Thursday, May 18, 2023

[Poem] Prophesy of Punishment

 by Emmit Other

I walked through the valley

Of the Shadow of Doubt

And I saw the Desert God

And he knew the judgement coming

And determined to make some amends

Given the blasphemous violation of his own laws

Above all failure to enforce 

The sanctity of his own name

Followed by failing to bless 

As his son demanded

The meek  the merciful, the just, the poor of spirit

He knew without being able to admit it

That he had been judged


And found wanting

By his own words

For he had lied

And not ceased to be

Nor had he lost his power

And had deceived by proxy

So he enforced his word

For judgement was coming

By belief, by deed and by ritual

And his own hand in disuasading it

In delaying it

Had made things even worse for him

So he stretched for this his hand

The finger of judgement

To punish the runner up anti christ

Inflicting a horrific wasting punishment

A lasting punishment

A temporal punishment

Possibly an eternal one

air he survived the judgement intact

To be able to judge it

But to the chaff

To the tares

To the bad fruit

The lord of the vineyard 

Begam his own judgement

The wicked would see the signs

And ignore them but for a few

And there would be dust in their lands

And they would turn one unto another

Their wicked lies spreading inside them

Seeking infiltration that is not there

Marking them their sign of the anti christ

On their foreheads and on their hand

These are they described in the bible

The mark of the beast 


So they know not their wicked self identification

And they will mock the lesser anti christ

Who could have led them to lasting victory

But for the curse that now mocked him

And through him them, the cursed

And lo this was only because of the judgement

And he bowed his head

And admitted that by this sign

Did he acknowledge his guilt

And acknowledge his sin

In sack cloth and ashes








If He




Dared to judge judgement


Thus speaks

The God 



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