Thursday, September 14, 2023

[Poem] The Ballad of the Edgelord's Fury

 By Emmit Other

The Edgelord brooded in his chair most dark

The lights were dim and the room was stark

He simmered and seethed silently

And bid you reader his wofeful take now to hark

"They were mean mean meanies

Who said I shouldnt put duct tape

On the mouths of orphans and puppies 

And kittens

No one is more oppressed than the edgelord

Do they not see how we few suffer

We the male technofascist elite 

Live more suffer more sigh more Love more

In a single day than the none male technoelite

Do in an entire life time?

We go to the edge for life is suffering

And we suffer for the fools who see not our greatness

Anyone who calls us an edgelord

Is a bigot

And a racist

And a jerk

And an edgelord."

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