Friday, September 15, 2023

[Poem] The Bitterest Boon of the Oppressor

 by Emmit Other

The United State of America

Is Not

By Any stretch of the imagination

But aside from Satanic Red 

vs Cacaphony Blue

Its Dick Cocaine Rich

va Everyone else

And as history teaches us

The oppressed becomes the oppressor

First chance it gets

So we so see 

When largest oppressed Identity

Poor stupid rural gullible white people

Elected a mother fucking monster

The oppressor does not need to spend every waking moment

Worrying about the police

Or getting pregant

Or raped

Or fired

Or getting a house

But worst of all

The oppressor always has the luxury

Of learning empathy

And the plight of the oppressed

The oppressed have some empaths

Just like it has lazy mother fuckers

Who grab anything and everything

The first chance the boot is on the other foot

Can and will

Which is a recipe for disaster

Because the system is failing

And the Dick Cocaine Rich

Will fall


Not if.

And after that

If intersectionality is thrown out

Then its civil war

And that sounds logical

But a chain is only as strong

As its weakest link

And I observe

Some identities 


And give NOTHING

Not all

But enough

That its clearly a ticking clock

And empowers the largest Oppressed group

Stupid gullible uneducated poor white people

To concede nothing

To give nothing

They wouldnt

And if the Confederation of Identities cant be generous

With each other

Why should they

And they wont

The third fourth fifth and six largest Identities

Would do well to remember that

 Before making demands

Of the seventh eighth ninth and tenth

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