Friday, May 31, 2024

[Poem] Is there any doubt

by Emmit Other

any doubt in your mind at all
That shit Maga and Shit Maga MSM
Genocide Joe drop out
if he was a convicted Felon
shit Maga are crime fetishists
they call Clinton a felon
When he didnt get convicted
Shit Maga are pieces of Shit
And the shit Maga MSM are pieces of shit
Time for consequences for these pieces of shit
When they rebel
And they will rebel
The Shit Maga MSM that sided with them
And Ultra Shit Maga Media
Need to be shut down
And put in prison
Be quite sure
East Texas
And shit Deznat in LDS Utah
Are making plans
To create state charges
In Kangaroo Courts
Because justice doesnt matter to Shit Maga
Only fascism
And loyalty to the leader

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