Friday, October 27, 2023

[Poem] The Bad Space

bu Emmit Other

On Mastodon

The Only Major Social Media

Free of Algoaddictive Crap

There is a fascinating struggle

From a Welsh Pixie TERF(D) 

Who built her a trap

She forged an alliance w a Narcissist

Named Ro The Arrogant Twat

He is Black and Bisexual

A fact for a second he never lets be forgot

Few months ago a rando

Made an account called the Goodspace to show

That half of their blocklist was anti LGBT

And it was led by a bigot named Ro

Ro has a patreon 

Where he earns thousands of dollars for this

So he rallied bis bigot black friends

And accused the accusers of this

Anyone who challenges their bigotry

Is a racist a pedo and more

He will not surrender his block list

He even expanded it more

But Mastodon is a Federation

It just moved around him in spaced

Despite Daily Sock puppets and patsies

His blocklist has been quite outpaced

Though Welsh Pixie is quite rotten

I have confidence she and Ro's antics

Will soon be all quite forgotten

The lesson here 

Is perfectly clear

Dont bet on the underdog

When the Underdog bite the hand that feeds it.

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