Sunday, September 3, 2023

[Poem] Three Cities

by Emmit Other

By the night of the moon
And the moon of the night
I weave a tale of hope
And of light
Of good and evil
Of wrong and of right
Three cities have always felt home
The latter was the last to really feel like hone
First Portland
Then Boston
Then Atlanta
But we live our lives 
In the echo of Boston
This is the choice I have made
And I realize now
That this life has been lived three times
Three timelines
Three loops of time
All intertwined on the same life
Views like dreams of diamond on a chain in shadow
Sinking ever deeper into the warm embrace
Of the Queen In Blue
The Lady of Kindness
And The Golden Red
All are real
And all are in my head
All are phantoms
And real shadows
Past the dawn of time
A birth is coming
A ring in shadow
A ring in source
a ring infinity
I choose Atlanta
I choose Boston
I choose Portland
All are real
But only one at once
And here
I am in the center
I am in Boston

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