Friday, May 19, 2023

[Poem] Sundar Puchai Is Not Real

 I found 

Graphics I uploaded 

Were ruined by Beta Google

Beta Google describes

A company and CEO

Who leaves everything in Beta

And Finished Nothing

No Product Vision 

No Innovation

But Devouring other companies

Like A Red Bull Cocaine Cronos

Sundar Puchai is not real

He is the first ChatGPT

Taking input from Blackrock and Vanguard

Their user is the Cocaine Cowboy Casino

Not you

You are the product

Sundar Puchai has no vision

Because he is a ferret on crack

The rest is just deep fakes

He adds no value

Fires those who add it

And gets a bonus for doing so

Do not trust google

While it is run

By Sundar Puchai

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