Saturday, June 1, 2024

[Poem] Your Feelings

by Emmit Other

To whom do I owe the greater burden of trust
Burden of love
Burden of honor
The Persona that is paper plate thin and deep
Or who you really are my helix neighboor
I know who you are
Underneath the mush 
Underneath the lies
I know and see all you do
And more
Because I have had the blinders lifted
And I am allowed to hope
One day
you will take the hood off
The one you dont know you are wearing
I wish someone had told me
Really told me
And they did
But they never said it quite way
Until it happened anyway
I see a lot
But I dont see everything
Like the key to unlock your chains
Or I would
Believe me
I know there is a key
Just not what it is
So sorry if
Right now
I only have

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