Sunday, May 21, 2023

[Poem] Dr Banjo

 hy Emmit Other

I hear tell

That fancy smart doctors 

Dont wanna practice in Coat Hanger States

Dont wanna be slaves 

Dont wanna enable slavery and theocracy

Fancy city slickers

There are am smart peoples in Coathanger States

Coathanger States are totally not

Fly over and hold your nose country

And they will prove it 

By using the empty abandoned medical skools

Stripped of all state funds

And find nice homes for the family of racoons living there

And gradumakate their own Doktorz

They will learn latest medikal tekneeks lik


Gud enuf 4 founding fatters gud enuf 4 us!

4 humors just as easy as stay at 4 seasons hotell

Save money w amputations and peg legs and huk handz

But not baby killin!

Sure infant mortality up 5000 percent

But that teh will of Godd not because our doctorz arent teh bestest!

And they have very pretty mouths!

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