Friday, October 6, 2023

[Poem] The Old Carriage House

House of shadows

House of gloom

House of haunting

House of doom

Deep in the old south

By daylights dawn

There is an old house

With a well kept lawn

By day the offer cheesy tours

And speak of haunted houses

Madame Flyffadore 

And all nine of her widowing spouses

How shocking and how scandalous

She shows up at half past nine

She loves the afterlife attention

For her its fear based cheese and wine

What she wont tell you

Is where she dare not go

Above the old servant quarters

For there's a sin she knows

We celebrate the rich old folk

And only just now tallied small

But in the larger scheme of things 

Money dragons matter not at all

In infinite shadow the worlds do echo

In worlds where the Black Rook does not provide

There is a haunting legacy

That marks the bleeding bloody class divide

For there are many ghosts there

Outdoors and still inside

For in am unkept afterlife

Infant mortality true power does pecking rights decide

A ghost monster made of babies

Arms and legs and face

It walks inside the carriage house

Keeping their killers in their place

It isnt unresolved trauma

That keeps them from moving on

Its the sings of greed and class neglect

Thats a prison for fucking bastards so put upon

There is a sharpened timer

A clock of guillotines

In this or sny other world

The awful rich ate where this leans

There will be a reckoning

In this life or the next

Happy Halloween to normal folks 

And fucking rich affluenza freaks watch your necks

House of shadows

House of gloom

House of haunting

House of doom

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