Thursday, September 14, 2023

[Poem] The Painful Truth of the Desert Red

by Emmit Other

Derpy the Empath had suffered a lot from Snakes
She had followed one after the other
Feeling their deep truths
And she had been a sucker for them each and every time
Thus it was by pain,
Not choice that she embraced truth
Questioning her choices to make sure
That she wasnt dancing to the tune
Of another satanic piper
First there was reading
Libraries worth
Philosophers and Poets
Playwrites and Kings
All opened their secrets to her
And then she found the cause most just
She bled for it
Only to find that her fellow empaths turned on her
Weaponized by a Snake rising through the ranks
Cynical and scarred she fled
And wandered the Earth in a sailing ship
Enjoying the quiet things of life
Decades passed
And she helped from time to time
She was an empath
It was her curse and blessing to feel the pain of others
And she helped them
Even though now she knew
People were glorified Pachinko machines
Respondents to stimulus of culture and need and want
Easy prey for manipulation by snakes
Until she came to a desert port
And heard of a scholar
Who knew Deep Truth
Some said he was a prophet
So she bought a camel
And into the desert she went
And got lost
And lost and lost again
But eventually found a cave
With a solar roof
And a TV and a lifetime supply of DVDs
And he was watching cartoons
She approached the Prophet
And asked
"Are you the Scholar of Truth?"
"Some so say." He replied.
"And what is Deep Truth."
He remained silent.
He watched his show.
She was cautious but waited.
Eventually, he pointed to a mirror.
She went to it
And looked deep into herself
Was a reflection of truth
What she hoped to find?
Two days and two nights
She watched the mirror
And learned much
Thinking in desert silence
While the scholar
Watched a Doctor Who Marathon
Finally, in a starlit night she smiled,
"Thank you scholar, for teaching me."
"I havent taught you shit."
"What?" She was confused.
"I just wanted to see
If you were willing to learn.
The first truth about truth
Is that unless people learn it themselves
Earn it themselves
They will never take valuable truths given them
People are 
Motherfucking Stupid
Dont try to change them
Or pretend something else"
She pondered this, 
And listened but nodded.
"Thats it."
"WHAT?" she was angry.
"Good.  You should be angry."
He waited
And she thought about it
The world was full of evil
Snakes on Snakes
Snakes on Sheep
Sheep turning against the very protectors
Who tried to warn them
Why would anyone
Give a fuck?
Warriors arent Empaths
They can protect
But when Sheep turn to cancer
Fuck that
Fuck the sheep
Dont waste your time
Move on.
And watch some television.

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