserverations; particularly about the military, but since I can't give people the higher law, I'm going back up to the mountain to give them the "10 commandments."  So instead what I am going to do is bring the dead to life via Clockwork Parrots.  I am going to use prompts to have the greats of the past such as Marx and Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson speak in favor of Anarchism and how to make it work.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend and if the elite have made themselves my enemy by deplatforming me again and again, then I will empower anarchism.

But first I am setting up a Peertube instance so that even if they deplatform me on YouTube and Libsyn, the Signal will be owned entirely by me.

Long Live Project Fireship.

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