Friday, October 27, 2023

Poems of Gods


by Emmit Other 

Can you see it?

Can you hear it?

The skies shake

To an electric guitar

As renegade gods

Kick against the pricks

Refusing to answer

For being fucking dicks

They broke their word

And now there's a trial

King Kong of spirit Power

Is in fucking self denial

I took you at your value

I took you at your word

To think that I wont hold you to it

Is fucking stupidly absurd

So I found a bigger gorilla

Now you can sit down

And take your medicine

You fucking Goddy  tawdy clown

While someone who is bigger

Washes your lying mouth with soap

Keep up your games in my life

As I give you room to hang yourself

Here take mote fucking rope

The Trial Begins

by Emmit Other

The Angels of the God of Gods

Swing around the trial venue

The least charge first

Those who kept their word

Made honest mistakes

Until those who lied

And made false promises

They never intended to keep

Because they thought 

Nothing was bigger

Or more powerful than them

They were all wrong


Every single shard

Of the Broken Desert God




Republican One

At the height of their power

At the nadir of their joy

A monster on the Soeaker's chair

A miracle occurs





Because their God

Is in unbreakable chains


Just like hos satanic

Orange David.

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