Saturday, October 28, 2023

[Poem] Poem of the Third

This one is gonna be weird

Not gonna share it

So if the weird or disturbing stuff

Sets you on edge

Or makes you feel

Like you are chewing tinfoil

This is one to skip 

Gentle reader


And he spoke to them in Parables

Because he did not want to be deplatformed

Go read the Parable of the Ten Talents

In the Bible

I will wait


That guy

Went and used his 1000 talents of gold

(Side fact ladies and gents

A talent is kinma close to 66 pounds

Or 1.5 million dollars

So the king 

Made him a fucking nillionare)

And made himself 

A science comoany

(I warned you this gets weird)

And performed a Human Centipede style experiment

And grafted the head of the King onto his son

While they were both alive and screaming

The nillionare Gold Guy (we will just call him the nillionare now)

Then took the second talent guy

And stole all his talents

And scattered him to the four corners of the Earth

And then he cloned

The king/prince again and again

Rebooting his memory

Like that movie The Island

And still paraded clones

Of the King Monster around

Until some rando showed up

And claimed that All Gold Guys stuff

Belong to him

And sporked Gold Guy

And they Sporked each other 

While the clones crawled back to the lab

And tried to put Humpty Dumpty 

Back Together Again

And the Prince was OK

And slightly normal

But he was the Prince

Not the king

Amd then the army of clone kings

(Army of Kangs?)

Went nuts

And randomly distributed gold


And then said second talent guy

And his descendants

Got the kingdom for a while

And then Batman showed up



Yeah this isnt a good story

Its just an accurate one

If you know what is going on

Which you dont want to

Trust me

Why are you reading this again?

Anyway Batman goes and finds...



And superman looks at the Army of Mad Kinds

And rounds em all up

And puts em in Arkham

But some kings are mean

And some are  evil fucking Jokers

And this one king that gave the kingdom back

To second talent guy

Along with several other kings

Were evaluated by Superman

To see if they could be rehabilitated or not


Remember that obscure Bat Villain

The Ventriloquist?

Who had a dummy that killed people

But 'forgot' what the Dummy did

Why the fuck are you still here?

Anyway the Ventriloquist was really really fucking suprised

To be in the same category as Joker and Riddler

And a bunch of Kangs

But there he was

And he was not there

To keep Gotham PD

From taking Gotham

Back for the original owners

Turns out

The gold the king gave

Wasnt his to give in the first place






See if I dont

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